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You Have to Be Hopelessly Devoted to Antique Computers to Build a Commodore 64 VR Rig

If you don’t have the budget for a £500 Oculus Rift headset and a thousand-pound VR-ready gaming PC, here’s a far cheaper solution. A die-hard Commodore 64 fan created a pair of virtual reality goggles for the classic 8-bit computer that can be easily found for just a few quid at charity shops around the country. Read More >>

BAE Systems Plans Future AR Glasses for the Military

BAE Systems is hoping that the wars of the future won't all be fought by madmen pressing big red buttons from within mountain hideouts, as it's still developing hardware for troops to wear on the ground. Including in the pipeline right now a set of augmented reality glasses that would/could overlay mission critical information atop the real world, like those clever Apple AR demos but with targets sights and ammo remaining displays. Read More >>

Settlers of Catan Is Coming to VR

If you haven't found enough ways to make your friends hate you through hours of failed negotiations, here's another way to ruin friendships: Settlers of Catan is getting a VR spin-off. Read More >>

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New VR Dating Show Asks: What If The Sims Were Misshapen and Horny?

Your mouth doesn’t move when you talk and your slightly misshapen legs bend away from your body. But it’s a first date so you’re making the best of it. Mood lighting and romantic music come on, so you move in closer for a dance. Read More >>

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The HTC Vive Just Got a Price Cut, Now Costs £599

Last month Oculus reduced the price of the Oculus Rift headset to £399, and now HTC has followed suit. From today the HTC Vive will cost you £599, and will come with all the same perks and hardware as before. Read More >>

Intel Has No Idea What to Do With VR, but It’s Fun to Watch Them Try

Virtual Reality is tech’s biggest question mark. Could it become a mainstream medium, like movies or video games, or something completely different? A lot of people have tried and failed to answer that question, and while Intel’s VR Happy Hour at the New Museum in New York on Tuesday is no exception, roleplaying as a tree and directing a monster is a pretty entertaining way to spend two hours. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is Now Compatible with Google Daydream

Samsung's Gear VR may have got into the mobile VR game first, though Google's Daydream isn't letting a little thing like that stand in its way. Anyone serious about mobile VR will have had to decide which system is best, and purchase the right phone as a result. Read More >>

London’s Shard Suggests Playing VR Games Instead of Looking at the View

London's newest, pointiest tower charges £30.95 for a ticket to go up it and have a look at the view of the city. That's fine. Expensive, but fine. What's not fine is that it's now installed some VR machines at the top, which offer a range of height-related experiences to try, even though you've just paid £120 to get the family up to see the bloody sights and get Timmy and Sophie off the sodding iPad for 10 minutes. Read More >>

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Can Facebook Fix VR’s Most Frustrating Problems in One Fell Swoop?

Virtual reality is cool and all, but it won’t really become mainstream until a) it’s affordable and b) it doesn’t require a £1,000+ gaming PC. But it seems Facebook is attempting yet again to make VR a thing. Read More >>

Is the £399 Oculus Rift a Deal or a VR-is-Dead Fire Sale?

If you really want a screen to strap to your head just in time for the summer, your luck's in. The UK price of the Oculus Rift has been slashed to just £399, and that includes the Touch input thing as well. Read More >>

YouTube Is Introducing Heatmaps To Let Content Creators Know Exactly What VR Users Are Looking At

Are you a prolific YouTube personality? If so, do we ever have some gloriously life-affirming news for you. The video streaming colossus is introducing heatmaps for VR and 360-degree videos, so if your channel happens to be stuffed full of virtual reality content, you'll soon be able to find out exactly what your subscribers at looking at. Read More >>

Microsoft Has Trademarked Reality

Microsoft is something of a VR-gaming holdout. While Windows remains the big OS for VR games the company hasn't thrown itself behind the tech, preferring to focus on headsets that can be used as productivity tools. However the company has, days ahead of the E3 gaming show, trademarked the name "Direct Reality" which might a hint of things to come. Read More >>

Google’s New Toy Lets You Teleport Around The World From Your Phone

We love Google's AI experiments, and the latest one is weirdly addictive considering it's just a mashup of things that already existed. Read More >>

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A Devastating Holocaust Documentary Proves VR Filmmaking Isn’t Just a Gimmick

It’s really easy to mess up a film project about the Holocaust. The wrong tone, the wrong direction, and it can all go horribly awry. Add cutting-edge technology operated by unskilled hands to a topic as devastating as survivor testimony, and you could have a disaster. Fortunately, the VR film The Last Goodbye, which debuted at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, gets it right. Read More >>

The New Rick and Morty Game Is One of the Best VR Experiences You Can Play

Growing up, one of my favorite CD-ROM games was called The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield. As games go, it wasn’t that advanced, but it let me take a virtual, interactive tour through my favorite television show. The game had in-jokes from the show, voices from the cast, and perfect attention to detail. It was awesome. Read More >>