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The Second Trailer for the Blue Planet Sequel Reminds Us the World Is Still Worth Protecting

We’ve got nine long days to wait until the sequel to the BBC’s spectacular 2001 nature documentary, Blue Planet, airs on 29th October. Fortunately, the BBC has blessed us with a second trailer for Blue Planet II, which looks like it will make even the most extravagant Hollywood blockbusters pale in comparison. Read More >>

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Icelandic Horror Trailer I Remember You Hints at Dark Secrets and Malevolent Spirits

Nordic horror is a particularly chilling subset of the genre—for obvious reasons (duh, it’s cold there), but also because filmmakers from that region tend to construct films blending slow-burn dread with sudden moments of otherworldly terror. I Remember You looks very much in that vein. Read More >>

The New Battlefront II Trailer Connects a Whole Lot of Star Wars Lore

The last Battlefront game that EA put out didn’t have a single-player mode, which bummed out a lot of folks. Battlefront II looks to have a rather beefy one, which will be doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of showing how the Empire changed after the second Death Star blew up. Read More >>

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David Fincher’s Films are Masterpieces of Camera Movement

If you've seen a David Fincher movie, you'll know it -- he has a distinctive look about his work that... does something to the viewer. Read More >>

Jeff Goldblum’s Quick Summary of Thor: Ragnarok Is 10 Seconds of Pure Gold(blum)

We’re inching closer and closer to the release of Thor: Ragnarok, where we’ll be treated to hours of Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, and the eternally delightful Jeff Goldblum—who even in smaller doses, like this adorable 10-second synopsis of his upcoming film, is still the grandest of masters. Read More >>

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Amusing Animations Stamped Onto Naked Bodies Give Me Strange Feelings

Remember the last time you fell asleep on the couch and your TV remote left an imprint on your face? Taking inspiration from that, DBLG, a UK-based advertising agency, produced an amusing series of animations by imprinting characters and objects directly onto human skin. Read More >>

The Ridiculous Trailer for Snake Outta Compton Is the Craziest Thing You’ll See All Day

The trailer is so bonkers, I’m not sure if there are any other words necessary. Read More >>

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This Timelapse Footage of Denali Is a Mountain of Spectacular Nature Video Tropes

Filmmaker Taylor Gray’s remarkable timelapse footage of Denali, and other national parks in the US, will make you realise these areas are true natural treasures. Read More >>

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Watch This Photoshop Master Use a Clever Trick to Erase an Obtrusive Crane

A crane left parked in front of a sugar factory for months in Baltimore, Maryland prevented photographer Paul Frederiksen from getting the exact shot he wanted. He had assumed that using Photoshop to erase the obtrusive crane was all but impossible, until Denyer, a UK-based photographer, performed a photo-editing miracle. Read More >>

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Watching Leaves Defy Gravity on a Trampoline is the Best Way to Welcome Autumn

The arrival of pumpkin spice jokes is often seen as the first sign of fall, but a trampoline full of gravity-defying dead leaves is a far more satisfying way to welcome the arrival of cooler temps and gourd-flavoured coffee. Read More >>

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A Mars-Bound Astronaut Risks Everything for the Future in Others Will Follow

Andrew Finch’s Others Will Follow is about a mission to Mars gone awry, but this isn’t The Martian. There are no alien potatoes, and no jokes about space pirates—just a lonely astronaut reflecting on his fate, and deciding to risk it all to send one last inspirational message back to Earth. Read More >>

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We Expose the Eugenics Wars and Ash Tyler’s Dark Secret in Latest Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is in a hot spot. The latest episode, “Choose Your Pain,” was indeed painful, but mainly because of the choices it made — especially regarding Captain Lorca’s actions. This video from Gizmodo US, with Beth Elderkin and Katharine Trendacosta, takes a look at why Lorca chose to leave a man behind for spite, as well as expose Ash Tyler’s secret motives and discuss how the relatively obscure Eugenics Wars factor in this season. You can watch the video below. Read More >>

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The Best Reaction Video for The Last Jedi Trailer is Kylo Ren’s, Naturally

The new trailer for The Last Jedi is here, it’s “raw,” and Kylo Ren has some thoughts. Read More >>

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This Animated Short’s Pastoral Beauty is a Perfect Respite

“Fox and the Whale” is a brief animated film about a fantastical meeting between two creatures from different parts of the natural world. It’s the perfect breather after a long week. Read More >>