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Get in the Halloween Spirit With The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Played on Spooky Decorations

It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with your favourite festive films as the holidays arrive, staring with Halloween. What’s your favourite spooky flick? A classic horror movie, or something lighter? Leslie Wai clearly has an infinity for the latter, as he’s created a wonderful tribute to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas by performing “This is Halloween” using nothing but sounds recorded from spooky decorations. Read More >>

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Listen to Five Voice Actresses Talk About The Challenge of Playing Princess Leia

We rightly think of Leia Organa as being Carrie Fisher, through and through. But in the animated world, it’s not so simple, and lots of actress have had to live in the shadow of the late actress and put their own take on the character. Read More >>

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Watch These Serene Elephants Smash the Shit Out of Some Gourds

Every year leading up to its annual Halloween festivities, the Oregon Zoo kicks the party off with a grand display of gourd-smashing, officially titled the Squishing of the Squash. But lest you thought it was children or even people squashing the gourds, you would be mistaken. Instead, the zoo unleashes its resident elephants on the area’s largest pumpkins, allowing the herd to thoroughly enjoy themselves while pulverising the massive squash. Read More >>

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Banksy’s Secret Video Reveals How ‘Girl With Balloon’ Shredding Should Have Worked

When Banksy remotely shredded his "Girl with Balloon" during a Sotheby's auction earlier this month, it was both surprising and unsurprising. While the act itself shocked at the time, in hindsight, it lines up perfectly with the mysterious artist's MO. The only hitch being the destruction stuffing up halfway through. Now, Banksy has released a behind-the-scenes video, showing exactly how the shredding should have worked. Read More >>

Thom Yorke’s New Ode to the Antarctic Will Give You Chills

If Antarctica had a theme song, I imagine it’d be a lyricless, transcendent tune. It’d be both irresistible and eerie. I imagine it’d sound a lot like this: Read More >>

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Watch Ant-Man and The Wasp’s VFX Shave Decades Off of Michael Douglas’ Face

The first Ant-Man really kickstarted what has become a Marvel tradition of de-aging actors to play their young selves with some impressive VFX. But its recent sequel took that heady fantasy of turning back time to some uncanny levels with its flashback scenes starring Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer as Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne – and you can get a glimpse of it in action. Read More >>

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Someone Used a Deep Learning AI to Perfectly Insert Harrison Ford Into Solo: A Star Wars Story

Casting anyone other than Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo just feels like sacrilege, but since Ford is now 76 years old, playing a younger version of himself would be all but impossible. Or at least impossible if you rely on the standard Hollywood de-aging tricks like makeup and CG. Artificial intelligence, it turns out, does a pretty amazing job at putting Ford back into the role of Solo. Read More >>

The First Counterpart Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Faces and Old Problems

The Amazon Prime show Counterpart, aired on the streaming platform's Starz Play channel, is about a world that exists next to another, identical world. Well, almost. There’s the dimension we take to be the real one in addition to an alternate version where people look just like us, but have an entirely different agenda. When season two of the show kicks off, the main character, and his counterpart, are in a very confusing circumstance indeed. Read More >>

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Every Frame of This Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Is Absolutely Bonkers

Remember how Legends of Tomorrow is the greatest TV show around? Read More >>

How to Watch Huawei’s Mate 20 Launch Event, Wherever You May Be

Today is the day Huawei announces the proper Mate 20 to the world, rather than the less-powerful Mate 20 Lite that was rolled out at IFA last month. The launch event may be in London, but chances are none of you reading this are able to attend. Unlike some companies Huawei doesn't tend to let the public attend its launch events, which some of you die-hard fans may be a little upset about. The good news is that you don't need to be there to see everything unfold. Read More >>

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A Soldier’s Grim Day Gets Slightly Less Miserable in an Excellent Warhammer 40K Short

After all, it’s still the grim dark future of the 41st millennium. It’s still going to be very miserable either way. Read More >>

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Security Camera Captures Five-Foot Python Falling From Bank Ceiling

What was probably a very boring meeting at a Chinese bank got a lot more exciting when a surprise reptilian guest dropped by. Read More >>

The First Teaser for Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin is Pure Magic

Your wish is granted. The debut teaser trailer for Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin, starring Will Smith as the Genie, has arrived. We’re in a whole new world now. Read More >>

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We Asked Jodie Whittaker What She Wants Her Legacy as the Doctor to Be

The UK was kind enough to let the U.S. borrow new Doctor Jodie Whittaker for a whirlwind tour on Doctor Who's big premiere weekend. It also just happened to coincide with New York Comic Con which meant Gizmodo US had the opportunity to ask Whittaker some burning questions! Read More >>