Waitrose Carrier Bags Have Paid For £1m Of Charity Projects

The 5p charge for a carrier bag might not seem like a lot, but evidently it adds up. Read More >>

Waitrose Tests Having the Delivery Driver Unpack Your Internet Shop

Waitrose has had a very, very bad idea, suggesting that in the future -- or even right now in the small area it's testing this service enhancement in -- your internet shopping delivery man might let himself into your (smart) home via an access code then unpack your shopping for you. Read More >>

Waitrose Offers the Bored Posh Diner an Ostrich Egg for £20

If you want something different, are not in a hurry to eat, and don't mind spending £19.99 on one egg, best get to Waitrose. It's ostrich egg season. Read More >>

Waitrose Shoppers Will Soon Have to Bring a Cup if They Want Free Hot Drinks

Supermarket chain Waitrose is about to make a token gesture regarding the environment, announcing a plan to eradicate all single-use disposable cups from its hot drinks bank by the end of the year. Read More >>

Waitrose Tests iBeacons in Futuristic Tech Hotbed Swindon

Shoppers in Waitrose may soon have a legitimate reason for staring at their telephones while clattering into old ladies with their trolleys, thanks to the supermarket chain launching a trial of Apple's under-used iBeacons location-aware software. Read More >>

Waitrose’s New Berries Taste Like Bubblegum. Wait, What?

No, this isn't some genetically modified monstrosity. Rather, it's an all-natural berry that, while once a popular 19th century delicacy on our shores, is now rarely found in UK shops. Read More >>

Waitrose is Getting Even Posher with Instore Wine Tasting and Concierge Services

Waitrose is on a mission, a "very British" mission, to bring more luxurious convenience to their stores. It's a bid to stave off the competition from the growing popularity of value-led German supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl. Read More >>

Do You Do Your Food Shopping Online?

Following the news that Morrisons is going to start delivering food direct to your door courtesy of Ocado, it begs the question, how many of you actually do your food shopping online? Read More >>