Waterloo Station Has Hired A Hawk

Non-fare-paying pigeons have been causing a nuisance at London Waterloo station, leading Network Rail to hire a Harris hawk to scare them off. Read More >>

Only 22 People Used the UK’s Least Busy Train Station in the Last Year

The Office of Rail and Road has released its latest figures for footfall at the UK's railway stations, and the chasm between London Waterloo – the busiest – and Shippea Hill, Cambridgeshire – the quietest – is astonishingly large. Over 2014-15, Waterloo brought in 99,201,604 passengers, while only 22 either jumped on or off at Shippea Hill. That's less than two passengers per month. According to the numbers, Waterloo was 4,509,164 times as busy as little old Shippea Hill. Read More >>