This Titanium Card is the Ultimate Do-It-All Wallet

Nobody likes a fat wallet, especially a fat boring wallet with no real tactical capabilities. Read More >>

It’s Almost Impossible for a Wallet To Get Any Thinner Than This

The pursuit of an absolutely minimal wallet leads some to just wrap an elastic band around their plastic cards and cash. But many of us still need a little more structure than that, and that's what the Flexy delivers, with a form factor that's just barely larger than a single credit card. Read More >>

Oh, Well, if Apple Says Mobile Payments Might Soon be a Thing, Perhaps They Will

Having watched numerous forms of contactless and virtual wallet-based mobile payment systems appear and quickly fail to catch on with cash-happy consumers, Apple might be about ready to step in and show everyone how it's done. So says CEO Tim Cook. Read More >>

The Most Beautiful iPhone Case of All Is Now Fully Customisable

It's hard to stand out in a crowd when you and millions of other people all have the same smartphone. So DODOcase, makers of some of the finest phone and tablet cases around, are now letting iPhone users create their own customised wallets by mixing and matching colours and fabrics. Read More >>

A Sleek, Minimalist Aluminium Wallet With a Handy Eject Button

An ultra-thin wallet is the only way to avoid bulging pockets if you've opted for skintight jeans. But what good is a sleek wallet if it's next to impossible to get your cards out? That's why the Secrid wallet features an actual eject button at the bottom, forcing your credit and debit cards up so they're easy to remove from its featureless aluminium body. Read More >>

Wallet Stand Proves There’s Hope for Novelty iPhone Cases

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Wooden Wallets. WTF?

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