Sheffield Idiot Visits Snowdonia During Lockdown, Locals Block Him In Until Police Arrive

If there's anything I've learned about the Welsh, it's that they tend to have a short fuse (or at least they do in my family), and that can manifest itself as a lack of patience - especially when dealing with the dipshits of the world. Dipshits like the Sheffield man who decided now was the perfect time to go and visit Snowdonia, and wound up being essentially detained by the fed up locals. Read More >>

Wales Considers All the New Types of Vehicle Driving Taxes

The Welsh government could be about to tear up the rules covering vehicle taxation in the country, with a forthcoming consultation set to investigate if increased use of toll roads, workplace parking fees and even a possible pay-per-mile panacea could solve the problem of getting people to calm down on taking the SUV for a 0.6 mile trip to the shop. Read More >>

Wales Tries to Price-Away Super Strength Supermarket Ciders

Wales has joined Scotland today in introducing a per-unit alcohol price policy, requiring all booze sold to cost a bare minimum of 50p per unit, and therefore making it slightly less convenient and costlier for youths and sports fans to stock up on crates of the cheap stuff and bottles of cider modelled on grain silos. Read More >>

Wales Plans to Take the Lead in Hydrogen Energy

Money is being put into various hydrogen energy schemes in Wales, in the hope that the country's blend of bountiful natural resources and heavy industry make it an ideal place to innovate in making things and houses use the clean alternative energy of a possible future. Read More >>

Welsh Exam Regulator Considers Online-Sitting for Future GCSEs

GCSE exams in Wales could be sat online in some imaginable future timeline, with the idea being but one within the Welsh regulator's list of systemic changes about to be put out to consultation. Read More >>

Someone Translated the Whole London Tube Map into Welsh

Fans of the iconic London Underground map and beautiful languages have a new collectable for their wall: rail guard David Smith has translated the whole map into Welsh. Read More >>

Wales Approves Ban on Smacking Kids

Wales has joined Scotland in banning the smacking of children by their parents even if they've done something extremely terrible with a football to dad's greenhouse, thanks to the Welsh Assembly passing a bill that includes laws to outlaw the physical punishment of kids. Read More >>

Welsh Language Folk Banger Tops UK iTunes Chart

We have a Welsh name and song title in the clipboard of this computer, as thanks to one of those viral efforts that doesn't usually work the UK iTunes chart is currently topped by Dafydd Iwan ac Ar Log - Yma O Hyd. We laugh, but the number two song is Tones and I - Dance Monkey which we haven't heard of either and have an equally low chance of being able to accurately hum. Read More >>

M&S Shamed for Imaginary Anti-Welsh Propaganda

Bored people have been pretending not to understand something on purpose again, this time turning their misplaced wrath on Marks & Spencer for selling a jigsaw puzzle that obliterates Wales and rejoins Ireland into one. Read More >>

Aston Martin Prepares James Bond’s Wife’s Car for Manufacture in Wales

That headline's not far from the truth for once, as Aston Martin's new DBX SUV was designed by the company with one particular ideal customer in mind -- a mother and business owner in her 40s, called Charlotte. "Ah, Mrs Bond," says the boss of the exclusive Kensington nursery on one morning in early September. "We've been expecting you. You can't park that there." Read More >>

Wales Wants to Let 16-Year-Olds Vote

The miniature little heritage government they let Wales have is starting a push to give 16-year-olds the right to vote, although it won't usher in a new era of Cardiff-rule for the rest of the United Kingdom as it'll only apply to the poorly-attended democracy fests that are the regional council elections. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Wales Wants to Future Proof Homes by Adding EV Charging Points to Them as Standard

The Home Builders' Federation is adamant that all new housing estates in Wales need to incorporate charging points for electric cars or no bugger will want to use them. Read More >>

Welsh Tram-Trains Horrify Potential Riders With Lack of Toilets

Detailed plans for the south Wales Metro that's to better link Cardiff with the valleys have been revealed, and of course there's uproar about something. In this case, it's the lack of toilets on the £738m project that's irritating the would-be commuters of the near future. Read More >>

Welsh Schools Pressured into Banning Creationism Talk

A group of scientists led by Sir David Attenborough is asking the Welsh government to specifically outlaw the teaching of creationism across all schools, amid concerns that a forthcoming tweak to the national curriculum may allow religious-leaning learning establishments to gloss over science and have children growing up thinking it's God that develops all the apps and games. Read More >>

Welsh Council’s Anti-Sex Toilet Declared a Mistake

The bizarre plan to take toilet sex off the menu from a holiday in Porthcawl is over, as the town council has said that a scheme to install onerous security measures within a new public toilet building were somehow attached to the planning documentation in error. The toilets will be normal toilets and you will be able to spend longer than usual in a cubicle with a German motorcycle tourist should you arrange to do so via a mobile phone app. Read More >>