Cheating Police Want All Watches Banned From School Exams

An inquiry into the many and varied methods used to cheat our ways though life has suggested banning all watches from exam rooms, because in this day and age, it's hard to tell what is a cheap analogue Swatch, and what is in fact an always-online smart computer pretending to be a cheap feature Casio by displaying an HD image of a cheap feature Casio. Read More >>

The Fitbit Versa 2 Is a Solid Update That Just Makes Me Want So Much More

Let me start out this review by saying I love my Fitbit Versa. There’s a reason it’s Fitbit’s most popular smartwatch. It’s stylish, affordable, the fitness features are solid, and the 5+ days of battery life are a godsend. I’m just tired of every new announcement from Fitbit being a different flavor of Versa – even if the latest Versa 2 is an excellent smartwatch. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Withings Didn’t Forget the Move ECG – It’s Just Been Trapped in Regulation Hell

Withing’s long-promised budger rival to the Apple Watch is shipping. Back at CES, Withings gave us a peek at the Move ECG, an activity tracker that offered the same electrocardiogram capabilities as the Apple Watch Series 4. Nine months later at IFA, it’s finally available – but only if you live in Europe. Read More >>

ifa 2019
After Years of Ugly Watches, Garmin’s Got Some Fresh Styles

While Garmin might be known for powerful frumpy smartwatches, at IFA it’s launched some gorgeous wristables a fashionista wouldn’t be ashamed to wear. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Asus Rises From Smartwatch Grave With New VivoWatch SP

Asus just showed off a brand new smartwatch at IFA – I guess it isn’t giving up on smartwatches after all. After releasing the Zenwatch 3 in 2016, it seemed like Asus had quietly withdrawn from smartwatches. Yet today the company proudly touted its new VivoWatch SP – a chic health-oriented wearable that boasts 14-day battery life, and “medical grade” ECG and PPG sensors. Read More >>

Garmin’s New Solar-Powered Watch Is a Beast In More Ways Than One

There are smartwatches that can do fitness, and then there are fitness smartwatches geared toward that one super buff friend who reminds you every few months about the upcoming triathlon. Garmin’s made a name for itself making the latter. Yesterday, it launched its fenix 6 series of smartwatches, and boy, they sure are beefy. Read More >>

The Fitbit Versa 2 Chases Apple’s Dominance

The new Fitbit Versa 2 seems awfully aware of the issues Fitbit has had with its smartwatches for the last few cycles. The product, announced today, seems to address many of the previous issues with the line while also keeping some of the things that we love about the predecessors. It’s also offering a smartwatch that looks like an Apple device, but at a much lower price, and best of all, it’s offering Alexa integration that gives you a nice break from Apple and Google. Read More >>

NHS Falls for the Fitness Tracker Hype

NHS England has taken a big slice of the wearables bullshit cake, and is set to issue thousands of fitness trackers to people at the highest risk of developing Type 2 diabetes due to their health and lifestyle. Read More >>

Samsung Should Have Just Led With the Galaxy Watch Active2

Earlier this spring, Samsung introduced its Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch. Gorgeous and streamlined, it would have been the perfect smartwatch if not for some buggy software. Less than six months later, Samsung’s already unveiled the Galaxy Watch Active2, which I got to see for myself at an event last week. It fixes a lot of the gripes I had with the original and adds some neat style and fitness features—but I can’t help but wonder why Samsung didn’t just lead with the Active2 in the first place. Read More >>

A New Processor Means Fossil’s Smartwatches Might Be Getting Good

Remember when we were all hopeful that Qualcomm releasing the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip would mean better, faster, longer-lasting Wear OS wearables? Well a year on, turns out it was just a dream as most Wear OS watches are still running that busted old 2100 chip. But today, Fossil is launching its Gen 5 smartwatches—all powered by the 3100, and featuring some new battery modes, a swim-proof speaker, and beefed-up heart rate tracking. Read More >>

Leak Suggests the Next Fitbit Might Be Slowly Catching Up to the Apple Watch

We struggled to find one positive thing to say about the Fitbit Ionic two years ago, but the company’s follow-up, the Versa, was a complete about-face, offering a better design, better battery life, and a bargain price tag. And if leaked product shots shared by Evan Blass are any indication, the next Versa is staying the course to potentially give the Apple Watch some tough competition. Read More >>

This Fitness Smartwatch Humbled Me Into Taking Recovery Days More Seriously

Training sucks, especially if you’re a newly reformed couch potato. Your options are shell out for a trainer or gym membership—or cobbling together an ad hoc regimen with the help of apps, subreddits, a fitness tracker, and dubious YouTube personalities very keen on selling you their workout packages. The Polar Ignite is a casual fitness smartwatch dedicated to splitting the difference. Read More >>

Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Should Be Ready for Next Year’s Heat Wave

We are officially in the dog days of summer, and that usually means strategically dashing from one air-conditioned space to the next. But what if we didn’t have to bow down to the whims of the scorching midday sun? Well, apparently Sony is crowdfunding a portable wearable air conditioner/heater so you can flip the bird to mother nature and live your best, climate-controlled life. Read More >>

IBM Patents a Smartwatch That Transforms Into a Giant Awkward Tablet Screen on Your Wrist

Instead of maximising pixel density to fit more info on a smartwatch’s tiny screen, IBM has patented a radically different approach that promises to change how we think about wrist wearables completely. But given the trouble companies have had with rolling out expanding screen smartphones, it’s hard to imagine this wearable ever being technically feasible. Read More >>

Stanford’s Eye-Tracking Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You’re Looking At

If you don’t already deal with a condition called presbyopia, you probably will by your mid-40s. It’s when the lenses in your eyes lose elasticity making it hard to focus on objects up close, like the words in a book. The solution is to occasionally wear reading glasses or glasses with progressive lenses that can limit your focal range. But researchers at Stanford University have come up with another solution; glasses that detect and automatically focus on whatever someone’s eyes are looking at. Read More >>