Google Maps is Going to Piss Off Police Around the Globe With Its Latest Update

Folks, I’ve got some great news if you’re a driver and some bad news if you’re the police: Google has confirmed it’s rolling out the ability to see speed and mobile cameras, as well as speed limits, in more than 40 countries in Maps. Read More >>

Traffic App Waze Joins London’s Commuter Data Surge

Transport for London is getting together with crowd-sourced traffic and GPS app Waze, adding London's collection of delay and roadworks data to that built by the app's users. Read More >>

Waze Now Tells You the Best Time to Drive, Days Ahead of Time

Traffic sucks. It makes driving frustratingly unpredictable, but a new feature in the Waze app aims to kill all that guesswork. Read More >>

You Can Finally Get Morgan Freeman to Narrate Your Commute

When Waze got Arnold Schwarzenegger to add his voice to their navigation app, it felt like a huge deal. But that was before the company recruited the best damn narrator in the history of the planet, Morgan Freeman. Freeman’s deep, soothing voice can be accessed in Waze starting right now. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Waze Directions Directly From The Terminator

Waze users' navigation can now be voiced by a Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, thanks to Terminator Genisys’ new partnership with Waze. And yes, it’s really Arnold calling the navigational shots. Read More >>

Waze Launches Localised Traffic Alerts on Twitter

Waze, the GPS app with real-time traffic information, has just announced that it is starting to tweet localised traffic alerts for cities across the world. Here in the UK you can follow accounts for both London and Manchester. [Waze via The Next Web] Read More >>

Waze Could be Preinstalled on Your Next Android Phone

Google has announced that social traffic app Waze is now officially a Google Mobile Service, which means it could come pre-installed on Android phones in the future. Read More >>

Police are Trying to Undermine Waze With a Deluge of Fake Cop Sightings

Cops are fighting navigation app Waze over a feature that lets users pinpoint where they've seen officers on a map, thus using the crowdsourced traffic app to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Now police in Miami, Florida, are subverting the app by filling it with loads of bogus police sightings. Read More >>

Some Police Think Google’s Waze App Helps Would-Be Cop Killers

Waze's community-curated real-time traffic network includes keeping tabs on nearby peelers. And cops aren't very happy about it, claiming it makes it easier to stalk the police. Read More >>

Hackers Can Now Create Fake Traffic Jams

A couple of Israeli students figured out a way to create fake traffic jams using the popular, Google-owned Waze GPS app. While it sounds silly at first, these kinds of infrastructure hacks could have serious consequences as we depend more and more on data to help us get around town. Read More >>

Why Google Buying Waze Will Keep You Out of Gridlock Hell

As anticipated, Google expanded its burgeoning global empire on Tuesday by buying the Israeli social traffic and mapping service Waze. You might recognise Waze as the GPS app with a soul. Pretty soon you're going to know it as the thing that made your commute bearable once and for all. Read More >>