The Walking Dead Gets Renewed For A Ninth Season

The Walking Dead, like the zombie apocalypse its story is about, will never end. Or, at least, it won’t end in the next year. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Walking Dead Finale, Shall We?

Well, it was a mid-season finale. The Walking Dead likes to save its major events for premieres and finales. So although we knew the Negan/Rick conflict wasn’t even close to over, and—hmm? What? You just want to talk about that last-minute shocker? Yeah, okay. Read More >>

Even Rick’s Sexy Bod Cannot Distract From the Inevitable Doom Coming to The Walking Dead

Here’s the thing about The Walking Dead: Even when it’s pretty good, it can still be very frustrating. And there’s probably no better example of that than last night’s “Time for After,” an episode that managed to be tense, interesting, and extremely aggravating, mostly all at once. Read More >>

Ezekiel Has an Extremely Bad Day on a Pretty Darned Good Walking Dead

When we last left Ezekiel, he and the soldiers of the Kingdom were getting shot to hell by a giant Gatling gun located at the top of the Saviours’ compound, shortly after about three solid hours of the king gloating that not a single of his people’s lives would be lost this day. Obviously, Ezekiel was rather wrong, but as last night’s episode showed his day just got worse from there. Read More >>

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Will Be Crossing Over After All

We don’t know when. We don’t know how. We don’t know who. But at New York Comic Con this weekend, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman announced that his two popular AMC zombie shows will soon be crossing over. Read More >>

What the Hell Does the End of this Walking Dead Season Eight Trailer Mean?

Given that the war between Rick and Negan had just begun in last season’s finale, we were expecting The Walking Dead’s first season eight footage would be epic. It definitely is, but it’s the trailer’s very unexpected final shot that has us scratching our head about what it means. And you can watch it and be equally baffled here. Read More >>

The Walking Dead Creator Doesn’t Want the Show to End the Same as His Comics

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman says the comic and show will end differently because he doesn’t want the show’s final scene to spoil his final panel. Read More >>

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The Walking Dead’s New Trailer Has Kingdoms, Tigers, Zombies, and Zero Clues About Who Died

I’m serious, This is a three-minute trailer doesn’t feature a second of new footage of any of the 11 characters that were last seen kneeling in from of Negan, waiting for him to choose which one of them he’s gonna kill. Instead, it has a ton of new stuff, including characters, locales and... yep, that’s definitely a tiger. Read More >>

Roll Dice to Smash in Zombie Heads With the Walking Dead Tabletop Miniatures Game

Thanks to its pervasiveness as both an incredibly long-running comic and one of the most popular shows on TV, The Walking Dead lends itself to a variety of merchandising opportunities. The least expected? A tabletop wargaming venture in the vein of Warhammer, Warmachine, or other games without “War” in the title. Read More >>

Black Friday Blu-ray and DVD UK Deals: Walking Dead, Harry Potter and More

You've bought a new 4K TV, and have been trampled at Tesco trying to pick up some super-saving Black Friday deals. You're going to be laid up in bed for weeks, so why not pick up some Blu-ray and DVD boxsets to veg out in front of? Read More >>

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The 8-bit Version of The Walking Dead is Still Gory as Hell

CineFix animated the first two seasons of The Walking Dead in the classic 8-bit video game style and somehow, the blood, guts, gore and zombies of the TV show still translate over. It's a pretty decent summary of Rick and the gang's journey and how many damn walkers they needed to kill. Read More >>

Walking Dead Tribute Beer is Made With Real Brains

The folks at Dock Street Brewing Co. really love beer. They also apparently really love AMC's The Walking Dead. Putting these two loves together was a no-brainer. Or wait. The exact opposite of that. Read More >>