HP Teamed Up With Valve to Make Its Second-Gen VR Headset Even Better

Last year, HP released one of the world’s highest resolution VR headsets in the HP Reverb, but sadly, it was only really intended for use by enterprise customers. But for the new Reverb G2, HP partnered with Valve to create an upgraded HMD meant for both business and home users alike. Read More >>

Here’s a First Look at the Tech Behind Sony’s Finger-Tracking VR Controllers

Thanks to a few patent filings that have surfaced over the last two years, we’ve had an idea that Sony’s been tinkering with finger-tracking technology for a line of new VR motion controllers. It’s still unclear whether these controllers are intended to be a successor to PlayStation Move or part of the kit for the yet-unannounced PlayStation VR 2 or something else entirely, but at least now we can see them in action thanks to a new video from Sony researchers. Read More >>

If Oculus Is Actually Making a Slimmer Quest VR Headset, I Might Buy It

Other than motion sickness, the uncomfortable bulkiness of VR headsets has always stopped me from dropping hundreds of pounds on one. If only they were more like Geordi LaForge’s visor. That’s some fashionable VR design I could get behind. But it seems like Facebook’s Oculus division is trying to change that, according to Bloomberg. Read More >>

How the Hell Does a VR Film Festival Work?

Cannes, Toronto, Venice… Mitcham?

Shadow Launches Closed Beta for VR Gaming Without a High-End PC

You don’t need a high-end PC to play virtual reality games anymore. Shadow, a 5-year-old cloud gaming platform, is launching what it calls a “VR Exploration Program” – a fancy way of saying a closed beta for people who want to play VR without splurging on a gaming PC. Read More >>

Watching Sports in VR Is a Gimmick That’ll Go the Way of 3D Says BT and Sky

3D TV was definitely a fad, and it came and went pretty quickly. Watching sports using VR is similarly stupid, says BT and Sky. Read More >>

HTC Vive Adds Three New AR and VR Headsets to the Cosmos Family (Plus a Prototype Teaser)

HTC Vive had big plans to put on some fancy demos at Mobile World Congress, and while the show has been canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus, that isn’t stopping HTC from announcing three new additions to its Cosmos headset family. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: This VR Massage Chair is Not a Sex Thing

Massage chairs are nothing new at CES. Every year they sit there, tempting exhausted flesh vessels to slide into their mechanical embrace. Read More >>

Apple Pulled a Page From McDonald’s Playbook in 2019

By almost every account, Apple has had an incredibly strong 2019. Thanks to the refreshed AirPods and the new AirPods Pro, Apple earbuds accounted for somewhere between $4 billion (£3 billion) and $6 billion (£4.6 billion) in sales. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR was the best-selling phone every quarter this year. However, despite all this success, none of the gadgets Apple released in 2019 were all that exciting – some might even call them boring. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 is a Dedicated Chip for AR, VR, MR, and Every Other Kinds of ‘R’

XR is the blanket term for all the different kinds of 'reality' you'll see used to describe various kinds of glasses and headsets. VR, AR, MR, and whatever else they may come up with. Obviously this is becoming a much bigger thing as the years go on, and Qualcomm has decided it can't keep using mobile phone chips to make things work. SO it's launching a new dedicated chip for all kinds of XR - the XR2. Read More >>

Climate Planners Use VR to Show Communities How Sea-Level Rise Decimates Them

Earth is the hottest it’s ever been, it feels like a new “mega gargantuan Godzilla” storm record gets broken every other month, and environmental displacement is already threatening to upend certain communities’ livelihoods, and worse still, their histories. Read More >>

Of Course, Facebook Bought the One Good VR Game

Virtual reality gaming is a thing, but even so, you probably can’t name very many off the top of your head. And if you can, chances are the first one that pops into mind is Beat Saber – the One Good VR Game that any putz can enjoy without upchucking their lunch due to VR-induced motion sickness, or looking like a complete blowhard. So, you know, of course, Facebook was going to put its grubby hands on it. Read More >>

Apple’s New iPad Pro Will Be A Gateway For AR And VR Tech

Apple's newest iPad Pro, rumoured for release as early as 2020, is set to feature a new 3-D sensor system that could enable compatibility with Apple-developed AR and VR headsets. Read More >>

augmented reality
Report: Apple’s AR Headset Won’t Be Out Until 2022, With AR Glasses to Follow in 2023

Apple won’t be launching new augmented reality products until at least 2022 to 2023, the Information reported on Monday, citing an internal Apple presentation described by sources. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Over-the-Top VR Rig Lets You Explore a Virtual World While Walking IRL

Microsoft’s latest VR experiment is going to appeal to those who had to settle for living in a less than appealing neighbourhood to take advantage of cheap rent. Called DreamWalker, it’s a virtual reality rig that lets the user experience a completely different VR while they’re walking through the real one. Read More >>