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Walkers is Offering Flights to Worldwide Destinations for the Price of a Bag of Crisps

Taking inspiration from its Sensations range, Walkers is taking pity on millennials who cite lack of cash as a reason for not being able to travel, which seems fairly obvious, but no matter. Read More >>

Walkers’ Crisp Packet Recycling Bin Network is Live so Lay Off Gary Lineker on Twitter

The Walkers crisps recycling nightmare is over! The crisp maker, in association with recycler Terracycle, has officially opened a nationwide-ish network of recycling drop off points where your embarrassingly huge bin liner full of all the crisps packets you've eaten out of can be returned, which should be easier then putting them in the post. Read More >>

Two Pints of Baileys and a Packet of Brussels Sprouts Crisps, Please

Walkers is about to launch three new types of crisp packet that will eventually end up preserved at the bottom of the Mariana Trench for millennia, and one of them will divide the country like never before. There will soon be a Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisp. Packet. Containing Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisps. Read More >>

Actually Yes, Do Send Us All Your Old Crisp Packets Now, Walkers Says

People power has worked, yo, with a fist pump in the air coming from all those who posted their crisp packets back to Walkers – celebrating news that empty crisp packets are now welcome in the Walkers office as it has signed a new and oddly hasty recycling deal to slow the inexorable flood of licked-clean crisp packets into the environment. Read More >>

Brave Eco-Warriors Asked to Stop Posting Empty Crisp Packets to Walkers

There's a mass campaign going on out there right now where anti-plastic campaigners send their empty crisp packets back to Walkers using the crisp maker's own freepost address, which is all very clever and raises all the modern issues about non-recyclable plastic – but spare a thought for the poor old posties having to sort them. Read More >>

Walkers Crisps Engineers New Crisp Specifically to Complement Beer

Walkers Crisps and owner PepsiCo are having another go at cracking the man-crisp market after several failed attempts at besting entrenched ridged rival McCoy's, with the launch of a crisp the manufacturer claims has been created to be "perfect with beer." Read More >>

Walkers’ Latest Marketing Stunt Involves Threatening to Ditch Classic Flavours

Lots of companies resort to marketing stunts to try and gain publicity, and Walkers Crisps is the latest. It's launching a new vote dubbed 'Choose Me or Lose Me', which will apparently decide which flavours it's going to stop selling. Read More >>

Would You, Could You, Eat Cheesy Beans on Toast Flavour Crisps?

The preliminary stages of the Walkers "Do us a flavour" new type of crisp social media stunt are in, with six potential new flavours up for the vote. Read More >>

You Can Buy Your Own Giant AT-ST Walker on Ebay for Just £9,800

How many of us, at some point or another, have actively fantasized about how cool it would be to own an Imperial AT-ST Scout walker? The answer should be "all of us." There's a chance to make that dream come (kind of) true, and it costs less than £10 Grand. Read More >>

Dear Walkers, Is It Raining?

What do Brit's love best? If you said crisps and moaning about the weather, then Walkers is gunning for you with a bit of nifty packaging. Read More >>