Tesco Wants its Staff to Start Eating Leftover Food

Tesco's had an idea about what to do with the spare food that it can't even give away to food charities — get its workers to eat it all. Read More >>

Welsh Volunteers Needed to Store Nuclear Waste for 250,000 Years

The Welsh government has got a nice little consultation running that's ideal for any remote communities looking to do their bit for the national good. The only problem is it's to do with storing nuclear waste, but apart from that it ought to benefit the area. Read More >>

Hopefully This Poo-Powered Composting Street Light is Not the Future

A street light up the Malvern Hills is doing something exciting. It's shining away, guiding walkers out on their walks, with the energy it uses coming from a composting system that's powered by rotting bags of dog poo. Read More >>

The Staggering Amount of Plastic We’ve Produced—And What We’ve Done With It

Scientists have calculated the total amount of plastic ever made. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. But what’s even more disturbing is where all this plastic is ending up. Read More >>

A Staggering Amount of Fish is Wasted Each Year

New research shows that industrial fisheries are responsible for dumping nearly 10 million tonnes of perfectly good fish back into the ocean each year — enough to fill 4,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This news comes at a time when nearly 90 percent of the world’s fish stocks are threatened by overfishing. Read More >>

Welcome the Shit Museum to London

A museum dedicated to all things poo is coming to London, as we finally catch up with what Eurotrash was doing in the 1990s. Read More >>

Hong Kong’s Beaches Are Suddenly Covered in Rubbish and No One Knows Why

Visitors to Hong Kong’s beaches have taken to various social media channels to voice their outrage about the current state of the region’s beaches. Judging by the accompanying photos, they look more like trash oases than relaxing paradises. Read More >>

Marks & Spencer to Start Donating Food to Local Charities, at Last

At long, long last, supermarkets seem to have figured out that disposing of perfectly good food is stupid. Marks & Spencer has announced a new partnership with the Neighbourly app, which will see links established between each of its UK stores and local charities. Read More >>

These Trainers are Made Entirely From Ocean Waste

Our oceans are full of plastic. Fortunately scientists are mapping where it lies, which means we can begin scooping it up and perhaps even start to use it to create new products, like these training shoes. Read More >>

An Enormous “Fatberg” is Clogging the Sewers of Whitehall

The anticipated fatberg menace appears to be spreading through London like some sort of rubbish Doctor Who monster, with the latest congealed lump of western capitalist discharge said to be blocking the pipes beneath our wealthy and influential overlords. Read More >>

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Watch How New York’s Enormous Organic Rubbish System Works

The process of throwing out rubbish in New York City is much more complicated than any of the millions of people living there could ever realise. A mini-documentary by the New York Times does a full observation of the £184 million service top to bottom. Read More >>