Doctors Say a Washing Machine Helped Spread a Superbug at a Maternity Ward

In what might be a first, doctors in Germany think that a too gentle washing machine helped spread a superbug to more than a dozen newborns and children in the same hospital – though thankfully, no one was hurt. Read More >>

Hour-Long Cut of Samsung’s Washing Machine Ad Heads to the Cinema

The Samsung Cinematic Universe is about to explode into life. The technology company's debut feature film is nearing release, backed by a soundtrack from legendary composer Michael Nyman. Read More >>

Samsung Shoehorns AI Assistants into Washing Machines

We have in our inbox an email from Samsung, announcing the existence of the WW8800M. It's a £1600 washing machine, basically, which justifies that exorbitant price tag by mentioning both the Internet of Things and a built-in AI assistant in the spec sheet. Read More >>

Washing Machine Redesign Could Help Save the World

The reason you need to ask for help when wheeling a new washing machine home from the shops is that there's a huge lump of concrete in there to weigh it down so it doesn't drill through the earth's crust on a spin cycle. This extra weight contributes to carbon-spewing during the delivery process, so let's take it out, says a team from Nottingham Trent University. Read More >>

Indian Washing Machines Now Have a “Curry Mode”

Panasonic has achieved the corporate holy grail of proving that it listens to its customers, with the launch in India of a model of washing machine with a special "Curry" option for getting the awkward yellow stains out of clothing. Read More >>

Whirlpool’s New Washer and Dryer Automatically Restock Detergents Using Amazon Dash

The only thing worse than running out of clean clothes is realising you’re also out of detergent when it comes time to clean them. So Whirlpool is introducing a new washing machine and dryer with Amazon Dash’s replacement service built right in ensuring lazy customers always have enough soap or fabric softener on hand. Read More >>

An Extra Door on This Washing Machine Lets You Add Last Minute Additions

They’re more eco-friendly than top-loading machines, but front-loading washers don’t let you add forgotten garments once the wash cycle has started. With the addition of a second smaller door, though, Samsung’s new WW8500 AddWash lets you toss in that missing sock you just found. Read More >>

A Portable Washing Machine That Doesn’t Need a Drop of Electricity

If camping seems like fun but you’d prefer if roughing it wasn’t so rough, the Drumi from Yirego is a compact portable washing machine that can clean around six or seven garments without the need for a power outlet, a generator, or even a sunny day to feed a solar panel. Read More >>

Washing Machines Finally Get Gadgetised and Exciting and Sexy

This rounded interesting thing is the next generation of washing machine. It generates modulated ultrasonic waves to, as if by magic, shake the dirt out of the most delicate clothes. Read More >>

This Washing Machine Cleans Clothes With Plastic Beads Instead of Water

While today's high efficiency washing machines use far less water than their predecessors, they still consume between 37 and 90 litres of water per load—and as much as 34,000 litres per US household per year. That's a lot of water just for cleaning clothes, especially with the growing drought conditions throughout the American West. But Xeros' revolutionary washing machines could reduce our laundry water usage to a trickle, using... plastic beads? Read More >>

A Woof-Activated Washing Machine Lets Support Dogs Run a Load

Ending the dogs vs. cats superiority debate once and for all, UK-based appliance maker JTM Service has developed a washing machine that can actually be operated by support dogs trained to assist those living with disabilities. The machines are even bark-activated, since dogs are notoriously bad at pushing buttons. Read More >>

There’s a Beautiful Chair Hiding in Your Washing Machine

You can sit on a washing machine, but that doesn't make it a chair. A transformation like the one industrial designer Antonina pulled off does make it a chair, though. And there are even DIY instructions so you can try too, if you're into that sort of thing. Read More >>

Indesit and Hotpoint Recall (Potentially) Exploding Washing Machines

Do you ever imagine how much it would hurt if your washing machine drum came out while it's whizzing your pants and jeans around at maximum spin? If you're an Indesit or Hotpoint owner there's a small chance you may find out, thanks to concerns that "a very small percentage" of machines made between 2007 and 2009 could fall apart and explode. Read More >>

Samsung bear washing machin
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Bravo Samsung, Your Ad Actually Makes Me Want To Buy a Washing Machine

For some reason washing machine ads are still stuck in the 1950s. They mainly feature scenarios targeting the suburban housewife who's struggling to juggle the responsibilities of a busy household: an approach that's as non-inclusive as it is insulting. So Samsung, we applaud you for thinking outside the box with this brilliant ad for your EcoBubble machines. If we're ever in the market for a major appliance, we'll definitely possibly think about maybe considering your offerings. [YouTube via Cabbie Richards] Read More >>