Scottish Games Cancelled for Hay

Again, we're here with some good news and some bad news about Extreme Heatwave 2018 and its effects on the country. The good news for one particular Scottish farmer is that it's been decent enough weather to get a hay crop in, the bad news is that it was so hot and dry – yes even in Scotland – that the grass grew more slowly than usual, hence the cancellation of this year's Invercharron Highland Games that really has to use that exact same hay field. Read More >>

China’s Not Sending Over Enough Fans

The hot weather has brought good and bad news for the UK's electrical retailers. The good news is that sales of fans have rocketed as people turn to legacy, non-smart gadgetry to solve this summer's hot bedroom crisis. The bad news is that shops are now running out of fans because it won't stop being hot and we expect technology to solve everything. Read More >>

The Mendocino Complex Fire Is Now the Largest In California’s History

An enormous wildfire in northern California has become the largest on record for the state, less than a year after the Thomas Fire in southern California earned that dubious distinction. It’s the latest reminder that we now live in an era of fast-growing, hard-to-contain megafires. Read More >>

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California’s Death Valley Has the Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

Last month was one for extreme heat around the world, but every locale pales in comparison to what’s going on at Death Valley in the US state of California. Already one of the hottest places on Earth, the heat has gone into overdrive this July. Death Valley is in line to set a record for the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. Read More >>

Cheese and Onion Crisps Added to Heatwave Shortage List

Farmers are warning that the hot weather has impacted the nation's onion harvest now as well as threatening the potato crop, so... Jesus Christ they might start running out of cheese and onion crisps. Read More >>

You’d Better Start Panic-Buying Christmas Trees

A UK-based grower of a variety of tree that botanists refer to as the "Christmas tree" has warned shortages may be coming, as this year's bonkers spell of foreign hot weather that came over here to laugh at us has destroyed many of his trees. Or at least turned bits of them brown; so brown you might not even be able to cover the patches up with tinsel. Read More >>

Pea Consortium Warns of Looming Shortages

The people in charge of getting peas from farms to our plates via lorries and exotic freezing systems are worried. They say that this dry spell is wreaking havoc with the pea farming and production process, so much so that there might be shortages – and the imported frozen ones are already suffering from listeria panic issues. Read More >>

The Earth Is Farthest From the Sun Today, so Why Is It so Hot?

All-time heat records have been set around the world this week. As Britain bakes in its longest-ever heatwave in history, cities in continental Europe and Russia are sweltering too, as well as North American cities including Denver, Colorado; Burlington, Vermont; and Montreal, Quebec. But here’s something that might confuse you: Today is also aphelion day—the day in Earth’s orbit that it is farthest from the Sun. What gives? Read More >>

How a Dust Plume Turned the Sun Red 

On 16 October last year, the Sun turned red over London and other southern parts of the UK. People across the country documented the strange phenomenon on social media. Read More >>

Physicists Think the Weather Can Trigger Blackouts in an Unexpected Way

Renewable resources are great, but they bring a new element of uncertainty to a power grid. This element can lead to failure in surprising ways, according to a new paper. Read More >>

A Recent Hurricane Shot a Bolt of Antimatter Toward Earth

When you think of an alien world, you might think of a strange, stormy place with an inhospitable environment, frequent lightning strikes, and extreme radiation. But who needs an imagination when the storms here on Earth already beam radiation, including antimatter, down toward the ground? Read More >>

Strong Hurricanes Intensify Faster Now Than They Did in the 1980s

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was brutal, featuring strong weather systems that morphed into severe and treacherous hurricanes in a remarkably short period of time. This phenomenon, known as rapid intensification, is now happening with greater ferocity than it did three decades ago, according to new research. Read More >>

China’s Ambitious New Rain-Making System Would Be as Big as Alaska

China’s state-owned aerospace corporation is embarking on a plan that would see tens of thousands of fuel-burning, cloud-seeding chambers dispersed across the Tibetan Plateau in an attempt to increase rainfall in the region. Read More >>

MIT Developed a Way For Cars To See Through Fog When Human Drivers Can’t

Bad weather can make driving extremely dangerous, no matter who’s behind the wheel. But when it comes to dense fog, which makes it all but impossible for human drivers to see more than a few feet ahead of a vehicle, MIT researchers say they have developed a new imaging system that could eventually let autonomous cars see right through the obstruction. Read More >>

Lidl’s Backwards Umbrella Folds in on Itself

Forget all these apps we don't need and technical solutions to problems that don't even exist, here's something the country and world as a whole really needs — an entirely new kind of umbrella. Read More >>