New Rumours Throw iPhone 7 Waterproofing in the Bin

More rumours suggest that Apple’s going to prioritise slimness over waterproofing with the iPhone 7, which would represent a slap in the face for customers who’ve been holding out for improved durability for about four years. Macotakara claims the next iPhone will be 6.1mm thick -- a full 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6S -- and does anybody really care? Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Will Save You From Your Waterlogged Nightmares

The Galaxy S6 was one impressive piece of smartphone, but not everyone was happy with some of the features Samsung sacrificed for a more eye candy design — chief among them being waterproofing. That’s why the new Galaxy S6 Active exists. Read More >>

You Can Waterproof Your Galaxy S6 by Encasing it in Silicone

In one of a few roundabout decisions, when Samsung released the Galaxy S6 it opted not to make the device waterproof like the Galaxy S5. I'm sure some Samsung fans will have been annoyed with that, because waterproofing is a gimmick that's actually quite useful. Galaxy S6 owners do have one option, however, and all it requires is some silicone and the willingness to handicap your phone. Read More >>

Amazing New Miracle Material Will Keep You Dry No Matter What

There are a lot of water-repellent surfaces, but nothing as incredible as this new miracle material that—according to research published in Nature—repels water way beyond "what was previously thought possible." As you can see in this clip, the water bounces completely off the surface as fast as possible, leaving nothing behind. Read More >>

Phone Condom Protects your 4.8″ Beast From Miscellaneous Fluid Attack

That is what the maker calls a Smartphone Sheath, a thin, flexible condom for your phone that adds a layer of water resistance to your £500 portable little chap. The idea being you suit it up when the likelihood of getting moist increases. Read More >>

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Hz0 Nano-Scale Vapour Waterproofs Gadgets from the Inside Out

Ruggedising your personal electronics, especially waterproofing them, is a pain, typically requiring either you stuff it in a PVC bag or ensconce it in four pounds of silicone rubber. But, one day soon, our precious gadgets may come waterproofed on the molecular level. Read More >>