Netflix Isn’t Blocking VPN Users Anymore But is Hiding Regional Titles

Netflix has quietly made some changes that will affect VPN users, and it's probably because of the pandemic. Read More >>

disney plus
Disney+ Really Doesn’t Want You Getting Access to It Early, and Has Blocked VPN Accounts

Opting for piracy rather than taking your money seems to be preferable for the new streaming platform. Read More >>

Mozilla is Bringing Back Its Beta Program and First up is Its New VPN

A new Firefox extension will give users an added layer of privacy although it's only rolling out in the US for now for Firefox desktop users. Read More >>

privacy and security
Russia Plans to Block Major VPNs as Next Step in Closing Up Internet

Russia is getting closer to implementing the sort of internet regulations that exist under the Great Firewall of China. Earlier this year, internet providers began preparing to conduct tests to find out if Russia can build an internet disconnected from the rest of the world. Now, Russia plans to block major VPN (virtual private network) services that allow users to reach banned websites. Read More >>

online security
NordVPN Forced to Retract its Seven Day Free Trial After Rampant Abuse

Of the many major VPN providers, Nord was the only one to offer a free trial, and the significant abuse that it suffered as a result is probably why. Read More >>

Shopping List
The Best VPNs to Reach Around the UK’s Incoming Porn Block

The UK's age verification checks for porn are officially happening on the 15th of July, which means you'll need to sign up to one of the multiple types of age checks to prove you're over 18 with documents and whatnot -- or potentially go down to the corner shop and buy a porn pass. Read More >>

Apple’s New Privacy Guidelines May Get Facebook’s Awful Onavo VPN Off the App Store

Apple’s new App Store privacy guidelines restricting apps that collect data on users’ friends — specifically, the address books of iPhone users — already seemed to be in large part a response to Facebook’s sprawling Cambridge Analytica data scandal. But the company could also be targeting Facebook’s Onavo Protect VPN service, which poses as a way to grant users anonymity from service providers and websites but is explicitly designed to vacuum up huge amounts of data on the device usage habits of anyone who enables it. Read More >>

Even Pornhub Has its Own VPN

VPNs are big business. They can be used to help safeguard your browsing data, especially on unsecured wi-fi networks, and they have the added bonus of being able to get round geographic filters on online content. Everyone seems to have a VPN these days, including Facebook, and now Pornhub is getting in on it. Read More >>

Opera is Shutting Down its VPN Service at the End of the Month

It's been nearly two years since the Opera launched a free VPN built into its browser, a VPN that would later come to both Android and iOS devices. The key thing about Opera VPN was that it was free, with the company promising it would remain free until the end of time. Well except that last part isn't exactly true, because Opera has confirmed the VPN will be shut down on 30th April. Read More >>

New Reason to Never Use Facebook’s VPN: It May Be Siphoning Your Data Even When It’s Off

Last month, we warned users against downloading Facebook’s new VPN service, known as Onavo Protect. In addition to Facebook itself being a data vampire, the company has reportedly used the service to collecting users’ VPN usage logs. That means that once you install Onavo and turn the VPN on, Facebook can see every websites you’re visiting, in addition to what service you’re using and files you’ve downloaded. Read More >>

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service

Facebook is not a privacy company; it’s Big Brother on PCP. It does not want to anonymise and protect you; it wants to drain you of your privacy, sucking up every bit of personal data. You should resist the urge to let it, at every turn. Read More >>

A Chinese Man Got Five and a Half Years in Prison for Running a VPN to Bypass the Great Firewall

China's internet is notorious for its censorship, with the term 'Great Firewall' noting the divide between what you can and can't access within the country. Naturally you could get round the censorship with a VPN, but the Chinese government cracked down on them to stop it happening. Read More >>

How to Avoid Getting Tracked as You Browse the Web

As privacy barriers have gradually been eroded online, it’s become harder and harder to keep control over what you’re revealing to the websites you visit when you open up a web browser. For many users now, revealing who you are is just an inevitable consequence of being on the web and using apps, but if you want to tighten the reins on where your data’s going, you do have some options. Read More >>

Secure Your Online Financial Details With a VPN

Preventing fraud has always been a difficult task for banks and other financial institutions but our bank cards could soon come with a screen to help deter fraud.  As a consumer, preventing online fraud is always a concern as well as protecting your credentials and other sensitive information. By using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can improve your security online and make it harder for cyber attackers to obtain your financial details. Read More >>