Secure Your Online Financial Details With a VPN

Preventing fraud has always been a difficult task for banks and other financial institutions but our bank cards could soon come with a screen to help deter fraud.  As a consumer, preventing online fraud is always a concern as well as protecting your credentials and other sensitive information. By using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can improve your security online and make it harder for cyber attackers to obtain your financial details. Read More >>

Bypass Region Blocks With a VPN

A new ruling from the European court of justice (ECJ) has found that the popular torrenting website The Pirate Bay is directly infringing on copyrights and this could very well lead to an EU-wide mandate that the site is blocked by all Internet service providers in the region.  Most telecoms in the UK have already banned the site, but the EU’s new ruling could make it difficult to access it at all.  However, by using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can easily get around these region blocks or any others on your favourite sites and services. Read More >>

Keep Your Macbook Virus-Free With a VPN

Mac computers have grown in popularity over the years thanks to their sleek design and the widespread belief that they couldn’t get viruses.  However, that isn’t the case and now even some popular mac apps have been targeted by hackers. By using a VPN to browse the web and try out new apps you can keep your Macbook protected from these types of attacks. Read More >>

Avoid Malicious Apps With a VPN

New apps arrive on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store everyday and as users we are quick to download and try out the latest ones on our smartphones and tablets.  However, how can we tell whether they are just cool free apps or dangerous ones ?  Staying safe online has certainly become harder over the years but by using a VPN while browsing you can decrease the risk of falling victim to a fraudulent app or attack. Read More >>

Opera Now Has a Totally Free and Unlimited Built-In VPN

Dodging firewalls and masking your IP address usually requires firing up separate — often paid-for — software or plug-ins while you’re browsing. Now, though, Opera has its own free VPN baked right into the desktop browser Read More >>

Netflix is Already Blocking US Content Streamed Via VPN in Australia

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it was cracking down on VPNs and proxies used to access video in other countries. It wasn’t an empty threat: the company has started blocking US content that’s accessed that way from Australia. Read More >>

Damn, Netflix Is Cracking Down on VPNs and Proxies 

If you use a proxy to access another country’s version of Netflix, you may be screwed. Up until now, the streaming service hasn’t been good at stopping them—but that’s about to change. Read More >>

Hola Claims its US Netflix VPN Service is Safe

You may have seen people sharing some form of attack on the VPN services offered by Hola recently, as some "facts" about how it handles anonymised traffic went viral -- much to the horror of its users. Hola's now issued an apology of sorts, setting the record straight on how it works. Read More >>

No VPNs on Netflix? That’s Only Going to Turn More People Into Pirates

Yesterday morning saw the latest development in the ongoing question of whether or not Netflix is going to prevent people from accessing foreign catalogues using VPNs. Specifically, new terms and conditions state that Netflix could suspend accounts if the user is caught accessing content from other locations. Read More >>

Netflix Hints at Future VPN Lockdown

Updated Netflix terms and conditions seem to be laying the groundwork for a future ban on people accessing the site using a VPN, with terms now allowing for accounts to be cancelled should users fail a geographic location check. Read More >>

Netflix Under Pressure to Close Down the VPN Loophole

By this point, everyone and their internet-connected dog seems to know that you can access US Netflix (and its sweet promised land of rich video content) from abroad using a simple VPN, or even just a Chrome extension. Your streaming days might be limited, however: Netflix is reportedly under fire to shut the loophole down. Read More >>

The Best VPN Service to Hide Behind

Virtual Private Networks are one of the handiest bits of networking wizadry out there, allowing you to use public Wi-Fi with immunity, catch up on Call the Midwife whilst overseas, or even get around your work's anti-Giz filters. However, not all are created equal, so we've rounded up the best of the internet's many VPN offerings for your delectation. Read More >>

windows phone
Windows Phone 8.1 Revealed, Includes Javascript, VPN Support, and *Urgh* 3D

Microsoft has reportedly begun sending out invites, giving developers the opportunity to try out the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1. One of said developers has taken to Reddit and revealed a number of features in the SDK. Read More >>

Tor: The Anonymous Internet, and If It’s Right for You

Since the revelations about NSA spying came to the surface earlier this summer, everybody's paying a little bit more attention to their privacy online. That's good news for Tor, a suite of software and network of computers that enables you to use the internet anonymously. Read More >>