Don’t Forget Your Boring Clubcard Vouchers

Sorry, this is really boring but you might thank us for it when you come home from the supermarket with what amounts to a free dinner tonight, as Tesco has issued a reminder to the nation about the millions of pounds' worth of Clubcard vouchers and points everyone has but may have forgotten about – and expire at the end of the month. Read More >>

MP Accuses HMV of Theft Over Gift Voucher Sales

A Tory MP and legal expert has accused HMV of literally stealing money from customers over the past few weeks, claiming that management's decision to continue selling gift vouchers while the chain teetered on the brink was tantamount to "obtaining property by deception." Read More >>

O2 Asks For Promo Vouchers Back After Christmas Cock-Up

Over Christmas, O2 thought it would get in with the seasonal cheer and offer free £20 vouchers for new customers who sign up for some of its phones. Unfortunately its claim-back system went tits up and fired out multiple vouchers to some lucky chancers. Now it wants them back. Read More >>