Lenovo Made a Souped Up Oculus Go That’s Missing Just One Key Feature

Less than a week has passed since the first standalone VR headset was released, and already we have another. Except this one is made by Lenovo in partnership with Google and uses the Daydream VR platform. Like the Oculus Go, Lenovo’s Mirage Solo don’t need no phone or a wire connected to a nearby PC to transport you to other worlds. Everything you need comes built into the goggles. Read More >>

Consumer Oculus Rift Will Cost Around £300

With the Oculus Rift's launch date of early 2016 edging ever nearer -- and it's a tonne to a tenner that the Virtual Reality Gaming Headset is likely to make an appearance on the shop floor at E3 next month -- there's still not much official news about what it'll cost once it goes on sale. However, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has given us an inkling as to how many sheckles you'll need to save up for it. Read More >>

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Is That a VR Headset in Your Pocket?

Oh, it is a VR headset. How the hell did you fit that in your pocket? It's collapsible? OK, we need to talk about this. Read More >>

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4K Oculus Rift That Won’t Make You Sick in Development

Forget the Xbox One or PS4 -- the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is the most next-gen thing going in gaming at the moment. And it's set to get even better, with the announcement that a super-high-resolution 4K version is in the works. Read More >>