Swelling Batteries Prompt Extension On Apple Watch Warranty

Apple is pretty great about honouring its warranties and even recently changed its policy on fourth generation iPads to allow for an upgrade if something’s wrong with the device. Now, the computing giant is giving customers an extra two years of coverage in case that expensive watch face pops off. Read More >>

Apple Accused of “Unacceptable Marketing Practices” by EU Justice Commissioner

Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner, has been writing to EU member states trying to whip up support for a renewed attack on Apple's selling of its AppleCare extended warranty, which she claims is still being sold without buyers being told that it's often duplicating the statutory EU guarantee. Read More >>

Apple Facing 30-Day Italian Shutdown Over Warranty Fight

Apple's Italian division is facing the crazy prospect of having all of its Apple Store branches closed for 30 days, as punishment for repeatedly ignoring local consumer protection laws and trying to sell punters extended warranties. Read More >>

Thanks to the EU You Now Get a Two-Year Warranty With Your Apple Products

Apple’s finally relented after getting fined by the Italians for not obeying the EU’s minimum two-year warranty legislation – every product you buy from Apple, online or in-store, now has a free two-year warranty whether Cupertino likes it or not. Read More >>

Asus Warranty Doesn’t Cover Damages In Case of Alien Invasion

If you have an Asus computer and aliens invade Earth, you are screwed. Its warranty doesn't cover "space invasions." Incidentally, space invasion comes before "abuse, neglect, in or use under abnormal conditions." Read More >>