Google’s Smartwatch Programme Is a Mess, and a Name Change Won’t Fix That

Recently, Google announced it would rename its four-year-old smartwatch operating system from Android Wear to Wear OS. Ostensibly, the purpose of this rebranding is to prevent scaring off iPhone owners from purchasing smartwatches running Android Wear, which for a long time has supported pairing with both Android and iOS devices. As Google puts it, Wear OS is “a wearables operating system for everyone.” Read More >>

The WatchOS 3 Update Triples Speed on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is much maligned. The Apple Watch is much maligned. Compared to competitors it’s ugly as sin. Worse, it’s slow and clunky to use. I bought one back in April when the price dropped and immediately named it My Great Regret. Now I am half-tempted to wave it in the faces of Android Wear co-workers and shout My Great Triumph, because WatchOS 3 finally made the two year old Apple Watch into a great smartwatch. Read More >>

Apple Watch is Discounted and Still Not Worth The Cost

It’s been almost a year since the first Apple Watch was released, and following its poor sales numbers, we were hoping that we might get some much-needed love at Apple’s special press event today. Read More >>

iPad Air 3 Set to Land in March With Apple Pencil Flashiness

There isn’t a great deal of mystery surrounding Apple’s ‘surprise’ March event anymore. Everyone’s pretty sure that a new 4-inch iPhone will arrive, alongside a bunch of other Apple-branded goodies. The latest leak slaps the iPad Air 3 on the table. Read More >>

The Next Apple Watch May Be Far Less Reliant on an iPhone

Rumours are an endless ouroboros of speculation. As soon as one device is announced/launched/shipped fresh gadget hearsay about The Next Generation begins. With some Apple Watch buyers still awaiting their precious wrist-strapped cargo, we’re already hearing more and more about the next one, and to be honest, it sounds much better. Read More >>

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The Next Apple Watch Already Sounds a Lot More Useful

The Apple Watch’s launch was a shaky one. Yeah, Apple sold a tonne of them (as Apple is wont to do) but a few hardware and software snafus provided painful flashbacks of Apple’s troubled history with gen-one devices. But 9to5Mac reports that at least some missing Watch OS features may be coming soon. Read More >>