Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience is Fun Immersive Theatre, But the VR Needs Work

Leadenhall Street in East London is uniformly lined with dull grey buildings but, for the next few months, you can step off the street and into Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience – a fully-interactive guided performance, which looks fantastic but doesn’t yet deliver on some of its high-tech ambitions. Read More >>

HP’s Revamped VR Backpack Delivers the Closest Thing to True VR Freedom Yet

Does a VR headset still qualify as a standalone device if the computer powering the headset is strapped to your back rather than built into the goggles? I don’t know, and I’m not sure how much that distinction really matters, because while Oculus is out there trying to make VR go mainstream with gadgets like the Oculus Quest, HP’s revamped VR Backpack is expanding the boundaries of high-res virtual experiences. Read More >>

Star Wars Fans Will Love Helping the Dark Lord Achieve His Destiny in Vader Immortal

For years, we’ve enjoyed watching Star Wars stories from the outside. And typically Star Wars in VR and AR feels more like a very cool tech demo than a full immersion into a galaxy far, far away. But with Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series - Episode I, it seems like ILMxLab has crafted an untold chapter in the Star Wars saga that fans will love. This thing is no tech demo. Read More >>

The Most Interesting Thing About Valve’s Fancy New VR Headset Might Be Its Controllers

About a month ago, Valve teased that it was working on its own VR headset separate from the HTC’s Vive and Vive Pro, but still compatible with all the Steam VR games that are currently available. Now, Valve has finally released a tonne of details about the Index, including some of its new and unusual abilities. Read More >>

Review: Oculus Quest Has Me Excited About VR Again

I first tried VR with an Oculus Development Kit (the DK2) several years ago. It was a mind-blowing experience, unlike anything I've tried before. But somewhere along the way, the shine of being immersed into a video game world got lost. One Oculus Rift and PSVR later, they're both sat gathering dust somewhere, barely used. One of the reasons for that is the mass of wires that you need for both, and adequate space by your PC or PS4. It's a pain to set up every time; plugging it in, rearranging a room or moving a PC tower somewhere else to make sure you've got a big enough area. If it's a game you can't play while sitting down, it's a no-go. Not to mention with Rift, the numerous sensor bars that need strategically placing around the place. It's a lot of hassle for a play session that'll undoubtedly last about 20 minutes until I start feeling nauseous. Read More >>

Nintendo’s VR Upgrade for Zelda Messed Me Up

Despite being made of cardboard, Nintendo’s Labo VR Kit is a surprisingly excellent virtual reality upgrade for the Switch, bolstered by an excellent roster of games and VR experiences. Nintendo has just extended its Labo VR Kit support to its A-list titles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, and unfortunately in both games the VR feels like a tacked-on experience that only serves to amplify Labo VR Kit’s shortcomings. Read More >>

Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Labo VR Mode is Now Live

Playing The Legend of Zelda in VR is pretty much the dream for any Nintendo fan, and while we might not yet have the fully-immersive walk-around VR experience we're hoping for, we've just moved a step closer. Read More >>

This is the Breath of the Wild Labo VR Headset Nintendo Should Have Made

Don't get us wrong, we love Labo VR -- the cardboard-based super-bonkers Nintendo take on virtual reality that's more than made up for the disappointment that was the Virtual Boy. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
AI Might Soon Make it Easy to Put Yourself In Your Favourite Video Game

In a rare move by Facebook that doesn’t have the world shaking its head in disbelief, the company’s AI researchers have developed a way to easily turn real people into playable game characters by simply analysing videos of them going through specific motions. My dreams of finally being an unlockable character in NBA Jam just got one step closer. Read More >>

playstation vr
New Patents Give Us a Glimpse of the Next PlayStation VR Headset

Two patents filed by Sony combine to reveal a new and very exciting PlayStation VR headset that we can't wait to get our eyeballs into. Read More >>

Sony is Selling a Lot of PlayStation VR Headsets

Sony has continued to do well in the virtual reality space, and has sold a grand total of 4.2 million PlayStation VR systems worldwide, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. That’s total units actually bought by consumers, not just shipped. Read More >>

What the New Oculus Rift Offers Weary Gamers

Between the departure of former CEO Brendan Iribe and Oculus’ recent focus on standalone VR headsets like the Oculus Go and the forthcoming Oculus Quest, it sort of felt like the company’s PC roots were being left behind. But Oculus promised it was working on a successor to the original Rift from 2016, so here it is: the Oculus Rift S. And it’s sort of underwhelming. Read More >>

Oculus Rift S Supports Room Scale VR Without External Base Stations, Coming This Spring

Over the past month or so, we've been hearing a lot of rumblings about an alleged new VR headset being developed by Oculus. Now, thanks to a GDC reveal and trailer, that rumoured headset has an official name, release window, and list of improvements. Read More >>

HP’s Reverb Headset Brings Us Closer to Crystal Clear VR

The VR revolution hasn’t swept the world like a lot of people thought it would, and though I still have confidence in the medium as a whole, modern VR also has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to comfort, optics, and affordability. Enter the Reverb. Designed for both commercial and home use, while HP’s handset doesn’t entirely solve some of the biggest issues with today’s VR headsets, it offers a number of improvements in those three big areas. Read More >>

Google Is Shuttering Its Gimmicky Immersive Video Studio

After six years, Google is shutting down Spotlight Stories, its in-house immersive entertainment studio. What exactly was Spotlight Stories, you ask? Fair question. Unless you’re an avid virtual reality enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of Google’s attempts at creating 360-degree short films for smartphones. Read More >>