The Depressing Reason More Drought Could Lead to Less Conflict

Climate chaos is a threat multiplier. In Syria, Yemen and Sudan, research shows that climate change-fuelled drought exacerbated regional conflict. Read More >>

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Climate Change Threatens Water Resources for Nearly 2 Billion People

Around the world, billions of people rely on water from snow and glaciers. However, rising temperatures and political turmoil could mean rapidly diminishing water resources for these vulnerable regions – most notably being high mountain Asia according to new findings released at the American Geophysical Union. Read More >>

South Africa Rations Water As it Tries to Avoid ‘Day Zero’ Again

South African residents are being urged to use their water sparingly as hot, dry weather pushes the country toward another water shortage. The South African Minister of Human Settlements, Water, and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu made the announcement Monday at a press conference to address the issue. Read More >>

Bizarre Newspaper/Bottled Water Promotion to End

The Daily Telegraph will no longer be sold alongside a bottle of water at train stations, airports and your usual WHSmiths-of-last-resort, as plummeting profits at the newspaper group has triggered a rethink in strategy. Read More >>

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When Will We Run Out of Water?

Even people who believe in climate change are climate change deniers: you might know, intellectually, that our world is coming to an end, but it is hard to truly register this fact, the same way one both does and does not believe that they will one day die. There are counterexamples – you might be one of them; Ethan Hawke in First Reformed is another – but most of us are still sort of asleep, no matter how many grim longform articles we might read. One development that will likely make things real: the end of the Earth’s drinkable water supply. The question is not if, but when – and it is this question we’re posting for this week’s Giz Asks. Read More >>

Fluoride Linked to Worse Kidney Function in Teens, but Don’t Flip Out

There are few things that can set off the paranoid-minded faster than talking about fluoride in the drinking water. But a new study out Thursday cautiously suggests that even low levels of fluoride in teens could be linked to changes in their kidney and liver function. It’s still unclear whether these changes are actually affecting teens’ health, though – or even if fluoride is really the main culprit. Read More >>

A Global Water Emergency Is Right Around the Corner – Unless We Stop It

When Chennai, India’s main reservoir disappeared earlier this summer, the world was rightfully shocked. A city of more than 4.6 million people had lost its main sources of drinking water, forcing authorities to rely on water shipped in by train. Read More >>

Tree Experts Say Help Them With Bathwater

Trees unfortunate enough to have been planted in urban areas could do with our help, with tree enthusiasts saying we should assist our councils by watering young saplings ourselves with bathwater or grey washing up waste. Read More >>

Water Park Closes After Making Everyone Vomit

A water park in Leicestershire has been shut down while Public Health England investigates an outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting experienced by visitors, with parents reporting their children being "violently sick" after larking about in the resort's half-acre of wet and wild fun last week. Read More >>

Please, Stop Shitting in the Pool

Is there anything we love to do more than dip our diarrhoea-filled bums into recreational sources of water? Apparently not! Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is once again warning sick people to please keep their literal arses away from swimming pools, lest they spread a hardy parasite called Crypto. Read More >>

Utility Fined £126m for Faking Dirty Water Test Results

Utility firm Southern Water is in a massive amount of trouble with industry regulator Ofwat, with its crimes ranging from improper treatment of waste water to manipulating test results to make its leakages and spillages look less harmful to the environment. Read More >>

Evian’s Made a Strange Bubble Thing to Keep You Hydrated at Home

Bottled water has been one of the early casualties of the war on plastic, because obviously it's pretty damn wasteful to get a whole new bottle every time you need a hydration cylinder. Read More >>

If Mars Had Water, Where Did It Go?

It’ll be a fine day for Evian, when Mars is finally colonised: bottled’s the only option, when you’re living on a planet whose last substantial traces of flowing liquid water disappeared a few billion years ago. That ancient water has occasioned much study and debate, and provided the name for at least one French-Candian psych rock band. The fact that it existed, at one point, is a large part of why dreams of annexing Mars have flourished. But where did it go, exactly? By what majestic geological processes do massive bodies of space-liquid just disappear? For this week’s Giz Asks, we talked to a number of Mars experts to find out. Read More >>

The Moon Has ‘Moving Water’, But Don’t Break Out Your Swimsuit

Tabloids reported over the weekend that a “bombshell” report found moving water on the Moon which could lead to “Moon colonisation.” Obviously those headlines are misleading – there are no rivers flowing along the lunar surface. Let’s talk about what really happened. Read More >>

Scientists Try to Recreate Freakishly Tall ‘Rogue’ Waves in the Lab

On New Year’s Day, 1995, an instrument off the coast of Norway measured a rogue wave 84 feet high. Now, scientists are recreating these waves – albeit in miniature – in the lab. Read More >>