Massive Cloud Forming Over One of Mars’ Biggest Volcanoes Is Icy Water Vapour, Not Eruption

Last week, the European Space Agency released a curious photo captured by the Mars Express orbiter of a 930-mile-long cloud formation spilling out of the massive, 12-mile-high Arsia Mons volcano on Mars—a phenomena that has been observed for weeks straight. It certainly gave every superficial appearance that the volcano was about to blow, though that would be curious, as the estimated date of its last eruption was about 50 million years ago. Read More >>

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The Many Ways Lightning Can Kill You

When a 32-year-old man was struck and killed by lightning while visiting Sunken Meadow State Park in Long Island, New York this August, he became the first lightning fatality recorded in the U.S. state since 2016. And he was only the 16th lightning death reported in the entire U.S. this year. Read More >>

Bacteria Floating 30,000 Feet Overhead Could Be Influencing the Weather

We humans tend to pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, but bacteria have been beating us at this game for billions of years. Our microbial brethren have carved out a niche in some of Earth’s most hostile environments, from deep sea vents to Antarctic lakes. Some hardy bugs can even survive in an upper layer of our atmosphere called the stratosphere—where a recent paper suggests they may have the ability to impact our weather, our crops, and even our health. Read More >>

These Photos of Typhoon Trami Are Jaw-Dropping 

Look, I’m as sick of typhoons and hurricanes menacing humanity as you are. They’re planetary bullies and they suck. But I can take a begrudging moment to appreciate how they look from space. Read More >>

The Strongest Storm of the Year Shook Southeast Asia This Weekend

Tropical Storm Mangkhut was on the move Monday as it made its way through Southeast Asia. The former Super Typhoon, which at its peak became the strongest storm to form on Earth this year so far, has been pummelling Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines all weekend. Read More >>

Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall in America

With an ear-splitting howl and booming surf, Hurricane Florence has arrived in the US, on the coast of state North Carolina. The storm could be a landmark event that breaks rainfall records, leaves waterways flooded for weeks, and reshapes the Carolinas coast for decades. Read More >>

How a Battle to Build the Best Weather Model Impacts Everyone on Earth

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most destructive storms in US history. But beyond the catastrophic losses of life and property, the storm also dealt a blow to the American weather modelling community. The American weather model whiffed on the initial forecast, but its European counterpart was dead on. Read More >>

Oh My God Look at the Atlantic Ocean Right Now

Hurricane Florence is the biggest threat in the Atlantic right now, but it’s hardly the only storm. The tropics have gone wild, with three hurricanes spinning at the same time, as you can see for yourself in satellite imagery captured as the sun rose on the Atlantic this morning. Read More >>

Why the Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Suddenly Heating Up

After two mercifully quiet months, the Atlantic hurricane season has suddenly roared to life. There are currently two storms spinning in the Atlantic basin with a potential third on the horizon. Read More >>

Diseased Ocean Microbes Could Be Messing With the Weather

Our oceans are brimming with microscopic phytoplankton—plant-like organisms that contribute significantly to marine diversity. Tiny though they are, these sea critters, when infected with a particular virus, may influence atmospheric processes such as cloud formation, according to new research. Read More >>

Scottish Games Cancelled for Hay

Again, we're here with some good news and some bad news about Extreme Heatwave 2018 and its effects on the country. The good news for one particular Scottish farmer is that it's been decent enough weather to get a hay crop in, the bad news is that it was so hot and dry – yes even in Scotland – that the grass grew more slowly than usual, hence the cancellation of this year's Invercharron Highland Games that really has to use that exact same hay field. Read More >>

China’s Not Sending Over Enough Fans

The hot weather has brought good and bad news for the UK's electrical retailers. The good news is that sales of fans have rocketed as people turn to legacy, non-smart gadgetry to solve this summer's hot bedroom crisis. The bad news is that shops are now running out of fans because it won't stop being hot and we expect technology to solve everything. Read More >>

The Mendocino Complex Fire Is Now the Largest In California’s History

An enormous wildfire in northern California has become the largest on record for the state, less than a year after the Thomas Fire in southern California earned that dubious distinction. It’s the latest reminder that we now live in an era of fast-growing, hard-to-contain megafires. Read More >>

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California’s Death Valley Has the Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

Last month was one for extreme heat around the world, but every locale pales in comparison to what’s going on at Death Valley in the US state of California. Already one of the hottest places on Earth, the heat has gone into overdrive this July. Death Valley is in line to set a record for the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. Read More >>

Cheese and Onion Crisps Added to Heatwave Shortage List

Farmers are warning that the hot weather has impacted the nation's onion harvest now as well as threatening the potato crop, so... Jesus Christ they might start running out of cheese and onion crisps. Read More >>