Sony SmartWatch 3 Review: The Best-Performing Android Smartwatch Yet

Sony's been trying the smartwatch thing for years, but the original SmartWatch and the SmartWatch 2 both... what's the word I'm looking for here? Sucked? Yeah. But the SmartWatch 3 has solid performance and two nifty features you won't find on any other Android Wear. It's the first with built-in GPS and a screen you can read without backlighting. Read More >>

LG G Watch 2 May Arrive This Year

Smartwatches seem to breed even quicker than their smartphone contemporaries, with LG said to be matching Samsung in the wearables development speed race by revealing an updated G Watch at IFA next month. Read More >>

Has the Moto 360 Renewed Your Faith in Smartwatches?

Seeing the Moto 360 smartwatch showcased at Google's I/O conference last night came as no surprise. We've known of its existence since the Android Wear smartwatch platform was first revealed back in March, and it was clear that wearables were going to be a main feature in the search giant's annual event. Read More >>

LG’s G Watch Pops up in Google’s German Play Store

LG may be about to score a big result with its forthcoming G Watch, with the wearable seen briefly in a listing on the German Google Play shop. Read More >>

Here’s a Little Look at More of Google’s Wear Display

A Google employee has snapped a gallery of images from the current Android Wear smartwatch take on the even-more-mobile OS, showing us more of what to expect when it arrives on wearables later this year. Read More >>