Smart Toy Maker to Pay £480,000 After Millions of Kids Get Hacked

In recent years, a number of toy makers have come under fire for developing children’s smart devices that turn out to be privacy nightmares, and a company called VTech Electronics has just settled the US Federal Trade Commission’s (the FTC) first case involving an internet-connected toy. VTech will pay the FTC $650,000 (around £480,000) over charges it violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and “failing to take reasonable steps to secure the data it collected,” according to an FTC statement released Monday. Read More >>

Man Arrested in UK Suspected of Horrible VTech Hack

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in the UK on suspicion of “unauthorised access” to a computer over the VTech hack, which saw the personal information of nearly 6.4 million children stolen from servers. Read More >>

The Horrifying Vtech Hack Let Someone Download Thousands of Photos of Children

he latest details about a recent security breach at a toy company are in, and they are disturbing. A couple of weeks ago, hackers successfully broke into the servers of connected toy maker Vtech and stole the personal information of nearly 5 million parents and over 200,000 kids. What we didn’t know until now: the hackers stole pictures of kids, too. Read More >>

A “Smartwatch” for Children is the Only Smartwatch You Need

Smartwatches: So much futuristicness promised, so little delivered. They're clunky. They're frustrating. They're just not quite there yet. But what if there was a smartwatch out there that was just plain fun to use? There is—it just happens to be built for four-to-nine-year-olds. Read More >>

Do Kids Really Need a Smartwatch?

At the London Toy Fair 2014, VTech has decided that the recent trend in wearable electronics should apply to kids too. So the company's new Kidizoom Smartwatch straps a 1.4-inch colour touchscreen display, 0.3-megapixel camera, and various games, apps, and clock faces to your kids' wrist for £39.99. Read More >>