Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying “Internet Taxes,” Which Aren’t a Thing

In an apparent attempt to discredit The Washington Post the day after it published a report on fake Donald Trump Time magazine covers hanging up at his golf courses, the president posted one of his most confusing tweets since taking office. Read More >>

This Chrome Extension Will Fact-Check Trump’s Tweets for You

As we move towards eventually annotating the entire internet for truthiness, Washington Post reporter, Philip Bump, has created a Chrome Extension to fact check the U.S. President Elect’s notoriously dodgy tweets. Read More >>

Bezos-Owned Newspaper Not So Sure That Working For Bezos Could Be That Bad

The Washington Post, a newspaper and online media outlet owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is really sceptical of claims that working at Amazon could be so bad. “Is it really that hard to work at Amazon?” the paper asks. Read More >>

Edward Snowden Takes a Victory Lap

The Washington Post just published the first interview with Edward Snowden since the initial wave of press after the 30 year old former analyst's leaks this summer. His main theme: Edward Snowden done good. Read More >>