These Are The Top 20 Welsh Language Tracks On Spotify

Music created in the beautiful Welsh language has received a boost with the release of a playlist of the 20 most-streamed tracks on Spotify. Read More >>

We Might Be Getting a Welsh Alexa

In the ongoing effort to keep the amazing language that is Welsh active and thriving, the Welsh government is launching a 'technology action plan' that includes recommendations for smart speakers that speak the language. Read More >>

Premier Inn Reveals New £19 Emergency Crash Micro Hotel Rooms

Premier Inn has come up with a way to make going away even worse an idea than ever, revealing newer, smaller, cheaper hotel rooms for 2019, so that even millennials might be able to afford a short city break. As long as they don't mind it being in Cardiff and sleeping on something akin to a glorified sun lounger. Read More >>

Welsh Apocalypse Survival Island Fort Yours for Just £400,000

A building known as Stack Rock Fort is on the market, and that name's not overselling it. It's a proper fort, from the 1850s, built on a rock in the sea that the seller is generously describing as an island. It's a small, rocky island, with a substantial amount of sea view. Read More >>

Facial Recognition Used by Wales Police Has 90 Per cent False Positive Rate

According to the Guardian, the South Wales police scanned the crowd of more than 170,000 people who travelled to the nation’s capital for the football match between Real Madrid and Juventus. The cameras identified 2,470 people as criminals. Read More >>

Black Panther Subtly Reveals Wales is an Independent Nation in the MCU

In the real world the UK is still a combination of four different countries, despite the fact that there are political groups out there who would very much like to separate Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland from England. In the real world that doesn't look to be changing in the near future, but real life is not fiction. In fiction things are very different, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no exception because it seems as though Wales is an independent country. Read More >>

Wales Bans Genital Piercing Fun for Kids

The Welsh government now has an official opinion as to what the under-18s it administrates may or may not do to their genitals and tongues, with a law on "intimate" piercings now in place to stop them getting holes made that they may eventually regret. Read More >>

Welsh Boozers Face Breath Tests Before Being Allowed to Buy More

People trying to buy more booze in Cardiff might find themselves being asked to blow into something unusual before they're served, with a handful of shops in the worst alcohol-apocalypse-hit parts of the town centre using breathalysers to check their shoppers' drunkenness levels first. Read More >>

Welsh Sex Robot Needs a Head Manufacturer

Samantha, the sex robot from Wales that set the internet on fire recently (but you can call yours Rita if you want), is nearing production. The only thing holding it back is a head. They spent so much time on the tits and arse that everyone forgot women also have heads. It's the perfect 2017 metaphor. Read More >>

Dozens of Octopuses Crawl Ashore Along Welsh Coast: ‘It Was a Bit Like an End of Days Scenario’

For three consecutive nights, troves of octopuses have been seen walking out of the sea and stranding themselves along several beaches in Wales. Experts say the unusual behaviour may have something to do with recent storms that swept through the region. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Might Pay Lower Rates, to Encourage Them to Improve Signal in Wales

In an attempt to get mobile networks to improve their infrastructure, and thus improve signal for everyone, the Welsh government is considering cutting rates to give networks more money to invest. Read More >>

Man Spams Welsh Beach With Love Messages

Craig Sullivan had an idea about how to find himself a new partner. Instead of trawling dating apps or dogging in motorway service stations he decided on the more romantic option of sending out 2,000 messages in bottles, chucking them in the sea to see if, somehow, his ideal woman might open one up and respond to his appeal for a date. Read More >>

Welsh Jellyfish Collagen is the Next Big Thing in Medicine

Jellagen is the fantastic name for a new biotech company based in Cardiff, with the business setting up specifically to source collagen for human medicines and treatments from jellyfish. Hence they had a meeting and came up with Jellagen, a much more descriptive name than Collafish. Read More >>

England, Wales and Scotland Get Their Own Flag Emoji

A Cheeto is President of the US, the UK has decided to divide itself in two while continually arguing with itself, and we have newspapers that lie with impunity to push the agendas of their billionaire owners. But never mind, the Welsh dragon now has its own emoji. Read More >>

‘Land of Legends’ Will Make You See Wales In A Whole New Light

Tourism websites are usually a pretty cringey affair, with slogans straight from the 80s and stock photos of people enjoying themselves on generic beaches. The new one for Wales, though, doesn't have any of that – it's got a distinctly neckbeardy flavour. And we love it. Read More >>