Report: Steam Had a Bug for 10 Years That Could Allow Hackers to Take Over Your PC

A researcher at security firm Context has published the details of an exploit they found in PC gaming giant Steam’s desktop client. The nasty bug has reportedly been around for the last 10 years and left millions of users’ PCs open to being remotely commandeered by hackers. Read More >>

Google Promised a Way to Jailbreak the iPhone and It Delivered

Last week, a Google security researcher announced that he’d be releasing the goods that are needed to jailbreak the latest iPhones. For years, it was pretty easy to get all the customisation options of Android on iOS, but the developer scene has since dried up. Even if you don’t plan on jailbreaking your phone, there’s reason to celebrate. Read More >>

Researcher Found Another Twitter Vulnerability That Allowed Tweeting From Any Account

A bug in a Twitter product could have allowed attackers to send tweets from any account and delete photos and videos from published tweets, according to a recent blog post by the security researcher who discovered it. It’s the second broad vulnerability in the product, called Studio, that’s come to light recently, raising questions about how well Twitter secures its platform. Read More >>

Subtitles Open You Up to Hackers When Using Popular Media Players

On Tuesday, security research firm Checkpoint announced that its team had discovered a new vulnerability in numerous media players that allows a hacker to take full control of any device when a malicious subtitle file is used. The firm estimates 200 million people are potentially at risk. Read More >>

Your Version of Windows Has a Huge Vulnerabilty, Get the Patch Now

As scary as Heartbleed was this past Spring, it looks like virtually every Microsoft Windows user is in for a little deja vu. Microsoft just released a critical patch for a huge server vulnerability—one that affects every current version of Windows out there. Read More >>

How Yesterday’s Huge TweetDeck Vulnerability Happened

If you use TweetDeck in any capacity, you're probably aware of a nasty little bug that was running rampant around TweetDeck's hallowed columns yesterday afternoon. But what, exactly, was causing all the retweeted trouble? Computerphile's Tom Scott breaks it down. Read More >>

New Vulnerability Found in Every Single Version of Internet Explorer

According to a confirmation by Microsoft late last night, a new zero day vulnerability has been found to affect every version of Internet Explorer. In other words—over a quarter of the entire browser market. Read More >>

A Guy Hacked Zuck’s Wall After Facebook Ignored His Bug Report

Khalil, a Palestinian white hat hacker, submitted bug reports to Facebook about a vulnerability that allowed him to post on anyone's wall. But Facebook's security team didn't do anything. So Khalil wrote on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall about it and was generally a legend. Read More >>

Millions of Phones Could Be Vulnerable to This SIM Card Hack

A German cryptographer claims to have hacked a SIM card. It's never been done before (as far as we know), so it's kind of a big deal and shows that millions of phones are potentially vulnerable from hack-by-SMS. Read More >>

McAfee’s Been Letting Spammers Use You as Their Patsy

Ironically all that spam you get in your inbox might be McAfee’s fault. A flaw has been found in one of its anti-malware programs that’s meant to protect you from this kind of thing. It allows spammers to hijack your computer and flood the world with spam using you as their unwilling accomplice. Read More >>