The Future of Gaming Is Quake 4 Running In Your Browser

If anyone had any doubts that the new WebGL and HTML5 technologies could support real, console or desktop-quality gaming, this amazing demo should put that to rest. What you're looking at here is one entire level from Quake 4 rendered purely in the browser -- no plugins, flash or anything, just Javascript, WebGL and Web Audio. This is the future of gaming. Read More >>

This Is the Future of Internet Games

The days are numbered for those rubbishy Flash-based games that litter the time-waster game space. We’ve already seen Quake III Arena play in your browser, but that needed a plug-in. Now meet the Half-Life Headcrab that’s rendered, incredibly, using just HTML5 and WebGL – now this is what I call internet gaming. Read More >>

Sony Ericsson WebGL
Sony Ericsson Added WebGL to Xperia 2011 Line Without Telling Anyone

In its Gingerbread update last month, Sony Ericsson sneaked in some WebGL support. That means that any of its current 2011 line up, including the Xperia Arc, can now take advantage of WebGL graphics directly in their browsers without plugins. Read More >>

watch this
Here’s How You Make a Documentary Only Using HTML5 and WebGL Graphics

One Millionth Tower is part of Highrise, a series of mini-documentaries about the history of high rise towers and their effect on society. What sets this one apart from the others is that it was made using HTML5 technologies such as WebGL and Javascript. Read More >>