Director Duncan Jones Answers Hard Questions About the Warcraft Film

As much as Duncan Jones’s Warcraft film tries to be a faithful adaptation of the popular game series, fans surely noticed some massive, massive differences between the two. The paths of many popular characters changed, stories pivoted in unexpected ways, and cities literally shifted. To make sense of it all, we went to the director himself. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Warcraft Before You See the Movie

The Warcraft movie is nearly here, and if you don’t know your Gul’dans from your Garonas, everything in the trailers probably looks monstrously confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s what you need to know about the weird world of Azeroth before you start your journey (into a cinema). Read More >>

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The Best Loot for Warcraft Addicts

Tomorrow is a day that many a Warcraft fan has been looking forward to for years (or not, if you've seem some of the more scathing reviews). After many moons in development hell, Warcraft is getting a film adaptation in the form of Warcraft: The Beginning. To commemorate that occasion, we're going to look at some of the best Warcraft themed loot you can get your hands on. Read More >>

19 Must-See 2016 Movies: Rogue One, Batman vs Superman, The Revenant and More

At this point we're familiar with the majority of what's forthcoming in the cinematic year – sequels, reboots and more recognised brand tie-ins. Though it's disappointing that Hollywood is increasingly more risk averse when it comes to original fare, last year's Mad Max: Fury Road showed us that it's more than possible to craft something genuinely new and thrilling within the confines of a pre-existing world. Hopefully 2016's offerings will skew more towards Mad Max on the reboot/sequel scale and less Fantastic Four (ouch). Read More >>

From Super Mario Bros. to Uwe Boll: The Ugly Behind-the-Scenes History of Video Game Movies

Few Hollywood announcements are treated with such fierce-yet-wounded anticipation as video game adaptations. Full of incredible artistry, instantly-recognisable characters and an increasingly-mature approach to storytelling, you’d be forgiven for thinking gaming is a medium particularly well suited for making the jump to the silver screen. But history tells another story. Read More >>

Colin Farrell Grinding for Lead Hunk Role in Warcraft Movie

The long, colourful, and almost entirely miserable history of game-to-film translations is set to enter a new chapter, with a film based on global smash MMORPG World of Warcraft set to begin shooting early next year. And Colin Farrell's the latest name to pop up as the lead actor. Read More >>

Mass Murder in WoW as Hacker’s “Exploit” Wipes Out Thousands of Players

Amazing scenes of death and carnage were witnessed in the pretend World of Warcraft over the weekend, after an exploit of some kind was used to kill thousands of player characters. Read More >>