The Navy’s Wildcat Helicopters Rely on USB Sticks to Transfer Data

The Navy's posh new Wildcat helicopters are still missing one vital piece of technology two years after entering service, with the lack of a tactical data link meaning crew have to manually download data to USB sticks and shuffle operational information about in their pockets. Read More >>

This Feature-Length Film About Iran Destroying the US Military Freaks Me Out

My appetite for goofy propaganda is nearly endless. Old Soviet videos about capitalist sharks? Hilarious! Anti-communist cartoons from the 40s? Silly stuff! But the new movie about to hit cinemas in Iran hits a little too close for comfort. Read More >>

UK Vulnerable to Giant Squid Attacks

Were some sort of leviathan from the deep to emerge and attack Britain's heritage coastline we would be powerless to stop it tearing our Victorian piers to shreds, as reports from inside the military say that the UK's entire fleet of attack submarines is currently out of action. Read More >>

Vicar Arrested for Trying to Disarm Warplanes

Reverend Dan Woodhouse has been caught doing something naughty, and it doesn't involve collection boxes or choir boys -- he's been aiming big. He tried to break into an arms manufacturer and disarm a few warplanes to make the world marginally safer. Read More >>

Ministry of Defence Pays £30m to Develop Laser Weapons

The Ministry of Defence has handed out £30m to a consortium of defence companies, with the ambition of creating a laser-based weapon to tackle whatever remote menaces might need destroying in the 2020s and beyond. Read More >>

Navy Warships Lose Big Guns in Cost-Cutting Exercise

The Navy's warships might soon only be able to offer advisory support in military hotspots around the world, as one of their key weapon systems is getting unbolted and popped into storage to save money. Read More >>

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Could We Survive a Nuclear Winter?

Here’s the short answer: we probably could not survive a nuclear winter. But the long answer depends on which countries are going to war, how many nukes are being dropped, and where those bombs are being detonated. Read More >>

An Enormous Cloud of Toxic Sulphur is Spreading Across Iraq

During a fierce battle for control of the Iraqi city of Mosul last week, Islamic state fighters set fire to a gigantic sulphur plant. Days later, a plume of sulphur dioxide continues to spread over surrounding areas, darkening skies and making the air toxic to breathe. Read More >>

Eastern Lowland Gorillas Are Now Critically Endangered Thanks to Your Stupid Phone

The eastern lowland gorilla—the largest member of the great ape family—is now officially listed as a critically endangered species, according to data presented today by conservationists. These iconic apes have been in steady decline since the 1990s, the indirect result of our insatiable desire for mobile phones and other technological gadgets. Read More >>

Undersea Cable-laying Work Finds Sunken WWI U-boat

A German U-boat thought to have been sunk by HMS Coreopsis back in 1918 has been discovered by a power company laying cables off the coast of Scotland. Read More >>

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After 100 Years, What’s Next for the Tank?

One-hundred years ago, the Battle of the Somme was killing soldiers on both sides by the tens of thousands. Midway through the four-month conflict that would kill or wound more than a million people combined on all sides – on September 15th, 1916 – British Commander-in-Chief, Sir Douglas Haig, rolled out what he hoped would be a decisive secret weapon: the world’s first ever battle tank. It was called (somewhat unimaginatively) the Mark 1. Read More >>

Battle of Hastings II to be Staged and Live-Tweeted This Weekend

A reenactment of the Battle of Hastings is planned for this Saturday, when the East Sussex village of Battle prepares to welcome as many as 1,000 authentically-dressed history enthusiasts. The local pubs had better stock up on the real ales. Read More >>

WWII Guide to the ‘Frigid’ English Explains the Country’s Ways to Americans

The Imperial War Museum is set to republish a WWII-era guide to the English, with lovely pamphlet The English and Their Country yours for just £6.99. Read More >>

The US Military’s Training Facility for Fighting Online Terrorism Sounds Bonkers 

The internet has changed the way most things in life work, and war is no exception. In order to keep up with the shifting landscape, the United States military is experimenting with techniques to fight the rise of online terrorism — and it sounds like they’re still figuring it out. Read More >>