The North Face’s Futurelight Fabric Finally Makes Raincoats Feel Less Like a Plastic Bag

I’m never going to suit up in a highly-engineered spacesuit that NASA spent millions of dollars developing, but heading out into a thunderstorm in a jacket made from The North Face’s new Futurelight material genuinely made me feel like I was wearing an engineering marvel. It’s a waterproof fabric that feels nothing like the rubbery materials typically used to make raincoats. It’s light, breathable, comfortable, and promises to keep you dry both inside and out. Read More >>

Google’s Pixel Phones Should Just About Survive a Rain Shower

Well that’s annoying. New reports claim that Google’s upcoming pair of Pixel phones won’t be water-resistant, giving iPhone 7 users something new to boast about. Read More >>

Cat S60 Review: FLIR Thermal Imaging Gives This Phone Super Powers

Most smartphones are too fragile for job sites. They break when they’re dropped, or crap out when submerged in water. The Cat S60 is different. It’s designed to take a ton of punishment and continue to operate. It works when it’s completely underwater, can be used normally when the screen is wet, and most importantly for our purposes, it’s the first phone to include a FLIR thermal imaging camera. Yup, Predator vision. Read More >>

This Slick Rain Jacket is Made of 21 Plastic Bottles

The synthetic compounds that help the fabrics used in rain jackets repel moisture have an unfortunate downside: they don’t naturally break down and are far from environmentally friendly. It’s kind of the ugly secret of the performance wear world, but Columbia has finally come up with an eco-friendly waterproof alternative. Read More >>

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Watch Every Single iPhone be Drowned in This Failed Experiment

You can tell Zach Straley means well. The apparently wealthy YouTuber won millions of views when he showed how an iPhone 6s was surprisingly waterproof. Surely scaling that concept up and water testing all 10 iPhone models would win more 10 times that many views… Read More >>

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Leaks

In what may be perceived as Samsung - or someone close to the tech giant - displaying largess towards headline writers around the globe, pictures of the new waterproof Samsung Galaxy S6 Active have been leaked. Do you see what they did there? Read More >>

This Waterproof Drone Floats and That’s Awesome

Drones and water don't get along. This tends to be a problem when you're trying Read More >>

You Have to Scuba Dive to Reach Sony’s Underwater Store 

Some retailers believe that it's important to make their stores easy to find. They'll even pay a premium for space in popular malls or streets with lots of foot traffic. Sony is taking a different approach with its Xperia Aquatech Store, one that definitely does not value convenience and spits on the concept of foot traffic. For one thing, it's underwater. For another, you have to SCUBA to get there. On top of that, you have to be invited. Read More >>

Man Caught Filming Woman in the Shower Was “Testing” Waterproof Phone

Plymouth teenager Zak Hardy claimed he was checking to see if his phone was waterproof when he was rumbled filming over the top of a shower cubicle in a swimming pool. Read More >>

Sony Includes a Ring Remote With its New Underwater Headphones

The biggest issue with wearing all-inclusive wireless headphones like Sony's new waterproof WS610 series is that the playback controls usually end up sitting somewhere near your ears, and completely out of sight. So to save users from having to fumble around to find volume and track buttons on their heads, Sony has moved them to a wireless ring remote that can be worn on either hand for easy access. Read More >>

HTC’s Action Camera is Indeed a Tubular Oddity

Bizarre rumours suggesting HTC's forthcoming camera accessory might be tube-shaped have turned out to be bang on the right, with HTC teasing some sort of weird, wearable periscope camera device. Read More >>

Read in the Tub? The Waterproof Kobo Aura H2O Might be for You

We love a waterproofed Kindle, and we put one through hell, but that's an aftermarket mod, not a feature that comes standard. If you want waterproofed reading on the cheap(er), the new Kobo Aura H2O is for you. Read More >>

We Put the Waterproof Kindle Through Hell

When we heard aboutWaterfi's custom waterproof Paperwhite, we were delighted at the prospect, but reserved final judgement until we could put it through the ringer ourselves. And after some highly scientific experimentation, we can confirm: this thing is a goddamn rock. Read More >>

This Waterproof Case Lets You Dive With Your iPhone to Over 300 Feet

If your holiday involves a scuba adventure to some exotic underwater locale, of course you're going to want to take photos to make everyone back home jealous. And since the iPhone has become the go-to pocket camera for most tourists, Thanko's now selling a monstrous, over-engineered case that promises to keep your iPhone bone dry, and functional, to depths of around 330 feet. Read More >>