Storm Lorenzo Blasts the Azores, Sets Its Sights on Ireland

Storm Lorenzo, the weirdest storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, struck the Azores on Wednesday and is forecast to continue its jaunt across the eastern Atlantic toward Ireland. It could make a rare landfall there with hurricane-force winds and crippling surf. Read More >>

The Most Powerful Lightning Bolts Occur in the Weirdest Places

Superbolts, the strongest lightning bolts, occur at surprising times and in surprising places, a new study has found. Read More >>

2019/20 Potentially Battered by Storms Hugh, Brendan and Ciara

Here, let's have an emergency chat about the weather to take our minds off things. Mmm, bit cold today. Autumn's coming. What happened to the summer, eh? Be Christmas soon! John Lewis must've already filmed its advert. Hey, did you hear the Met Office has revealed the new names of the storms we'll be getting this winter? Read More >>

Climate Change Will at Least Bring Interesting Trees for the Cockroaches to Shelter Beneath

There's good news about climate change out there today, if you squint a bit and try not to think about it on more than one level, as botanists are reporting that an unusual plant is really enjoying our warmer weather. Read More >>

2019’s Hardcore Weather is Too Much for the Cauliflowers

Gardeners both amateur and professional are bemoaning the state of their brassicas this summer, as the rain and heat and general climatic madness have combined to make conditions intolerable for the nation's stock of cauliflower plants. Read More >>

At Least 22 Dead, More Than a Million Reported Displaced as Typhoon Lekima Makes Landfall in Eastern China

At least 22 deaths have been reported, and more than a million have been forced to leave their homes after Typhoon Lekima smashed into China near Wenling in southeastern Zhejiang province, between Taiwan and Shanghai, the BBC reported on Saturday. Read More >>

This Coalnado is About as 2019 as it Gets

If last year was the year of firenado, it’s only fitting that this is the year of the coalnado. Read More >>

Thousands of Supermarket Chickens Killed by UK Heatwave

Thousands of chickens destined for the UK supermarkets died during last week's heatwave, as Tesco and Sainsbury's supplier Moy Park managed to let temperatures inside one of its poultry breeding facilities rise to deadly levels. Read More >>

Brutal Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Records Across Europe

Europe is burning. A heat wave—the second in roughly a month—is taking over the continent, and it’s already breaking records. Again. And these are some of the world’s oldest temperature records. Read More >>

Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Should Be Ready for Next Year’s Heat Wave

We are officially in the dog days of summer, and that usually means strategically dashing from one air-conditioned space to the next. But what if we didn’t have to bow down to the whims of the scorching midday sun? Well, apparently Sony is crowdfunding a portable wearable air conditioner/heater so you can flip the bird to mother nature and live your best, climate-controlled life. Read More >>

Scotland’s Sky Proudly Displays Rare Triple Rainbow

People who live in the Scottish highlands can get bit blasé about rainbows, as they pop up everywhere and once you've filled your phone up with a few hundred photos of them there's not much point in getting excited about them any more. But someone's snapped one that's apparently so rare all the weather forecasters are excited; even the Scottish ones. Read More >>

The Weather Machine Reveals How the Forecast Is Made—and Why It’s Now Threatened

The weather forecast is one of the most ubiquitous things in our daily lives. People talk about it when there’s nothing else to say, farmers from America to Angola use it to decide when to plant crops, and everyone loves to (wrongly) complain when it screws up. Read More >>

Eclipsecane! Solar Eclipse Photobombs Hurricane in Stunning Satellite Shots

Earth had itself a day on Tuesday. Chile and Argentina got a prime look at a total solar eclipse while the Pacific Ocean played host to Hurricane Barbara, the strong storm on Earth at the moment. Read More >>

Scientists Are Probing Tornadoes With Drones to Save Lives

This spring saw one of the worst tornado outbreaks in recent years. More than 300 twisters touched down across the US, scarring the landscape, causing widespread damage, and at least eight fatalities. Read More >>

France Just Obliterated Its All-Time Heat Record

France has never been hotter. The intense dome of high pressure sitting over Europe has shattered heat records across the continent. At least five countries set June heat records on Thursday and on Friday, France smashed its all-time temperature record at at least a dozen weather stations. Read More >>