Gizmodo’s 11 Best (and 5 Worst) Television Moments of 2019

We may have already celebrated our favourite shows of last year, but that doesn’t mean we’re done looking back on 2019's TV. In a year packed with an extraordinary amount of TV, there were moments that had us broken-hearted, laughing our heads off, or pumping our fists and cheering – and there were moments that had us doing those for less joyful reasons. Here are some our faves...and not-so-faves. Read More >>

year in review
2019: The Year in Babies

It’s been a long year, we’re going to have some silly fun, dammit. Read More >>

The Pop Culture Highlights and Lowlights of 2019

It’s been a year seemingly full of bad news, bad takes, and bad feelings. But pop culture was still there for us – making us delight at unexpected joys like Baby Yoda, and allowing us to bond over horrors like Sonic the Hedgehog’s freakish teeth. Read on for our pop culture highlights (and lowlights) of 2019. Read More >>

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Watchmen May Be Over, But You Can Relive It All Via Its Digital Effects

Season one of Watchmen is over and it’ll probably be a long time before we see any more episodes...if we ever see any more episodes, which is a decidedly sad thought. At least now that it’s over, we can appreciate the entire season as a whole in any way that we’d like. Read More >>

Holy Shit, Watchmen’s Lube Man Slide Was Real

Watchmen might have come to a resoundingly stunning end, but somehow...somehow this damned show just keeps shocking us. Read More >>

Watchmen’s Season Finale Was a Devastating Goodbye and a Beautiful Hello

How does a first (and perhaps final) season of television like Watchmen’s come to an end? With beauty, grace, batshit comic book plot twists, and a reminder that nothing ever ends even when it seems as if everything’s drawing to a close. Read More >>

The Creators Behind Watchmen are Being Very Cagey About a Second Season

When HBO’s ersatz Watchmen sequel was announced, it was framed, very clearly, as a miniseries. One season, in and out, one and done. But when asked the question now, the various answers given by the cast and crew of the show are... a bit different. Read More >>

The 11 Best (and 6 Worst) TV Shows of 2019

You might have heard us say this once or twice already: there was a lot of television this year. We are but a few humble bloggers and could never watch everything out there but of the many TV series we did watch, we’ve narrowed down our most and least successful of 2019. Read More >>

Watchmen Creator Alan Moore Explains Why He’s Voting Today For the First Time in 40 Years

Alan Moore, the legendary co-creator of graphic novels like Watchmen and V For Vendetta, hasn’t voted in 40 years. But he’s voting in Britain’s general election today for the Labour Party. Why? According to a new video, Moore says that he’s not sure the UK would ever have a meaningful vote again if the Conservatives got another four years in power. Read More >>

Doctor Manhattan Has Brought Watchmen’s Story About Time Full Circle

As a young boy, Watchmen’s Jon Osterman had no idea that he would one day grow up to be the closest approximation of a god that anyone would ever live to see or that he would fundamentally alter the course of history in nearly unimaginable ways. But this week’s episode posits the idea that for all of his superhuman powers, Doctor Manhattan never really stopped being human. Read More >>

Even Sex Toy Makers Think Watchmen’s Big Blue Dildo Is ‘Extreme’ (NSFW)

In the third episode of HBO’s Watchmen series, Laurie Blake aka Silk Spectre pulls out a gigantic electric blue dildo. It’s an obvious sight gag – her ex is a blue man who can control his size, right down to the most intimate level. That said, it does raise some questions. Like, how would the “Electromagnetic Lithium Powered Excalibur” even work? Would a 13 by 4-inch vibrator even be enjoyable? What kind of parts are we looking at here? Did HBO fuck up in the construction of their sex toy? Read More >>

Watchmen’s Nicole Kassell Opens Up About Paying Homage and Breaking Free From the Comics

Watchmen is a show that keeps transforming, from one episode to the next. Despite the series’ shifts into new forms, executive producer Nicole Kassell recently explained to us that as wild as things have become for Angela Abar and the rest of the crew as of late, the place that Watchmen is in now was always part of the grand plan. Read More >>

Help, I Can’t Get Watchmen’s Hauntingly Perfect ‘Life on Mars?’ Cover Out of My Head

Unlike some people on Watchmen, I’m not even sure a hammer to the head might help at this point. Read More >>

It Seems Like One of Watchmen’s KKK Villains is Donald Trump’s Father

This week’s episode of Watchmen told the story of Hooded Justice, the first American masked vigilante. It detailed how he ushered in an era of superheroes by dedicating himself to an ongoing crusade to rid New York City of the Cyclops, an organisation of KKK members plotting to sow chaos amongst the city’s black population. But one minor player in the plot appears be a stand-in for a very specific real-world figure: Fred Trump. Read More >>