Brits Send Meat Pie to Space, Which Seems Like A Waste of a Good Meat Pie

British cuisine generally gets a bad rap, especially from people who've never actually been here before. But it's not so inedible that we have to resort to firing it off  into space to avoid eating it. Read More >>

A Brief History of People Thinking Google’s Loon Balloons are UFOs

Some South African sheep got a nasty little surprise earlier this week when a Google-branded internet balloon came tumbling down from the heavens to say hello. The sheep are in good company, though. Because this happens a lot. Fortunately for the conspiracy theorists among us, this means all the UFO fodder their chemtrail-addled brains can handle. Read More >>

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Sending Your Son’s Favourite Toy Train to Space Is Probably the Coolest Thing a Dad Can Do

We've got a dad of the year nominee, folks! Meet Ron Fugelseth, a guy who gave his son's favourite train, Stanley, a trip to space. We've seen stuff hit space before but nothing has been as touching and aww-inducing as this. Read More >>