England, Wales and Scotland Get Their Own Flag Emoji

A Cheeto is President of the US, the UK has decided to divide itself in two while continually arguing with itself, and we have newspapers that lie with impunity to push the agendas of their billionaire owners. But never mind, the Welsh dragon now has its own emoji. Read More >>

‘Land of Legends’ Will Make You See Wales In A Whole New Light

Tourism websites are usually a pretty cringey affair, with slogans straight from the 80s and stock photos of people enjoying themselves on generic beaches. The new one for Wales, though, doesn't have any of that – it's got a distinctly neckbeardy flavour. And we love it. Read More >>

Cardiff Might Have a Nice Bit Soon

Welsh planners have approved a massive enhancement of the fringes of Cardiff, with a plan to build nearly 6,000 new homes given the go-ahead. Read More >>

BBC Wales Mildly Offends the English

A BBC Wales advert for its coverage of the Wales v England rugby match has been pulled, after the Global Taking Offense Police took offense and decided it was not politically correct enough to exist in today's hypersensitive world. Read More >>

Wales Moves Towards Total Ban on Smacking

The children's commissioner for Wales has come out strongly against the smacking of children, as you might expect, even though changing the Wi-Fi password and putting the biscuits out of view are by far the more damaging and hurtful forms of punishment in use today. Read More >>

Wales Prepares to Go it Alone on Taxes for the First Time in 800 Years

The Welsh Assembly is making its poor members read a 220-page document all about property tax, as Welsh authorities push ahead with a plan to ditch stamp duty on property sales and replace it with a new tax. A tax that'll stay in Wales and become part of their budget to do with as they please. Read More >>

New App-based Mobile Network Targets Only the Welsh

A new mobile network powered by the underlying tech of Three has arrived to aim itself only at patriotic Welsh users, with RWG Mobile offering free calls to other users on the same network, Wi-Fi calling and 4G data connectivity, plus all the usual voicemail and privacy features you'd expect from any existing non-Welsh operator. Read More >>

Welsh Bees Attack Car That Drives Off With Their Queen

Bees are dying at an incredible rate, and we’re all screwed because of it. But instead of thinking about all that doom and gloom, why not take a look at these photos of a massive swarm stuck to some poor woman’s car in Wales and thank your lucky stars it wasn’t yours. Read More >>

Council Tax Rises Coming to Band D Houses

The average middle-of-the-road house in Wales will end up costing its residents an extra £47 a month from April of this year, as council tax rises kick in and everyone has to contribute a little bit more to help pay for the bins, schools, street lights, council IT departments and so on. Read More >>

Celebrate The Queen’s Birthday With Two Extra Hours of Pub Time

English and Welsh pubs will be opening late as part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations this summer, with the government deciding that staying out a bit later than usual and squeezing in an extra three pints might be exactly how the nation is planning to celebrate the joyous occasion. Read More >>

science fiction
Welsh Government Answers UFO Queries in Klingon

A rogue, unpredictable and downright potentially dangerous element deep within the Welsh government has dared -- dared! -- to have a bit of fun while conducting the serious business of a devolved government, gently mocking a query about UFOs over Cardiff Airport by responding in the Klingon language. Read More >>

Now Wales is Banning Ecigs Too

The war on potentially hazardous forms of modern fun is really turning on ecigs at the moment, with Wales set to join others in England in banning the plastic chemical inhalers from public places. Read More >>

Engineers Want Rural Wales to Become a Driverless Car Hotspot

A comedy fleet of driverless cars is just the sort of thing that would benefit rural economies says a university study, which suggests the hills and valleys of rural Wales might be an ideal test bed for introducing autonomous vehicles to the UK. Read More >>

This Typographic Climbing Wall Stretches the Length of a Beach

There's no forgetting where you are when you visit this climbing wall — because the place name is spelt out in giant letter along its 40-metre length. Read More >>

Tesco Language Error Offers ‘Free Erections’ to Cash Machine Users

Tesco tried to keep Welsh-speaking users happy at its Express branch in Aberystwyth, mounting a sign in the regional language saying "Codiad am Ddim". Rather than signalling free cash withdrawals, a local says the sign actually translates to something closer to "free erections". Read More >>