Should You Buy a Clicky or Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

It's the question that every PC nerd has asked themselves as they've been poring over online store listings: should I buy a mechanical keyboard with clicky tactile switches, or one with silent and linear keys? I compared two otherwise identical keyboards over a couple of weeks of gaming and typing to find my own personal favourite — and try to figure out why that was. Read More >>

You Will Never Get Any Work Done on This Amazingly Distracting Ninja Turtles Origins Desk

Tom Spina Designs’ studio has made a name for itself crafting custom pieces of furniture that will satisfy almost any nerdy obsession. Remember that Star Wars Dewback sofa? It will go perfectly in your office alongside this custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles desk. Read More >>

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Star Wars’ Vintage Collection Returns, and More Toy News From Celebration

Hasbro’s Star Wars Celebration panel debuted some of the new figures for 2017 and 2018, including a brand-new Thrawn and a surprising fan poll winner from the Expanded Universe. However, the biggest and coolest news has to be the return of the beloved Vintage Collection. Read More >>

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10 Must-Have Stocking Fillers For The Geek in Your Life

So your boyfriend/girlfriend/child/uncle/aunt/parent/friend/next door neighbour/second cousin twice removed is a big ol' geek and therefore really hard to buy for, right? Perhaps they've already got everything they possibly could want and you have no idea what on earth you could buy them to fill that geeky void on Christmas Day. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something a bit quirky (hey, you deserve it). Never fear; I've done the hard work for you and scouted out 10 sure-fire winning stocking fillers for anybody with even a smidgen of love for geek culture. Even better? They're all under a tenner. Read More >>

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2016’s Must-Have DVDs and Blu-Rays For Any Discerning Geek

If there's one thing we can all agree on, is that there have been some truly amazing films and TV programmes this year. TV is becoming bigger and better than ever, with epics like Game of Thrones pulling in more viewers than most films at the box office. That doesn't mean that cinema is out there dying though; far from it. Comedy, action and adventure - all with a now-fashionable geek overtone - are thriving like never before, and there are so many titles from this year that you really shouldn't miss out on. Read More >>

Iron Man’s Latest Suit of Armour Makes for an Amazing Action Figure

Tony Stark got an angular, updated look when Invincible Iron Man kicked off the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel universe last year—and while it looks pretty neat in the pages of the comics, it looks even better as an action figure. Read More >>

This Spellbinding Star Map Will Make Your Inner Space Geek Drool

The men and women who came up with the 88 officially recognised constellations definitely had richer imaginations than I do. I don’t see animals, dragons and centaurs when I look at the night sky, and I’m generally okay with that. Still, when I came across this new celestial map, I got a small taste of the wonder the ancient Greeks must have felt gazing at the stars. Read More >>

A Baby Buggy Magically Pops Out of This Carry-On Luggage

There’s no such thing as packing light when you’re travelling with kids. But a new carry-on suitcase not only has room for packing a baby’s travel necessities, there’s also a pop-out buggy seat hidden away inside it, leaving you with one less thing to drag through an airport. Read More >>

You’re Going to Want to Play With This Goopy Modular Instrument

The surfaces of ROLI products practically beg you to touch them. Unlike the slappy, clicky keys or gorilla glass surfaces on most new tech, they’re coated in a responsive, almost fleshlike silicon rubber that’s at once alien and intuitive. So what are you waiting for? For the first time in the company’s history, the it’s made an instrument is decidedly not for musicians. Read More >>

Belkin’s New Thunderbolt 3 Dock is Ridiculously Expensive

Now that the new MacBook Pro is out (the one without the Touch Bar, anyway), a lot of Mac nerds are about to enter the realm of dongle hell. That’s because the only connector the new MacBook Pro has is are Thunderbolt 3-backed USB-C ports. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Arcade Cabinet Costs Only £80,000

If you feel there’s something missing in the entryway of your McMansion with its towering ceiling, the world’s largest arcade cabinet might be exactly what you’re looking for. But if it ends up seeming out of place, that’s too bad, because at 14.4-feet tall there are few other rooms in your house in which this monstrosity will fit. Read More >>

This is the Most Expensive Surface Studio You Can Buy

Microsoft’s answer to the traditional desktop computer is coming. And it’s expensive. Read More >>

The ‘This Is Fine’ Dog is Now a Stuffed Animal You Can Buy 

Everybody knows the “This is Fine” dog. You don't? It’s the meme of our generation. (Swot up here if needed.) Because this is fine. It really is. Well, now you can buy a real life version of your favorite internet-famous cartoon dog. The creator of the comic has started a Kickstarter campaign to sell plush dolls of the firey pooch. Read More >>

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Take a Look at the Awesome Wearable that Will Let You Use the Force on Sphero’s BB-8

Sphero’s remote controlled BB-8 is already the coolest Star Wars toy around. But the company wowed us once again when they first revealed the Force Band that lets you control the little droid not with an app, but with your miiiiind (OK, swanky motion sensing tech). We’ve seen images of the final product, but we just got a look up close on the floor at Star Wars Celebration Europe. It’s come a long way since the prototype band shown to us at CES. Read More >>

Can You Spot All the Apple Gags in This Poster of a 1984 Macintosh?

This new print by UK design outfit Dorothy looks like your average Macintosh cross-section schematic. But instead of web of wires and chips, there’s an entire miniature world dedicated to the history and legacy of Apple and the Mac. Read More >>