Google Deal With Ray-Ban and Oakley Could (Possibly) Make Glass Cool

Google has just signed a deal with Luxottica. You may never had heard of them, but they're the eyewear manufacturer behind the likes of Oakley and Ray-Ban—and they could, maybe, possibly, make Glass cool. Perhaps. Read More >>

Panasonic Has a 4K Action Camera and it is Rather Strange

Panasonic has officially announced the HX-A500 wearable action camera, the real-world version of the prototype we saw back at CES. It's dustproof, waterproof down to three metres, and it straps to your head like some weird kind of Universal Soldier head piece. Read More >>

You Can Wear This Fabric Wi-Fi Antenna

Forget what you know about wearable technology. The future of wireless connectivity is going to be woven into the very threads of your clothes. Read More >>

These Smartshoes Help the Blind Navigate City Streets

Wearable technology is a busy buzzword these days, but some of the coolest inventions take the idea well beyond some gadget that lets you read email on your wrist. Wearable technology can actually be life-changing for some people. Consider, for instance, what these shoes can do for the blind. Read More >>

Bloomberg: HTC Has Three New Wearables in the Works

Bloomberg is reporting that HTC will unveil the first of three new pieces of wearable technology to carriers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch: £217, Available December 2nd

Qualcomm's rather lovely looking Toq Smartwatch—which seems miles better than Samsung's Galaxy Gear—will be available from December 2nd, and it'll cost a princely $350 (£217). Read More >>

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Optinvent Ora-S Look to Out-Glass Google With “True AR” Spectacles

Google Glass may be grabbing all the headlines, but the search giant isn't the only company trying to make you look like a complete arse by encouraging you to strap a computer to your face. Joining the likes of Vuzix and Recon Instruments is Optinvent, whose Ora-S glasses aim to take on the Big G with a "True AR" mode. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft Is Designing a Touch-Enabled Watch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is working with suppliers to develop a new touch-enabled watch device, which sees it jumping on the same rumored bandwagon as Apple and Samsung. Read More >>

A Below-Your-Clothes Vibration-Feedback System to Improve Your Posture

Chronic slouchers and hunchers, listen up. Risr is a new technology that uses safe vibration feedback to correct poor posture, a special vest made of a delicate network of wires and vibrating sensors. Read More >>

Sony Keeps Hush-Hush on the New HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer

Anyone remember the HMZ-T1? No? Kinda? Err, that Sony 3D device you plonk on your head? Yes? Well, erm, Sony have quietly snuck in the next-generation of the HMZ series to IFA, which is dubbed the HMZ-T2, and not only does it looks pretty much exactly the same, but it also has very similar specs too. Hmm. Read More >>

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Man Attacked in McDonalds for Wearing AR Glasses; Glasses Photograph the Whole Thing

Dr Steve Mann, who has been creating and using various forms of wearable, computer-assisted glasses since the 1980s, was set upon in a Paris McDonalds for wearing his digital specs in public. Read More >>