Everything Samsung Announced at the Galaxy Unpacked Event Last Night

Last night was the night Samsung finally spilled the beans on a bunch of products we already knew everything about, plus a couple we weren't that familiar with. All in all, there were nine devices on show, and for those of you who missed all the news last night let's run through everything that happened. Read More >>

Here’s Everything We Know About the Galaxy Watch Active and the Rest of Samsung’s New Wearables Line

While the Galaxy Fold is the undoubted star of today’s Unpacked event, Samsung also officially revealed its new wearables lineup, led by its sporty Galaxy Watch Active. And yes, friends, it is missing the signature rotating bezel. Read More >>

I Thought Under Armours’ Smart Running Shoes Would Be Dumb as Hell, But I Was Wrong

Don’t let anybody talk you out of a good pair of running shoes—they’re vital to preventing injuries when you run. But generally, when it comes to picking out kicks to run in, most runners and athletic shoe stores are primarily concerned with fit. If you go for a fitting, usually a specialist will have you run on a treadmill so they can analyse what type of runner you are, and what kind of shoe will best suit your gait. So far, tracking metrics and form have mostly been the domain of wrist-based fitness bands and smartwatches. Read More >>

Stop Buying Kids’ Smartwatches

Some parents get their kids smartwatches to buy themselves a little peace of mind about their child’s safety. But as it turns out, these devices are a total privacy nightmare. The latest incident involves the Enox Safe-KID-One, which was just recalled by the European Commission as it was deemed particularly vulnerable to malicious actors. Read More >>

Amazon Is Rolling Out a ‘Robotic Tech Vest’ to Keep Workers From Getting Hit by Robots

Amazon has begun rolling out a “new worker safety wearable” to over 25 of its locations over the past year, TechCrunch reported on Friday—namely, a “Robotic Tech Vest” that alerts robots to the location of workers within a facility in order to prevent workplace accidents. Read More >>

CES 2019: I Tried Really Hard to Rip These Incredibly Tough Tights and Failed Miserably

There’s a lot wrong with women’s fashion, but torn tights rank pretty high on the list of annoying quirks I’ve just learned to shut up and deal with. Seriously, anything will tear tights. Is your toenail hideously long? Tear. Did you walk too close to a sharp table edge? Giant hole in your thigh. Did you simply sit down with too much gusto? Prepare for your tights to split at your giblets. Were you lazy and decided to stick your one good pair in the washer instead of washing it by hand? Goodbye tights! Read More >>

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CES 2019: Fossil’s Kate Spade Smartwatch Finally Isn’t Just Dumb Wrist Candy

At CES, you can always count on Fossil to show up to Las Vegas with an army of smartwatches. The same is true this year, but now the star of the lineup is the new version of Fossil’s Kate Spade scalloped touchscreen smartwatch. Read More >>

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CES 2019: Withings Takes a Page From Apple and Adds ECG to Its New Smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 4 nabbed lots of headlines in 2018 thanks to its electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. Now, Withings is looking to follow suit by adding ECG capabilities to two new products at CES 2019. Read More >>

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CES 2019: This Smart Bra Measures Your Bust So You Finally Buy the Right Size

Dudes, let me tell you: Bras are expensive, and no matter what your cup size, finding one that actually fits is incredibly difficult. No seriously – some 80 percent of women are wearing ill-fitting bras. There’s a lot of bra calculators on the internet and tutorials about how to measure your cup size, band size, and sister sizes in case a store doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Some people swear going to a fancy boutique and letting a mystical clerk fondle your girls to figure out your ‘actual’ size. (And you haven’t really experienced pain until an underwire decides to stab your boobs in the middle of the day.) Read More >>

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CES 2019: Matrix’s Body Heat-Powered Watch Finally Adds Useful Smart Features

One of the biggest gripes with smartwatches is battery life. That’s what made the original Matrix PowerWatch and its successor, the PowerWatch X, compelling – a fitness-oriented smartwatch fully powered by the heat generated from your own body? It was an intriguing concept to say the least, even if we found the PowerWatch X less than stellar once it hit shelves. Read More >>

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CES 2019: This Nifty L’Oreal Sensor Will Suggest Skin Care Tips Based On Your pH Levels

Last year, L’Oreal brought a nifty little UV sensor to CES. The idea was it was supposed to help you monitor your UV exposure and tailor a skin care regimen based on environmental factors. And while it worked as advertised, we found it a little lacking in practice. But this year L’Oreal is one-upping itself with a prototype sensor that can measure your skin’s pH levels. Read More >>

Motiv’s Ring With Built-in 2FA Would Be Nicer If It Worked Consistently

Smart rings are a tricky thing to get right. Tech companies have a hard enough time miniaturising all the necessary sensors into a watch, let alone a ring. That’s why the Motiv Ring was compelling when it launched in 2017—it stuffed three days of battery life, heart rate monitoring, and your usual step and activity tracking into a sleek and chic ring. When you consider that, the Motiv Ring is pretty impressive from a technology standpoint. Read More >>

This Blood Pressure Smartwatch Makes Way More Sense Than the Apple Watch

While plenty of smartwatches and trackers can measure your heart rate, most don’t really have a medical purpose outside of familiarising yourself with a baseline. Even the Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a lot of caveats about its ECG and atrial fibrillation features. But Omron’s HeartGuide smartwatch is the first wearable to successfully measure blood pressure from the wrist. Read More >>

Puma Is Re-Releasing Its 32-Year-Old Smart Shoe That Was Lightyears Ahead of Its Time

The concept of today’s smart, connected wearables just didn’t exist back in the 1980s when text-only operating systems like MS-DOS were still popular. But that didn’t stop Puma from releasing what was possibly the world’s first modern fitness tracker by strapping a chunky computer to the back of a sneaker. Thirty-two years later, Puma is bringing those kicks back with the same design, but with updated tech inside. Read More >>

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Bose Actually Turned Its Funky Sunglasses Headphones Concept Into a Real Gadget

Earlier this year, Bose showed off a product concept that seemed like the Snapchat Spectacles of the audio world, complete with buzzwords such as augmented reality and digital assistants littered throughout this description. But for a company like Bose not normally known for taking a lot of chances, it seemed like the glasses were just a tech demo until Bose went and made them real. Read More >>