The First Inhumans Trailer is Here and It Looks…Terrible

From the moment that Marvel decided to scrap its plans for an Inhumans movie in favor of an ABC television series, I was concerned. Those concerns intensified when I saw the first official picture of the Inhuman royal family and Medusa’s questionable wig. Now that the first Inhumans trailer has dropped, I can confidently say that the show looks like it’s going to be a mess. Read More >>

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Creepy, Crawly, Unlikely Scifi Film The Untamed Now Has a Freaky First Trailer

Outside of one or two shots, the trailer for The Untamed doesn’t really reflect the movie’s title. There’s some drama going on here. Some frank discussions of sexuality. Pretty tame stuff. And then... what the HELL is that weird, slimy thing? Read More >>

Here’s Your Requisite ‘Shows the Whole Damn Thing’ War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer

It’s always the same with blockbuster movie marketing these days—the closer you get to release, the more and more footage comes out to the point you could piece together everything chronologically and come away with a huge chunk of the actual movie. Sometimes the studios themselves do it for you in the form of trailers like this. Read More >>

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Badass Gets Thrown 20 Feet By a Runaway Bus, Brushes Himself Off and Walks Away

We’d say this video is another good example of why it’s important to look both ways before crossing the road, but this out-of-control bus in Reading, comes around the corner so quickly that local badass Simon Smith wouldn’t have been able to avoid, even if he saw it coming. Read More >>

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Lifts of the Future Will Move Sideways Without a Single Cable

One of the biggest engineering challenges of building a towering skyscraper isn’t keeping the structure from falling over, it’s moving all the people around inside of it. To improve efficiency, and facilitate the construction of even taller buildings, Germany’s ThyssenKrupp has completely redesigned lifts so that they can move sideways now, too. Read More >>

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This Gorgeous 8-bit Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Was Made On a Vintage Apple IIc

Short of making it longer, there’s little that you can do to make the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi more intense than it already is. If you’re a lover of bitmap art with a copy of Dazzle Draw and a working Apple II on hand, though, one of those things you can do is remake the whole trailer. Read More >>

What Sorcery Keeps This Giant Ball Floating on a Tiny Stream of Water?

We’ve all made a tiny ping-pong ball float on a hair dryer, but what YouTube’s Veritasium is demonstrating here — a giant styrofoam ball floating on the side of a thin stream of water — seems to contradict every scientific law governing our universe. But there is an explanation as to what’s happening. Read More >>

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Take a Detailed Look at Every Tiny Aspect of the Silicon Valley Credits Sequence

Like all HBO opening sequences, the Silicon Valley credits are a remarkable little world unto themselves. I’ve seen the segment dozens of times, but until I watched this breakdown I had no idea how much of technology’s recent history is packed into the short clip. Read More >>

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Here’s Another New Trailer For The Dark Tower

We're getting more ever Dark Tower drip-fed to us before the movie's mid-August launch, and the latest taste is a slightly more in-depth look at Idris Elba's character Roland, the Gunslinger. Read More >>

Toy Story Consultant Shares The Super Depressing Story Of Andy’s Dad

Disney Pixar's Toy Story is one of those series that tugs at every single heart string, but it turns out there are few more to pull... as Andy's dad might have one of the saddest stories in Pixar history. Read More >>

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This Animated Short Illustrates What Happens When You Take Minimalism To An Extreme

The title of Scorch Motion's short, Life Without Stuff, suggests a solid anti-consumerist philosophy — something everyone, not just hoarders, could probably stand to embrace. Unless, of course, that "stuff" happens to be very much in use and necessary when it suddenly disappears. Poof! Read More >>

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Watch The Dark Knight Trilogy Recut As A Black Panther Trailer

Marvel will never make a film as good as The Dark Knight. There, I said it. The first teaser for the studio's upcoming Black Panther flick (due out in February 2018) was slickly edited, sure. But the final film will never top Christopher Nolan's Heat-inspired masterpiece. Still, that hasn't stopped some intrepid YouTuber recutting sections of Nolan's Batman trilogy to the audio cues of the recent Marvel trailer. Meet Black Bat... Read More >>

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This Endless Montage of Tunnels Somehow Makes Nightmarish Commutes Look Beautiful

The London Underground is made up of one of the most complex tunnel systems in the world. As a commuter, it’s hard to see the beauty of that complex maze racing through it every morning on the way to work, but this short film manages to paint those endless tunnels as a work of art. Read More >>

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The Sexless Rubbermen Are Back, and They’re Hungry

After nearly four years, David Lewandowski has created a new entry in his highly successful rubbermen videos. Now they’re hungry. Read More >>

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Guy Builds a Self-Powered Driving Potato That Turns Out to Be a Better Pet Than a Cat

We’ve all seen the grade school science experiment where sticking a couple of electrodes into a potato produces enough current to power a small light bulb. But engineer Marek Baczynski took that experiment several steps further, building what could be the world’s first autonomous potato—and the ultimate housepet. Read More >>