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The Time Has Come: You Can Now Get A Job Entirely In VR

If you've dreamed of going to work from the sofa and never having to deal with the outdoors or real humans ever again, your day has arrived. 'Social VR platform' Geekzonia is advertising for a VR Events Host - a full time job entirely in virtual reality. Read More >>

Living Room Cyclist Completes VR Land’s End to John O’ Groats Run

You might remember Aaron Puzey from last year, when he said he'd built a homebrew VR system that would let him ride the length of the UK along the traditional Land's End to John O' Groats from the comfort of his home. Well he did and he's just finished so there. Read More >>

Power Rangers VR Experience Gives Us Our Best Actual Look at the Movie Zords

Somehow the Power Rangers film has kept the Rangers’ Zords shrouded in secrecy (and fog). The first teaser posters showed us barely anything, so our best looks actually came from the toys — and now we have an even better look at all the Zords, and it’s still not an official movie reveal. Read More >>

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HTC Vive Selling Twice As Many Headsets As Oculus Rift, Says Unreal Engine Creator

The VR war between frontrunning systems HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is skewing heavily towards the former, reckons Unreal Engine creator and founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney. Read More >>

Tinder Did a Joke VR Headset

So often the butt of the tech community’s jokes because its app values good looks, which aren’t common in our field, Tinder has hit back with a spot of trolling of its own, unveiling a joke ‘virtual reality’ headset that’s actually nothing more than a box with two face holes. Read More >>

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The Vive’s New Tracker Turns Every Real World Object Into a VR Toy

Last year, HTC made the best virtual reality experience possible. One as close to the promise of Star Trek’s Holodeck as we’ve ever come. This year, at CES HTC hopes to improve on that experience by introducing two new accessories, a welcomed new headset strap and the Vive Tracker, a small peripheral that lets you put any real world object you want into the virtual world. Read More >>

Asus’ Crazy New Phone Takes 92 Megapixel Photos

Whether it’s the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S7, companies are betting that the future of virtual reality will be ushered in by your mobile device. Now, you can add Asus to that list. The company just announced a new smartphone at CES that takes an adventurous and somewhat experimental leap into the world of mixed and virtual reality — and it actually looks pretty useful. Read More >>

Nintendo Patent Hints at VR for Switch

Paperwork recently filed by Nintendo with the US Patent Office would appear to show that a VR device of some sort is at least on the drawing board for a future Nintendo device, with the critical document showing what the company calls an "HMD" attached to line drawings of the forthcoming Switch. Read More >>

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Grab Your Red Cape and Fly Around the World With Google Earth VR

Google has unintentionally created a Superman VR type thing, which lets you fly around the world like a retired version of the Man of Steel, who just fancies seeing the sights and can’t be bothered fighting baddies anymore. Read More >>

Google Boss Brings Digital Skills Training to the UK

We've done something to please Google CEO Sundar Pichai, as he's in the UK right now and has announced a plan to offer a chunk of free digital skills training to anyone who thinks they might benefit from five hours of being told how the internet works. Read More >>

TPCast’s Wireless HTC Vive Kit Goes on Sale Today

Another tech company promising to make VR wireless and therefore a bit more like something normal, everyday folk might consider doing, has emerged, with TPCast claiming its tetherless HTC Vive kit is ready for sale on a limited edition developer preview in China kind of deal. Read More >>

Tech Offers a Way to Taste in VR

A group of researchers investigating the difficult -- but not exactly high priority for the survival of humankind -- issue of making people taste things over the internet claims to have made a breakthrough, with a system that uses heat variations to trick the taste buds into tasting things while licking a lump of technology that could, one day, take on the form of a porn star's genitals. Read More >>

Google’s VR Headset Is So Comfortable I Never Want to Take It Off

It isn’t the games that really wow me when I slip on the Daydream View VR headset. It isn’t the worlds that the Google Maps app allow me to visit. It isn’t even the immediate sensation of wonder that VR still instills me. It’s how comfortable the headset is. Read More >>

HTC Planning Vive VR Arcades

HTC thinks VR might be the way to save the arcades, if indeed there are any arcades still left to save, with the maker of the Vive headset revealing its plan to let developers tweak their VR titles in a way that's friendly with the idea of spending £2 for several minutes of dislocating fun. Read More >>