Sony Cashes in on Nostalgia With 40th-Anniversary Walkman (Now Cassette-Free!)

In honour of the original Walkman’s 40th birthday, Sony recently released an anniversary edition of the iconic cassette player that first made music portable. Only, it doesn’t actually play cassettes, so don’t go breaking your collection out of storage. And it’ll set you back about three times as much as one would have in 1979. Read More >>

How a Tattoo Gun is Made in Prison

People in prison are so damn resourceful that they can turn a pen, a Walkman, a couple of paper clips, a few rubber bands, and a set of batteries into a fully functional tattoo gun. The motor, battery pack, and switch come from a Walkman that’s torn apart, the ink obviously comes from the pen, the needle is made from the paper clip, and the rubber bands hold it all together. Read More >>

Sony Smart B-Trainer: A Walkman That Tracks Your Every Move

Sony's showing off a new sports and training headset prototype, but it is basically the waterproof, head-mounted Walkman the company's been trying to sell for a few years. Now it's crammed with a heart rate monitor, GPS radio, and an accelerometer for counting your steps. Read More >>

Sony Walkman Reborn (Again) as a Pricey Hi-Res Audio Handset

Last autumn, the Sony Walkman sprung from the ashes of the '90s, reborn as a hi-def audio phoenix with lots of lossless codec support and a £169 price tag. Today, the Walkman returns once again – this time costing a lot more. Read More >>

Sony Walkman A17: A Hot, Tiny Music Player For High-Resolution Audio

Today, Sony is expanding its high-resolution audio push with a no-frills Walkman. The little music player weighs just 65 grams, making Neil Young's chunky Pono player look like a brick. High-resolution audio might be a little suspect, but there's no doubt this petite music player is a beauty. Read More >>

What’s Your Favourite Memory of the Sony Walkman?

Sony's Walkman turns 35 today, with Sony's TPS-L2 arriving in stores on July 1st 1979. It wasn't the first portable audio player -- that accolade goes to the Regency TR-1 of 1954 -- but in its day it was by far the most popular, selling hundreds of millions of different models over a two decade reign at the top. Read More >>

Kids Reacting to an Old Cassette Walkman is Wonderful and Horrifying

Originally marketed in 1979, the first Sony Walkman turns 35 this year, and it's about as outmoded as a technology can be these days. That's why it's understandable that the kids in this delightful video, none of whom were even alive in the '90s, have no idea how to use the thing. Or what it's for. They can't even conceive a world in which a Walkman is useful. Read More >>

Sony’s New Walkman: MP3 Player, Headphones, and Speakers in One

In its quest to keep the legendary Walkman brand relevant in the post-iPod world, Sony has taken to creating some odd and neat, if niche gadgets, like the one-piece waterproof Walkman. Now, here's another stab at the same concept retooled for the hip commuter crowd. Read More >>

Sony’s One-Piece Waterproof Walkman: 1 Hour’s Playback From 3 Minutes Charging

If workouts take you from pounding the pavement to plunging into the pool with little time to spare between, Sony's new one-piece Walkman might be of some interest to you. Read More >>

This Is What an iPod Looked Like in the Roaring Twenties

In the 1920s, the world was still about 60 years away from the first Walkman, and about 80 from the iPod, but portable music was still apparently a thing. All you had to do was rig a little radio to your garter and a speaker around your head, as the 20s lady in the above video demonstrates. Read More >>

Sony’s Putting Its Handheld Cassette Recorders In That Old Junk Drawer In the Sky

It's the end of an era. Or more accurately, it's effectively been the end of an era for a while and this is another part of it. In early 2013, Sony will stop producing its three remaining models of handheld cassette recorders, meaning first the Walkman and now its cousins are on their final march to death. Read More >>

A Genuine Sony Cassette Tape Walkman Is Your “Retro-Analogue Is Just Better” Deal of the Day

Sometimes we don’t need to be exposed to the white heat of forward-thinking technology. Sometimes it’s nice to bask in the warmth of a classic piece of gadgetry. So today we will. Read More >>