How to Register to Vote in December’s General Election

It's official: we're heading into yet another general election. It's only been two and a half years since the last one, where Theresa May gambled her majority and lost but somehow managed to stay in Downing Street. Now it's Boris' turn to try and win back seats in parliament, because that's probably the only way he's ever going to manage to get his Brexit deal through the door. Read More >>

Wales Wants to Let 16-Year-Olds Vote

The miniature little heritage government they let Wales have is starting a push to give 16-year-olds the right to vote, although it won't usher in a new era of Cardiff-rule for the rest of the United Kingdom as it'll only apply to the poorly-attended democracy fests that are the regional council elections. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Wants to Force People to Show ID Before Voting

In what future generations might hold up as the unsurpassable paradigm of "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut", the British government is expected to announce plans to force voters to show identity papers at polling stations before casting their ballot in order to "safeguard against electoral fraud." Read More >>

Ben & Jerry’s Needs You! To Vote Today and They’re Giving You Free Ice Cream to Do It

It's voting day here in the UK as we participate in the European elections although we  have no idea how much our votes are actually going to matter what with Brexit still floating over our heads. To get people motivated to actually give a shit, American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's is rewarding voters with a free scoop of ice cream at one of its Scoop Shops. If that news alone is enough to get you to drag your arse to the polling booth, you probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. If anything, we'll send you an ice cream to keep you at home. Read More >>

Local Election Made Nearly Exciting by E-Vote Trial

The process of voting and the world not changing even a bit as a result was made slightly less tedious in Gateshead yesterday, where a modern e-voting terminal was trialled to see if it made anything easier or the kids more likely to press part of a screen next to a man's insincere face than do an X on a bit of paper. Read More >>

Local Elections Test ID-to-Vote System

The government is acting on the problem of voter fraud — even though it doesn't seem to ever really happen or be much of a problem — by testing a system that requires voters to produce a form of ID before being handed their ballot papers. Read More >>

42% Of Non-Voters Want To Vote Online

People who don't vote say they would be more likely to if they could do so online, according to a survey of 1,700 eligible voters by cable.co.uk. Apparently it's the 35 to 44-year olds who are most keen to vote online - arguably the first age group to really use the internet in any significant numbers. Read More >>

1 In 3 Brits Persuaded To Vote By What They See On Social Media

Research into how smartphones and tech improve our lives has shown that social media makes a massive difference to whether or not we vote. Read More >>

General Election 2015: Hailo is Offering Voters Free Trips to the Polling Stations

It's no secret that voter turnout in this country could be better, and with the General Election taking place next week, London taxi app Hailo is taking it upon itself to boost turnout. How? It's offering to take people straight to the ballot box free of charge. Read More >>

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Hires Google Exec as CTO of Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton hasn’t declared that she’s running for president of the United States — YET — but she seems to already have one crucial hire in place: The Washington Post reports via anonymous sources that a longtime Google exec, Stephanie Hannon, has been named chief technology officer of Clinton’s not-yet-announced campaign. Read More >>

Eurovision Qualifier Voting “Hacked” in Sweden

It's thought that voting in one regional heat of the Eurovision qualifiers may have been hacked, with the polling process throwing up suspicious data that led to a large chunk of the votes in part of the show being binned. Read More >>

Government Plans to TXT U About Registering to Vote

The Electoral Commission has come up with a new way to get young people to register to vote -- texting them. Perhaps by the 2025 election it'll be Snapchatting them photos of the genitals of prospective candidates. Read More >>

Internet Voting Still Won’t Make Me Vote for Any of Those Losers

The parliamentary Digital Democracy Commission has recommended that online voting is introduced here in time for the 2020 election, when you'll be able to vote for slightly more haggard versions of the current miserable generation of politicians with just a click. Or at least, a tiresome and lengthy registration and verification process, then just a click. Read More >>

What Would Change if Politicians Wrote Laws Based on Internet Polls?

A new American political party, designed by software devs and engineers, is joining the race in California. If elected, PlaceAVote's Congressional candidates vow to decide on every bill based on the majority vote of their constituents—as measured via online polling. Could that sort of direct, digital democracy improve how politics works? Would it make governments more dysfunctional? (Is the latter even possible?) Read More >>

UK Should Embrace E-Voting, So the Kids Can Endorse Nigel Farage Without Leaving the House

The Electoral Commission has suggested that the UK ought to embrace full electronic voting like we're some sort of forward-thinking democracy instead of a lethargic old Shire horse that's ready for death, claiming that a move to a radical online voting option may stop voter turnout figures dwindling ever lower. Read More >>