Tech Support Scammers Use Victims’ Webcams to Secretly Record ‘Testimonials’ for YouTube

A team of scammers sneakily filmed dozens of Australians by remotely accessing their webcams, then uploaded those videos onto YouTube, according to Australian news outlet ABC. Read More >>

How to Stop Hackers From Spying With Your Webcam

You know a security risk is serious when Mark Zuckerberg starts paying attention. While putting tape over your webcam is one surefire way of making sure no one’s watching you on your webcam, you don’t have to rely on such primitive methods. There are a couple of apps that can do the job for you. Read More >>

Your Webcam Feed in ASCII is the Greatest Thing You’ll See Today

Say goodbye to the rest of your day. Because after playing with this web app that turns your webcam feed into a real-time stream of ASCII art, you're not going to want to do anything else ever again. Read More >>

The World’s First Webcam Was Created to Check a Coffee Pot Remotely

Nobody likes arriving at an empty coffee pot. Especially computer scientists at Cambridge University—which is why, back in 1991, a team of them invented the world's first webcam to keep an eye on coffee levels from their desks. Read More >>

This Is the Secret Behind the Google Glasses Skydiving Demonstration

Don't get me wrong: I thought Google's Project Glass demo yesterday was really fun, and the product interests me a lot. However, I feel there's something that needs to be said here: the image above shows what the whole Google's skydivers-with-eyeglass-webcam demonstration is all about: antennas. Yes, it's a great demo for wireless Cisco routers and antennas. Read More >>

Transform Your Old iPhone into a Home Surveillance Cam

Home Security products are expensive and created by developers that have no interest in making things easy for end users. Instead, pull that old iPhone out of a drawer and make it the spy cam you've always wanted. Read More >>

New Adobe Flash Exploit Could Give Any Website Access to Your Webcam

A Stanford computer science student named Feross Aboukhadijeh has uncovered a pretty major security hole in Adobe Flash, in which somebody could turn on your Mac's webcam and mic and save that video for whatever nefarious purposes. Oh good. Read More >>