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Game of Thrones Ends its Watch With Plastic Water Bottle in Plain Sight

After eight seasons of watching Game of Thrones, last night’s series finale left many thirsting for resolution. Including some cast members. Read More >>

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Flipping a Water Bottle Filled with Mercury in Slow Motion Is What’s Cool Now

You know you’re old when the only way to find out what young people are doing is listen to old people explain what the youths of today are doing - because you don’t actually know anyone young anymore. That’s basically water bottle flipping. Read More >>

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What Kind of Sorcery Lets You Filter Water Out of Coke?

I have so many questions about being able to filter water out of coke. I don't even care why. But does it taste like Coke-flavoured water? Or water-flavoured coke? Or maybe even just carbonated sugar water without the cola? The guy makes it seem like it tastes disgusting, and that's the complete opposite of Coca Cola. Does that mean Crystal Pepsi is hiding inside Coke? Read More >>

The Two-Beverage Water Bottle: Scotch or Whiskey? Scotch and Whiskey!

Maybe when I take long walks through my neighbourhood I want more than one beverage to quench my mighty thirst. As a thirsty fellow, I'm excited to learn that soon I will no longer have to choose between beverages again. We are living in a two-drink minimum future people. Read More >>