Vodafone’s Reward Scheme is Offering Up Super Cheap Cinema Tickets

Vodafone's latest VeryMe Rewards offer gives you two adult cinema tickets for £7 every week at participating Vue venues. Read More >>

A Star is Born Isn’t Showing At Vue Cinemas Due to Ongoing “Discussions”

I don't know about you, but if a mainstream film gets released, I expect to be able to see it at whichever cinema chain takes my fancy. And usually, that is very much the case. Providing the film isn't a more obscure title getting a limited release, whether your local cinema is a Cineworld, Vue or Odeon, that latest Hollywood release will undoubtedly be scheduled to show at some point. Apparently that isn't the case for A Star is Born, a film released last week starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. For reasons that remain pretty unclear, it currently isn't being shown in Vue cinemas. Read More >>

You Can Get Your Local Cinema to Screen Alien and Back to the Future Now

Whether new or old, big-budget or little, you can now set up your own movie screening at your local cinema. Vue’s teamed up with Ourscreen, and the two firms want people to sort-of-crowdsource screenings, presumably because the vast majority of new releases are utter shit, and nobody in their right mind wants to see them. Read More >>

Sony’s PlayStation Vue Wants to Replace Your TV Provider

Sony has announced a new cloud-based TV service, which will offer a large selection of TV channels without a monthly contract and be available across a range of devices. It's Sony's play to replace your TV provider, but so far seems focussed on its US customers, rather than us here in the UK. Read More >>

Glasgow Gets Dolby Atmos-Enabled

Good news today for our Scottish friends. The future of cinema sound has finally made its way up to you, as the new Vue Glasgow Fort has had Dolby Atmos installed, joining London's Empire Leicester Square as the first Atmos screens in the country. Trust us, it's worth getting ears on if you can. Read More >>

A Vue Cinemas Batman Begins/Dark Knight Double Bill For Just £5 Is Your Dark-Knight-Rises-Warm-Up Deal of the Day

What are you doing tonight? Fancy going to 'the flicks'? You're not sure? But there’s a Batman DOUBLE BILL ON! Yeah, now you’re interested. Read More >>