You Can Now Walk To Zone 3 With Transport For London’s New Map

Transport for London has released a new version of its walking map, which now shows the walking distances between tube stations all the way out to zone 3, and also includes National Rail stations for the first time. Read More >>

Robotics Researchers Discovered a Better Way For Insects to Walk

A popular approach to designing robots that can navigate a world built for living creatures is to simply copy Mother Nature’s designs. But while trying to improve how a six-legged robot walks, researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne actually found a faster way for six-legged creatures to get around. Read More >>

Check Out This Robot’s Funky Walking Style

All the sensors, servos, and motors that allow humanoid robots like ATLAS to walk on two feet require a lot of battery power, so much so that they’re still impractical for real-world applications. But by more closely replicating a human’s gait — at least one with lots of swagger — Georgia Tech’s DURUS requires far less power. Read More >>

Smartphones Aren’t Killing Pedestrians

Every few months we get to read the same misinformed story about “distracted walking” — how pedestrians are too busy looking at their phones to safely walk across the street. But Facebook updates aren’t the real problem here. Read More >>

happy hour
How to Organise the Best Bar Crawl

Summer is coming, which reminds me of my two favourite warm-weather activities: day drinking and drinking during the day. But climbing on the sofa with a case of Foster's is no way to spend a sunny afternoon. Why not combine your urge to imbibe with the spirit of urban adventure? Here are my time-tested tips for building a killer bar crawl. Read More >>

Seven Green Men You Won’t Mind Waiting For

Anything that brings more attention to pedestrians is good for cities—it helps walkers feel protected, slows cars down, and makes everyone more aware of their surroundings. Around the world we're seeing quirky takes on walking signals that not only add a bit of whimsy to the street, they also help keep all citizens more safe. Read More >>

A Man Going Deaf Can “Hear” Wi-Fi Signals

Losing your hearing can be a frighteningly isolating experience. But instead of trying to replace the audible landscape he began losing at age 20, science writer Frank Swain decided to find a way to listen in on something humans can't hear: the hum of Wi-Fi all around us. Read More >>

Every City Should Give Pensioners a Card That Extends Road Crossing Times

We've all seen what happens when someone can't cross the street in the allotted signal time — the pedestrian gets frustrated and drivers get mad. A programme in Singapore lets seniors swipe a card at an intersection so the signal will give them extra time to cross. It's a smart solution to a problem that's increasingly going to be troubling our ageing cities. Read More >>

Why Countdown Clocks for Pedestrians Cause Crashes

As a frequent traveller by foot, I love countdowns at crosswalks. They tell me whether I should wait two seconds or leisurely walk across in 15. And indeed, these countdowns do make pedestrians safer. But it turns out that countdowns actually cause more crashes between cars. Here's why. Read More >>

This Map Shows You the Fastest Way to Get Anywhere in Your City

Conventional wisdom (especially when it's raining) whispers in your ear that you can get anywhere in your city fastest by jumping in a car. Turns out in many cases, that is probably not true. Now you can easily see which mode of transit will deliver you to your destination faster, wherever you are. Read More >>

150 Years Ago, People Watched Competitive Walking Instead of Football

If it was 1874, instead of hitting your local football ground, you'd be grabbing a few friends and heading to a competitive walking match. Yes, walking was an American national pastime, according to author Matthew Algeo: "Watching people walk was America's favourite spectator sport." Read More >>

Five Ideas to Make Roads Safer for Cars and Pedestrians

"Vision Zero," New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to eliminate traffic deaths in the city, is audacious but not unprecedented. Like almost all good social policies, the Swedes did it first and everyone could learn a thing or two from them. Read More >>

Research Suggests Texting While Walking is a Recipe for Disaster

So it's pretty well ingrained into the social consciousness that texting or phoning while driving is dangerous, if not patently illegal. Furthering that, a study published from the University of Queensland has investigated what risks there are associated with the thoroughly modern practice of texting on a mobile device while walking and what dangers it may pose to the text-walker and the other pedestrians around them. Read More >>