Hands-On With Watch Dogs Legion, A Radical Rework With ‘Something To Say’

There is no main character in the new Watch Dogs, no “guy on the box” in this adventure set in post-Brexit London, the game’s creative director, Clint Hocking, said during a behind-closed-doors demonstration of the bold game this past Sunday. Read More >>

Bristol is About to Go Full Watch Dogs With “First Openly Programmable City in the World”

Remember how Watch Dogs was based on a completely interconnected software-driven Chicago? That's going to Bristol soon, as it becomes "the only 'openly programmable' city in the world". I'm sure this won't end in disaster. Read More >>

Watch Dogs PR Stunt Ends With Bomb Squad Called to News Office

A PR stunt for Ubisoft's new Watch Dogs game has backfired, with a Police bomb squad called to the offices of an Australian news station. Read More >>

Watch Dogs: ‘A Hacker is the Robin Hood of Today’

When you hear the term "hacker" what image does it conjure for you? A double-chinned hoody wearing computer nerd, surrounded by PCs and empty pizza boxes? Or perhaps Jonny Lee Miller on rollerblades? For Ubisoft Montreal, the makers of the forthcoming Watch Dogs, a hacker is a modern-day hero. Read More >>

Watch Dogs Preview: Grand Theft Data

I’m sick of AK-47s. I’m sick of dragon punches. I’m sick of red shells, chainsaw-equipped Lancer rifles and Master Swords. Gaming has relied upon the same tried and tested weaponry for too long now, which is what makes Ubisoft Montreal’s forthcoming Watch Dogs so intriguing. In it, your most powerful weapon is a smartphone. Read More >>

Watch Dogs’ New Release Date Confirmed for May 27th

If you like the Assassin's Creed games, but wish they had more smartphones, cars and security cameras in them, you'll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft's delayed Watch Dogs finally has an official launch date. Wannabe Jonny Lee Millers will be able to hack Watch Dogs' in-game city to a standstill on May 27 2014, on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Yep -- no word on the troubled Wii U version's release. [Ubisoft] Read More >>