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Watch Jason Momoa Slap the Shit Out of His Game of Thrones Boss… in Animation

We all love a good behind-the-scenes story—especially ones that involve Jason Momoa kicking somebody’s arse because that’s what he was brought into this earth to do. HBO has given us a hilarious (and animated!) behind-the-scenes saga from Game of Thrones involving showrunner David Benioff, Momoa, and a seemingly harmless bout of the Slap Game. Or should it be called Game of Slaps? Read More >>

This Featurette Explores the Lore of John Wick’s Murdery Luxury Hotel

One of the most fun things about the John Wick universe is the way it is slowly building an elaborate lore to populate its world of wacky intense assassins. In this featurette, we get to explore one of the centerpieces of that lore: the Continental. Read More >>

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Leia Finds a Pint-Sized Battle Partner in the Latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Short

The latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short takes us to the forest moon of Endor, where Princess Leia gets separated from the rest of the Rebel Alliance and encounters a small but feisty native: Wicket the Ewok. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Our Closest Look Yet at the Next Generation of Phones

People have been talking about the idea of flexible phones for years now, but with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on 26th April, we’re staring that future in the face. Read More >>

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This Brief Moment in the Game of Thrones Premiere Carried the Most Narrative Weight

The season eight premiere of Game of Thrones was a barrage of shocking reunions and reveals. It also showed Bran staring creepily at people. His face may have inspired a lot of memes, but one of his meetings was actually a big deal. Allow us to explain why Bran’s final reunion of the episode, while the shortest, ended up being the most powerful one of all. Read More >>

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Magical Smart Home Upgrade Lets Muggles Control Their Homes With a Wand Too

When his son asked for a Harry Potter themed birthday, Adam Thole decided to borrow an idea from Universal Studios’ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which lets visitors cast spells using interactive wands. The results are quite possibly the most magical smart home upgrade you’ve ever seen, and one that’s not terribly difficult to build. Read More >>

We Opened Up These Supercharged Gaming Laptops to See Their Upgradeable Guts

Laptops haven’t been really upgradable in a while. Sure you could switch out the storage or memory on some, but as laptops have gotten thinner and thinner, even those components have become permanently a part of the devices. So it was a big deal when Alienware showed off the new Area-51m at CES. Yes, it’s a 17.3-inch beast that starts at £2,200 and can go up to £3,800, but you can also upgrade the storage, memory, and even the CPU and GPU as time goes by. Read More >>

In the Gorgeous New Lion King Trailer, the Circle of Life Has Never Looked So Good

We didn’t really need an indicator beyond the initial trailer that Jon Favreau’s Lion King re-imagining was going to be a sumptuous, familiar take on the Disney icon. But the new trailer is here to remind you that, oh yes, absolutely: this is just The Lion King, rendered in the most mind-boggling CG the House of Mouse has to offer. Read More >>

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Everything You Need to Remember From Game of Thrones Season 7 in 90 Seconds

We’ve finally done it. We’ve now recapped the entire series of Game of Thrones so far, with season seven as the last hurdle before the Great War truly begins. With the eighth and final season just around the corner, now’s the time to get familiar with everything that’s happened. Check out our video below and post sharing everything major you need to remember about Game of Thrones season seven. Read More >>

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The Society’s First Chilling Teaser Is Full of Modern Lord of the Flies Horror

In Netflix’s upcoming series The Society, written by Chris Keyser and directed by Marc Webb, the young people of a nondescript American town wake up one day to discover that they’re...home, but not home. Everything about the town looks and feels the same, save for the fact that all of the adults have suddenly vanished. Read More >>

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Enjoy the Game of Thrones Theme Played by an Army of Obsolete Computing Gadgets

If you’ve been online, watched TV, read a magazine, or even popped to the shop to buy Oreos, you’re painfully aware that the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones gets underway this weekend. What better way is there to prepare for the inevitable death of your favourite character than by humming along with the series’ catchy theme song played on discarded technology that would seem like sorcery to the people of Westeros? Read More >>

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Watch Five Cheetahs Take Down a Wildebeest in a Heart-Pounding Exclusive Clip From Our Planet

The premise of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, is to include humans in the story of Earth. It’s a radically simple concept, and one that makes sense given our increasingly major role in shaping the natural world. But at the end of the day, any David Attenborough-voiced documentary worth its salt better deliver the goods of stunning wildlife footage, too. Read More >>

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A New Clown Prince Rises in the First Teaser for Joker

Get ready to say hello to an all-new incarnation of Batman’s most infamous foe. Read More >>

The Avengers Assemble for Round 2 in a New Endgame Trailer

Earth’s mightiest heroes – what’s left of them, at least – stand united, for one last fight. Read More >>