How To Stop Windows 10 From Screwing Up Your Gorgeous Wallpaper

=Ever had the feeling your high-resolution desktop wallpaper isn’t looking quite as fantastic as you thought it should? It could be because Windows 10 actually compresses the image, presumably to save space. Windows users have been complaining about the problem for months. Luckily, there is a way to make sure you’re always seeing the best-resolution image on your display. Read More >>

The 7 Best Wallpaper Apps for Your Android or iPhone

You spend a long time staring at your smartphone screen, so don’t settle for a backdrop image that’s staid and dull. These Android and iOS apps bring a wealth of superb ready-to-go images right to your handset in an instant, so the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourites. Read More >>

Get Apple TV’s New Screensavers on Any Windows PC or Mac

If you’ve grabbed one of those shiny fourth-generation Apple TVs then no doubt you’ll be enjoying the looping video wallpapers that come with them—professionally shot clips of famous vistas that change with the time of day. For those without an Apple TV but with a desktop or laptop, there is a way to get the same wallpapers on your computer. Read More >>

Where’s Wally Wallpaper Is the Best Work Distraction

We’ve all got something on our desks we like to fiddle with when work gets boring, be it a traditional Newton’s Cradle, or just the good ol’ internet. But neither can compare to the wonderful waste of time that is a giant Where’s Wally scene filling an entire wall of your office. Read More >>

You Might Not Even Notice This Wallpaper is Made From Images of Space

If you walked by a wall decorated with this wallpaper designed by Calico Wallpaper and BCXSY, you probably wouldn’t immediately recognise the patterns as stars and nebulae. That’s because the imagery, which is dug out of NASA’s massive image archive, has been inverted—hence its name Inverted Spaces. And they’ve been run through an unusual printing process that renders the blues and whites of the original mages with metallic gold, silver, and iridescent sheen. Read More >>

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These Aerial Photos Make for Incredible Phone Backgrounds

I still remember the original iPhone background. You know: the ridiculously simple shot of Earth. No phone background since has really captured my imagination in the same way since. Read More >>

Wrap Your Walls in a Glorious Tribute to Classic Cartridge Gaming

Nintendo has stuck with plastic cartridges for its portable gaming machines, but every other console you can buy today left them behind years ago. Which is too bad, because there was a certain charm to swapping those old seemingly indestructible game carts. And if you're feeling nostalgic for them, you can now deck out your home with this wallpaper homage to those far-from-forgotten cartridges from your childhood. Read More >>

A Giant Fake Wall of Amps and Speakers That Will Never Blow a Fuse

If your tastefully decorated apartment doesn't quite reflect the rock star lifestyle you've always fantasised about, here's an easy way to add a little bit of rock and roll to your abode. What looks like a wall covered in stacks of loudspeakers and amplifiers is actually just a clever wallpaper design that brings no risk of annoying your next-door neighbours. Read More >>

These Abstract Wallpaper Rolls Let You Mix and Match Like a Madman

Painting walls is a pain in the ass, but wallpapering seems like it would be way, way worse; mostly just because of the prep, and the annoying process of making sure every panel matches up. Which is what makes Cut & Paste from All the Fruits seem so cool; each roll is a mix-and-match of patterns designed to complement each other without being a perfect repeat. Brilliant! Read More >>

Let Your Walls Light Up the Room With LED Wallpaper

Who needs lamps when you can make your walls literally light up on their own? They can if you cover them with a coating of LED wallpaper. Wallpaper might be a little past its prime, but with a little infusion of tech and some neat geometric designs, maybe it's time to reconsider. Read More >>

Cover Your Walls With an Adorable Reminder That One Day Robots Will Be Everywhere… EVERYWHERE

At one time the notion of a world filled with robots was just science-fiction fodder. But our kids are probably staring down a future where automatons and other artificial intelligences will play a big part in their lives. And with a nursery covered in this whimsical robot wallpaper, that's a life they'll be well prepared for. Read More >>

Gangnam-Style Official Live Wallpaper Keeps You Riding That Horse All Day Long

Are you one of the 887,453,057 people who can't get enough Gangnam Style in your lives? Do you have a penchant for incredibly unsubtle live backgrounds? Then look no further, we've found you nirvana. Read More >>

Show Us Your Favourite Desktop Wallpaper

Considering how much time you spend staring at your computer, your desktop wallpaper is actually one of the most important aesthetic decisions you can make. There are infinite options. Will you choose a beautiful sunset or a screen capture from your favorite 1990's Nickelodeon show? Here's the image I'm currently using on the desktop of my laptop to get your gears turning. Upload your favorites in the discussion below so we can all see what you spend your day looking at. Read More >>

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Maths Has Never Looked as Pretty as This

When you were at high school, maths was probably an uninspiring string of algebra you had to crunch through. Get to the cutting edge of computational fluid dynamics, though, and it all starts to look a hell of a lot more pretty. Read More >>

Magnetic Wallpaper Turns Your Entire Home Into a Fridge Door

Usually it's the kitchen that serves as a family's bespoke art gallery, with pint-sized masterpieces affixed to the fridge door with magnets. But if you redecorate with MagScape's unique magnetic wallpaper, every inch of your home can showcase your kid's artistic talents. Read More >>