Global Streaming Music Revenue Up 40% in 2012

Maybe the music industry isn't doomed after all, as research points to on-demand services like Spotify and We7 generating up to £696m for the global music industry this year alone, which is a complete rise of 40 per cent. Read More >>

Tesco Racks up the Clubcard Points With £10.8m Buyout of We7

The UK supermarket race to go digital has a new leader today, thanks to Tesco buying up established music provider We7 for a whopping great £10.8m. Read More >>

We7 goes free streaming-radio only
We7 Feeling Spotify’s Heat, Cuts Free On-Demand Streaming in Favour of Personalised Radio

Feeling the pressure of Spotify's success, the British music streaming service We7 has cut its free song streaming in favour of a 'personalised radio'. Read More >>

We7 Music-Streamers Should Be Feeling Very Ashamed Right Now

In an attempt to remind us that We7 exists, We7 has created an interactive map of the UK’s most-streamed music. Aping the iconic London tube map, it shows the artists most-streamed in the six most-generic genres. Read More >>