Dark Sky’s Android and WearOS Apps Are Officially Dead

Well, Android friends, it’s time to say a final goodbye to Dark Sky. Read More >>

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Death Valley Recorded the Hottest Temperature on Earth This Year

For the hottest place in the U.S. to make news, it has to be pretty damn hot. And folks, it’s pretty damn hot. Read More >>

What is St. Swithin’s Day?

There’s a classic episode of The Simpsons where Bart breaks his leg. It borrows heavily from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window and a standout scene involves Bart reciting a play he wrote. He adopts a terrible British accent to talk about kippers and something called St. Swithin’s Day. As it turns out, it’s a real thing that falls on July 15. And between vengeful spirits and weather folklore, it’s pretty damn interesting. Read More >>

Record-Breaking Lightning Just Chilled in the Sky for 17 Seconds

Lighting usually lasts for a couple seconds at most. Except for when it really, super doesn’t. On 4 March 2019, there was a lightning flash in Argentina that lasted for 16.73 seconds. Read More >>

The May We Saw Through the Window Was the Sunniest Month Ever in the UK

Scientists have reminded us that there's the other unfolding catastrophe to worry about too, lest we forget the world's shrivelling up to a cosmic prune, as the data for May reveals it was the sunniest month on record across the UK since we invented the calendar and humans learned to count. Read More >>

Cyclone Amphan Slams Into India’s Coast Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

On Wednesday afternoon, Cyclone Amphan made landfall on the India’s border near Sagar Island in West Bengal, bringing sheets of rain and wind speeds up to 100 mph. The storm knocked over trees, uprooted electrical poles, and forced at least 2.6 million people to flee to shelters. At least one person – a two month old infant – was killed when a mud wall collapsed onto him. One 57-year-old woman also perished when she chose not to leave her home on the Odisha coast, though the Hindustan Times reports that her death was not directly related to the storm. Read More >>

Super Cyclone Amphan Is Set to Hit India and Bangladesh

A rapidly intensifying Category 5 super cyclone is moving across the Bay of Bengal and heading for the India-Bangladesh border. The storm could cause extensive damage in an area already suffering from the covid-19 pandemic. Read More >>

Typhoon Vongfong Rapidly Intensifies as It Heads for the Philippines

The first named typhoon in the western Pacific this year has arrived, and it’s already roaring. Typhoon Vongfong formed on Tuesday and rapidly intensified into a fierce pinwheel of a storm streaking toward the Philippines. Read More >>

Cold War Nuclear Testing May Have Caused Extra Rain Around the World

A new study has found that nuclear radiation during Cold War-era weapons testing could have induced significant short-term changes in the amount of rainfall far across the globe. Read More >>

Meteorologists Describe ‘Gargantuan Hail’ From Epic Storm in Argentina

Two years ago, a severe storm in Argentina produced hailstones reaching 9 inches wide, prompting meteorologists to propose an entirely new term: “gargantuan hail.” Scientists don’t fully understand how such enormous balls of ice can take shape, but the 2018 storm is providing some tantalising new clues. Read More >>

Apple Buys Dark Sky, Kills Android App and API

Android users have many reasons to hate on Apple, but the company just gave them one more: It’s taking away the popular weather app Dark Sky. Dark Sky announced in a blog today that it was joining Apple, and as a result, it’s ending API access in 2022 and killing off the Android app. Read More >>

Why the Covid-19 Related Drop in Air Travel Could Make Weather Forecasts Less Accurate

Amid the covid-19 pandemic, everyone’s cancelling their flights. To prevent the spread of the virus, countries are enforcing strict travel bans and encouraging social distancing, which means no air travel unless absolutely necessary. Airlines are taking huge hits: EasyJet has cancelled all service, while in the US, Southwest Airlines’ planes are just 20 per cent full and Delta Airlines’ CEO said the demand fall-off is “unlike anything we’ve seen.” Read More >>

Met Office Prepares for £1.2bn Forecasting Supercomputer

The Met Office is already scrolling through supercomputer catalogues with an eye on replacing its current £97m supercomputer, and is about to invest a staggering £1.2 billion of government funding on an even super-er-computer that'll be able to tell us it's raining in less time than ever and then freeze and spin around the actual droplets in bullet time, and you'll be able to see the shed reflected in the droplets. Read More >>

How Delayed Was Your Train on Runaway Trampoline Sunday?

The poor work crews in high-visibility coats had a pretty rough weekend out there thanks to named-storm Ciara, with the situation exacerbated by the modern problem of the massive trampolines of aspirational families blowing onto rail lines the country over. Read More >>

A Spanish Beach Town is Filling Up With Sea Foam

Tossa de Mar is an absurdly beautiful popular holiday spot in Catalonia, Spain. It’s got clear blue water views, a variety of European cuisines, and for a limited time only, massive amounts of weird ass sea foam. Read More >>