Russian Special Forces Rations Include Brain Pâté, Among Other Things

Steve1989 has a penchant for consuming rare and obscure military rations. Today he decided to scoff down several meals intended for the Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) for when those troops are traveling through mountains. It’s hearty. It’s weird. And there’s lots of it. Read More >>

Bullets That Slowly Self-Destruct Make a Surprising Amount of Sense

A self-destructing bullet isn’t the most intuitive thing: normally, you use projectiles to destroy targets, not the other way around. But people make mistakes, bullets can travel for miles, and civilian casualties (or friendly fire!) are sad realities. Read More >>

Syria is Becoming a Test Bed for High-Tech Weapons of Electronic Warfare

The relationship between Russia and the west is becoming increasingly dangerous with potential flashpoints developing in both eastern Europe and Syria. After repeated incursions into Turkish airspace by Russian warplanes on bombing raids over Syria, NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg warned Moscow that it stands ready to “defend all allies”. Meanwhile Britain announced it would send troops to Baltic states to defend NATO’s eastern boundaries against possible Russian aggression beyond Ukraine. Read More >>

What Would Happen if the 20 Biggest US Cities Were Wiped Out With Nukes

Wiping out an American city, much less the largest ones, requires either blast yields well beyond the capability of any terrorist organisation, or numbers of nuclear weapons that would make the terrorist organisation one of the largest nuclear powers on the planet. This is particularly true of major US cities such as Atlanta, Houston, and LA, which are defined by their suburban sprawl. Read More >>

The US Navy Built its Own Indoor Ocean to Test Ships

The world's seven seas may be wildly unpredictable, but if you ever find yourself itching to play Poseidon, you might want to consider enlisting. Because at the Naval Surface Warfare Center just outside Washington, DC, the Navy gets to control every inch of its very own indoor ocean. Read More >>

Dragons in Game of Thrones are Just Like Nuclear Weapons in the Real World

Because we all need a good dose of geopolitics in between sword fights, White Walkers, and boobs, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has a thorough analysis of all the ways dragons are just like nuclear weapons. It's actually a stunningly obvious comparison once you get down to it. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Creator Says Drones are Worse Than the Dothraki

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has definitely come up with some of the most shocking ways to kill people, from gasp-inducing beheadings to blood-spattered Red Weddings. But in an interview with Rolling Stone, Martin says the way we engage in modern warfare is far more brutal. Read More >>

South Korea and the US Exercise Their Military Brawn

South Korean marines storm the beach as smoke screens explode above them during a military exercise with the United States in Pohang on Monday. Read More >>

Britain’s Only Surviving WWII Submarine Has Been Turned Into This Awesome Living Museum

HMS Alliance, Britain's only surviving WWII-era submarine, has undergone a full modernisation to turn the old gal into a living museum, ready for the public to run amok in from this Thursday. Read More >>

Real Military Images Feel Like Lost Frames From The Empire Strikes Back

I came across some winter time military photographs that looked like lost frames from the Battle of Hoth, in The Empire Strikes Back. So much, in fact, that I couldn't resist adding some laser gun turrets and AT-ATs. Read More >>

What Kenya’s Mall Siege Reveals About the Urban Future of War

A 2003 article in the Military Review has proven darkly prescient with last weekend’s terrorist siege of an indoor shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Written by two retired US Army Lieutenant Colonels, the piece outlines the emergence of modern-day siege warfare tactics, or the invasion of large architectural structures. Read More >>

It’s Easy to Hack Britain and We’re Losing the E-War

A committee of MPs has taken a rather doom-laden stance on the UK's security position, claiming we're one of the world's top target for e-crime and we need to spend much, much more money on reporting and defending against it. Read More >>

3d printing
Naval Aircraft Carriers Could Become Floating 3D Printing Factories

These days, the mention of 3D-printed weapons conjures up visions of libertarians printing AK-47s in their garages (ok, that might just be me). But a recent story in the Armed Forces Journal brings word of a more systematic implementation of 3D-printed warfare. Read More >>

Paint That Sucks Up the Dangers of Chemical Warfare

For soliders out in the field chemical warfare is a very real threat, but while they can throw away their clothes and decontaminate their bodies, large equipment is more difficult to clean. Now military scientists have developed paint which literally sucks up the fallout from chemical attacks. Read More >>