The Moon Has ‘Moving Water’, But Don’t Break Out Your Swimsuit

Tabloids reported over the weekend that a “bombshell” report found moving water on the Moon which could lead to “Moon colonisation.” Obviously those headlines are misleading – there are no rivers flowing along the lunar surface. Let’s talk about what really happened. Read More >>

Scientists Try to Recreate Freakishly Tall ‘Rogue’ Waves in the Lab

On New Year’s Day, 1995, an instrument off the coast of Norway measured a rogue wave 84 feet high. Now, scientists are recreating these waves – albeit in miniature – in the lab. Read More >>

The Dirty Truth About Turning Seawater Into Drinking Water

As countries in the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere struggle to find enough freshwater to meet demand, they’re increasingly turned to the ocean. Desalination plants, located in 177 countries, can help turn seawater into freshwater. Unfortunately, these plants also produce a lot of waste—more waste, in fact, than water for people to drink. Read More >>

Observations from Mariana Trench Show Inner Earth Is Sucking Up Far More Water Than Previously Thought

The Earth around the Mariana Trench, which contains the deepest point on the planet, could be slurping up at least 4.3 times more water than previously estimated, according to new research. Read More >>

London Scraps its Unusable Water Cannon Fleet

Here's some great news for anyone planning a mass campaign of civil disobedience in London -- the city no longer has access to three former German rolling water cannons. Not that it was legally allowed to use them anyway. Read More >>

climate change
Here’s Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought

A United Nations report published last week said we have about a decade to get climate change under control, which—let’s be honest—isn’t likely to happen. So break out your goalie masks and harpoon guns, a Mad Max future awaits! Now, as new research points out, we even know where on Earth the inevitable water wars are most likely to take place. Read More >>

Water Park Closed as Water Turns Toxic

Water-based fun has been cancelled in the Ipswich area, thanks to dangerous levels of potentially toxic blue green algae triggered by the warm weather -- leaving the operators of Aqua Park Suffolk no alternative than to close up for the summer lest the punters go home exhausted and infected. Read More >>

Will Smith Pulls a Shift in Boots to Sell His Kid’s Bottled Water Brand

Will Smith has taken on a small part-time role in a branch of Boots, where he used his star power to help sell a brand of bottled water. A new bottled water that's being pushed by his son, Jaden, as being better than all the other waters. Read More >>

Water Company Wants to Drain the Lake District

The water supplier with the amazingly utilitarian name of United Utilities has asked for permission to start taking extra water out of the Lake District's reserves, thanks to the fact that it hasn't rained quite as much as it usually does. Read More >>

You Can Actually Light a BBQ Using Water

It’s a crucial compound when it comes to supporting life, but water has so many amazing properties that there’s a lifetime of experiments to try with what comes pouring out of your faucets. It’s common knowledge that water is an effective tool for dousing a flame, but did you know that you can use water to start a fire too? Read More >>

Performance Artist Separates Money From Dupes With £22 Bottles of Miracle ‘Hot Dog Water’

Here’s something to give even Goop’s “bio-frequency healing” stickers a run for the money of various rubes: A Canadian man successfully sold slickly marketed bottles of water with hot dogs in them as a miraculous cure-all for whatever ails customers at exorbitant prices. Read More >>

How to Instantly Stop the Sound of a Dripping Tap, According to Science

It’s tempting to think that the “plink” sound produced by a falling water droplet on a liquid surface is caused by the droplet itself, but new research points to an unexpected source of this familiar, yet annoying, sound. Excitingly, the researchers have also identified a neat hack to stop it. Read More >>

Water Shortages and Dengue Fever Could Hit England by the 2050s

The Environment Agency has had a go at counting up all the water, and the results will shock you. The horror headlines are that England, particularly the sweltering south east corner, could be dried-up and diseased and plagued by shortages inside 30 years, as the country slowly runs out of water. Read More >>

Asteroids Really Could Have Brought Water to Earth, Experiment With Giant Rock Blaster Shows

You may have heard the theory that asteroids are responsible for Earth’s water. You may also have thought, hah, there’s no way that asteroids could have brought all that water to Earth. But fake asteroid impacts are now demonstrating that, yeah, maybe they did. Read More >>

Report Finds Microplastic in 93 Per Cent of Bottled Water Tested, But Don’t Freak Out Yet

Testing of 259 plastic water bottles from nine countries revealed microplastic particles in water from 242 of the bottles, according to a new report. The test has prompted the World Health Organization to begin its own investigation, though there is no firm evidence that the presence of microplastics would make bottled water unsafe to drink. Read More >>