Boeing Announces Work with Flying Taxi Startup Kitty Hawk, But Don’t Call It a Flying Car

Boeing has announced that it’s working with the flying taxi startup Kitty Hawk, to “collaborate on future efforts to advance safe urban air mobility.” The announcement of the so-called strategic partnership is pretty light on details, but it’s an optimistic sign for futuristic consumer-facing aviation technologies. Read More >>

Flying Taxis Are Apparently on the Horizon for Rich People Who Love Meetings and Golf

When Uber first announced its flying taxi project last April, the ride-hailing service said it would begin testing the aircraft in Dubai and Texas by 2020. Now, the company responsible for making the vehicles that may help bring Uber’s Jetsonian vision to life has provided its take on when we could actually see large, people-filled drones zooming through the skies. Read More >>

DARPA’s New Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Concept is Mighty Impressive

Yesterday, DARPA – the US government agency that makes all sorts of mental robotics among other defence-related goodies – unveiled the latest concept design for its new vertical take-off and landing craft. And hell this electric airplane looks awesome. Read More >>

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Here Are All the Awesome Vertical Landing Jets in History

We all know how badass the Harriers and F-35s of the world are, but some of these other vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft from history are totally wild. Read More >>

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The Prius of Planes Could One Day Replace Helicopters and Jump Jets

Getting an aircraft to launch and land vertically is not difficult. Getting one to launch vertically and then complete a long-endurance flight, however, is an entirely different bag of cats. But a team from NASA's Langley Research Center believe that it's developed a flight system that can do both tasks equally well. The secret: hybrid power. Read More >>

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This Absurd Tilt-Wing Whirly Bird Actually Flew

While it may have looked like someone slapped wings on a VH-71 Kestrel and flew like an ungainly Osprey, this experimental plane helped to pave the way for today's tilt wing aircraft. Read More >>

This Vertical Take-Off Drone System is So Versatile

Drones are getting pretty advanced, and they're continuing to prove their usefulness. They can do anything from dodge bullets to land on aircraft carriers. And up next is an emerging new class of drones that can take off and land vertically, thanks to the likes of the new Arcturus UAV Jump system. Read More >>

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This Flying Ambulance May Save Wounded Soldiers from Certain Death

Removing wounded soldiers from the battlefield has always been a dangerous proposition, not just for the wounded but for the Medevac team as well. So instead of sending more soldiers into harm's way, one Israeli aeronautic company wants to whisk the wounded away aboard a UAV. Read More >>

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This F-35B’s Vertical Night Landing Makes It Look Like a Badass UFO

On August 14th, the amazing, hovering F-35B made its first, vertical, at-sea night landing on the USS WASP. We've seen it hover before, and even do a vertical take off, but man, nothing quite compares to the sheer night-vision, sci-fi awesomeness of this clip. Read More >>

First Footage of an F-35B Taking Off Straight Into the Air

Finding a suitable runway to launch your multibillion pound fighter jet from isn't always as easy as it sounds. That's why the F-35B Lightning II is designed to with the ability to both take off and land without ever needing to taxi. Here's the first look at its vertical launch. Read More >>