Here’s the Next Feature Gmail Should Add

How many careers, friendships, and marriages will be saved by Gmail’s Undo Send feature? We’ll never know. It’s remarkable that it took six years for Google to bring it out of beta, and more remarkable that it still isn’t turned on by default. But before Google tackles that feature request, I’ve got another career-saving idea. Read More >>

Big Changes Coming for BT Users as ISP Dumps Yahoo Email

Those of you who defy fashion and stick with good old BT for your internet and email services will soon witness a massive change to its web mail system, thanks to a move to dump Yahoo as its email provider. Read More >>

AOL’s New Alto Email Client Makes Your Inbox Pretty

AOL has launched a new cloud-based email client called Alto and it manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: it makes email look kinda... pretty. Read More >>

The Email Addresses Microsoft Should Have Reserved

Yesterday, Microsoft launched its new email service, Outlook, and achieved the impossible: it's bloody brilliant. Now, early-adopters are swarming over usernames — and some have managed to snag email addresses that you'd think Microsoft should have kept to one side. Read More >>