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Watch This YouTuber Build Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter With the Power of the Force–Er, Stop Motion

With the elegant veneer of telekinetic power, the Shanks FX YouTube channel gives us all a lesson in how to build the Ravager, Kylo Ren’s personal TIE Fighter, out of Lego. It’s a remarkably soothing look, too; seeing all the pieces slide out and come together of their own volition in jerky, playful stop motion, soothing music set behind it. The sound effects are killer, too. Read More >>

62 Rare Nuclear Test Films Have Been Declassified and Uploaded to YouTube

Nuclear test films from 1945 to 1962 are literally rotting away in US government storage facilities. But those highly classified films are now being restored, declassified, and released on YouTube thanks to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. And 62 more never-before-seen films were just released today. Read More >>

If You Missed Justice League, Here’s Your Chance to See Superman’s Very Bad Face VFX

By now you’ve heard multiple stories about it: Henry Cavill’s epic moustache that brought Warner Bros. to its knees and the awful CGI work they did to edit the thing out of Justice LeagueIf, somehow, you haven’t actually seen Superman’s digitally-shaved face yet, now’s your chance. Deep breaths, people. Read More >>

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Amazing Fan Trailer Brings the Star Wars of Ralph McQuarrie’s Original Concept Art to Life

Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art for Star Wars still influences the designs and creatures we see in the films, in comics, and on TV today. His legacy in the shaping of the saga’s visual identity is unquestionable. But his work also paints a picture of a Star Wars we never got to see—one this fan film delightfully brings to life. Read More >>

Scifi Thriller Diverge Looks Like It’s All About Time Travel and Terrible Choices

This first glimpse at indie post-apocalypse flick Diverge is heavy on mood and visuals. But you can make out just enough to figure out that one haunted man’s decision leaves the world’s fate hanging in the balance. Read More >>

Filling a Turkey With Molten Aluminium Is a Terrible Way to Cook Christmas Dinner

Toss a turkey in the oven and it cooks from the outside in, which can take hours of roasting before it’s done. But what if you cooked a turkey from the inside out? That’s what Allen Pan tried by filling a raw turkey with molten aluminium and then letting the whole thing cook, cool, and solidify. Read More >>

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This Amazing Quarter-Scale Replica Motorcycle Was Made Entirely By Hand

Proud of that model aeroplane you built using a kit from a hobby store? That's child's play compared to the work of Glen English, a modelmaker so dedicated to his craft he builds replica motorcycles completely from scratch. That's right -- not a single component is off-the-shelf. Read More >>

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Celebrate Christmas With a Hydraulic Press and Exploding Glitter

There’s an infinite number of ways the internet has improved our lives, but at the top of the list is the fact we all have easy access to videos of things getting crushed by a hydraulic press. And what better way is there to celebrate Christmas than by crushing a mountain of glitter and a CO2 cartridge? Can you think of a faster way to deck the halls? [YouTube] Read More >>

Pornhub Debuts its First Ever Hanukkah Ad, Because Porn Isn’t Just for Christians

For the past two years the good people at Pornhub have released Christmas adverts to show how wonderful the gift of premium porn subscriptions can be. But many people already know that Christmas isn't the only holiday celebrated in December. Read More >>

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For a Limited Time, Watch the 1967 Student Short That Launched George Lucas Into Scifi History

A long-ish time ago (1967) in a galaxy not so far away (the University of Southern California), a student named George Lucas was hard at work on a short film with a long title: Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB. This landmark early work is online for the first time, thanks to scifi channel Dust. Read More >>

The Battle for the Throne Begins in the Incredible Black Panther International Trailer

Our latest look at Black Panther comes courtesy of Marvel Japan, and it’s jam-packed with new shots and teasers for arrival in the world of Wakanda. Most importantly, it gives us basically everyone kicking some serious butt, including T’Challa and his big rival, Killmonger. Read More >>

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The War on Christmas Travels to the Moon in This 1950s TV Clip About The Future

Back in the early 1950s, a ventriloquist named Paul Winchell had a TV show that featured his dummy named Jerry Mahoney. The program was a hit and is perhaps most notable today for featuring Carol Burnett’s TV debut. But even if you’re not interested in ventriloquism, one episode from December 20th, 1953, will be amusing to fans of paleofuturism. That holiday season episode imagined what Christmas would look like in the futuristic year 2000. Read More >>

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See the Downfall of Dragons and the History of the Dragonpit in this Animated Game of Thrones Featurette

The longer Game of Thrones has gone on, the more and more it’s plunged into the nitty-gritty of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical setting and its most obscure concepts—so it’s good that HBO’s home releases are packed with little animated primers to keep you in the know when it comes to Westeros’ long history. And this new one is all about dragons. Read More >>

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Neatly Wrap Your Christmas Gifts By Following These Mathematical Tricks

Do all the presents you give away over the holidays look like they were wrapped in the dark? Don’t worry: this video features a series of mathematical tricks to help you ensure your gifts always look neatly-wrapped. Read More >>

Virtual Reality is Power in the Second Trailer for Ready Player One

At an event today in Austin, Texas, Ernest Cline and the crew of Ready Player One debuted the film’s second trailer. Read More >>