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IFA 2019: Germany’s Biggest Tech Show is Getting Sexy With This Bendy Bullet Vibrator

CES might have a problem with vibrators, but IFA sure doesn’t. Europe’s premier consumer tech show had zero problems with MysteryVibe announcing the Poco – a little bendy bullet vibrator that according to the company, can be “shaped as a wearable.” Read More >>

Science Gives Silkworm Spiderman-esque Silk

Researchers have successfully beefed up the delicate thread of the silkworm by feeding them graphene, or single-walled carbon nanotubes. You know what that means. Get ready for some silky-smooth wearable tech. Read More >>

Tim Cook: We May Make a Medical Product, But It Isn’t the Apple Watch

Apple may make a medically approved device, but it won’t be the Apple Watch. At least that’s a according to Tim Cook in an interview with The Telegraph. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Magic View Smartwatch Offers Privacy With Dual Screens

Lenovo has just unveiled a prototype smartwatch, which it seems convinced will clear up that 'issue' facing devices of this type. You know: the niggle about how big to make the display? Make it too big and the watch looks unwieldy. Make it too small and you're having to squint at the myriad apps you want to access. That? Yeah, we hate that too! Read More >>

Conan’s Apple Pocketwatch is the Budget-Friendly Wearable

"It's more than a binder clip and a wallet chain. It's $259." [Team Coco] Read More >>

How a Medical Stress Sensor Evolved Into a Beautiful Wearable for All

Seven years ago, an MIT professor named Rosalind Picard developed a wristband called iCalm to help autistic kids manage stress by monitoring electrical activity on the skin. Today, Picard and her team want to put their device in your hands. What happened in between is a fascinating story about the role of accidental discoveries in science and design. Read More >>

Lenovo Quietly Reveals its Own Smartband Because Why Not

Lenovo likes to do its own thing. Sometimes that pays off, such as the company's lovable Yoga laptops, other times you end up with tablets with weird kickstands and built-in projectors. Now, Lenovo has quietly posted its first wearable on its website, but this gadget seems content with just following the crowd. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft May be Launching a Wearable in the Coming Weeks

According to Forbes, Microsoft is planning to counter Apple and Google's wearable ambitions with its own device in the coming weeks. Forbes says that the device will be a smartwatch "that will passively track the wearer's heart rate and work across several mobile platforms." Read More >>

Meet Puls,’s Gigantic Wearable Cuff

We first heard about's foray into the world of smartwatch-esque wearables back in April, but we had… questions. What was that mysterious cuff on his wrist? And could it really do all the things he promised? Today he unveiled the Puls. Welcome to fashionology, people. Read More >>

LG’s KizON is a GPS Tracker Masquerading as a Wearable for Kids

If you have a child that strays further away than the nearest TV, LG's KizON is for you. It has GPS abilities and a smartphone companion app to ping the location of the wearer to the phone of the person who paid for it, although it lacks any "fun" stuff to make the child think it's a cool toy like the thing daddy looks at all day. Read More >>

First Samsung Android Wear Smartwatch Will Ship Later This Year

In an interview with Reuters, Samsung senior VP for product strategy has claimed that its first Android Wear watch will ship later this year, as will a "high-end" Tizen smartphone. Read More >>

Cop Cams to Record The Shootings of the UK’s Armed Police

Members of the UK police who carry guns will soon be required to have a webcam attached to their lapels too, in order to provide visual evidence of their actions and hopefully restore trust in the work of our armed police. Read More >>

google glass
Google Seeks UK Approval for Drivers to Wear Glass in Cars

It appears Google's gearing up to launch Google Glass in the UK at some point, with reports suggesting it's been chatting with our government's Department for Transport about handling the legalities of being spotted wearing Glass while driving on the road. Read More >>

Sony to Target Elderly Tech Fans With Wearable Smart Wig Patent?

Sony's engineers have filed a patent for a new form of wearable tech, only this one differs from the watches and glasses currently doing the rounds. Sony's come up with the idea of a smart wig, with embedded rumble tech to tap the wearer on the scalp when they get a message. Read More >>