These Are The Worst Washing Lines In The UK

Housewares company Addis has apparently been busy scouring the UK for the worst washing line they could find. As you do. Read More >>

This Fabric Cleans Itself When Exposed to Light

Washing clothes is boring; being outside in the sun is fun. So this new kind of fabric, which uses light to degrade the organic compounds that make up your filth, can’t be turned into clothes fast enough. Read More >>

A Game Boy Dirty Washing Bag is a Great Reason to Pick Up Your Clothes

For a lot of us the original Game Boy was our childhood salvation from long car rides and other boring ordeals. And thanks to ThinkGeek, this Game Boy-inspired bag for dirty washing might also be our salvation from bedroom floors covered in piles of smelly dirty laundry. Read More >>

This Washing Bot Will Only Eradicate Stains, Not Humans

Willow Garage's PR2 robot is designed to work in factories performing repetitive tasks, but unlike other manufacturing bots it's not purpose built for a single job. Instead, it can be easily taught to perform almost any task—and that now includes almost handling every step required to do a load of washing. Rosie from The Jetsons might finally be here. Read More >>

Ad Standards Rules Fairy Liquid *Does* Last Twice as Long as Other Brands

One of our longest-running advertising slogans was put in the spotlight recently, thanks to corporate giants Unilever and Procter & Gamble battling over claims regarding the popular soapy liquid's endurance. Read More >>

So How do Astronauts Wash Their Hands in Space?

Well. You sort of squirt out some water. Special water from a special pouch. Then round up the biggest globule and rub it around, before wiping your hands with the special 100 per cent cotton NASA space towel. We're sure there's a better and more efficient way. Washing your hands can't always be this much fun. This is basically Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield mucking about. [YouTube] Read More >>

Dyson Has Patented a Faucet That Also Dries Your Hands

Public and workplace washrooms often have far fewer hand dryers than they have sinks to wash hands in, leaving people queuing for a dryer with dripping hands. Read More >>