Professional Worriers Want More Health Warnings on Alcohol Labels

A group of important people are suggesting that cigarette pack style health warnings should be added to alcohol containers, to make sure people knocking them back know that the short-term confidence high is likely to come with the possibility of longer term health lows. Read More >>

VCAP’s Four Strikes and You’re… Free to Continue Pirating Stuff Rules Put in Place

The new, significantly more relaxed VCAP piracy warning system comes in to place today, with the major UK ISPs agreeing to start sending warning letters to households of illegal downloads. Up to four letters will be sent, before... nothing else happens. Read More >>

Swedish Swimmers Warned of Testicle-Eating Piranhas

Human testicles are a "natural target" for the pacu fish, a relation of the piranha, which has been spotted by fisherman in the Oresund Sound that separates Denmark and Sweden. Local men are being advised to keep their vegetables under wraps. Read More >>

Japan’s Government is Seeding Fake Files on P2P Networks With Anti-Piracy Plea Inside

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs has been placing fake pirated material up on the country's most popular file-sharing networks, which attempt to shame media-stealers into changing their ways by delivering a polite warning once downloaded. Read More >>

Five Crazy Ways Machines Can Maim You Horribly

Machines are great. Whether you’re sawing, blasting, drilling or sanding, they make almost everything we use today and they're awesome. In fact, they’re probably essential to humanity’s survival at this point, but that doesn’t mean their hard metal whirrings can’t destroy your puny flesh and bones. Read More >>