magic leap
This Is Magic Leap’s First Headset

For months, cryptic teases and rampant rumours have indicated that Magic Leap was planning some sort of big reveal related to its long overdue mixed reality headset was coming before the end of the year. On Tuesday, we finally got the look at the device we’ve been waiting for. Read More >>

Trump Targets 17-Year-Old Girl’s Cat Site Because Everything is Stupid (Updated)

Update: We've done some digging and all the facts don't really add up. It's an easy story to fall for, given the Trump Organisation's track record, but we'll endeavour to do better in future Read More >>

Heinz Apologies for Porn QR Code on a Ketchup Bottle

Shocking news out of Germany today as it has emerged that yes, finally, at last, someone has actually scanned a QR code that has been printed on a product. Read More >>

How the Tate Brought a Pioneering Art-Robot Back Online

Dismantled almost 40 years ago, the robotic art pioneer Edward Ihnatowicz's robo-creation Senster is featured this week in the "The Gallery of Lost Art", the Tate's new online exhibition that unveils the stories behind lost artworks by some of the world’s most famous artists. Read More >>

North Korea Spent a Whole £10 Making Its Website

Rocket technology isn't the only thing the Stalinist hermit kingdom of North Korea sucks at. It's not exactly investing in web design, either. Read More >>

Use This Awesome Website to Find Out How Big Phones Are is a useful little website that compares the size of phones against each other. Can your weeny hands handle a gargantuan Galaxy Nexus? Are your skinny jeans too tight for a Nokia Lumia 800? You'll find out! Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Explore Mars Right Now

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk around on Mars? For 99.99999 per cent of us, this may be as close as we ever get. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has given us the honor of taking the lid off of this awesome, interactive eye-candy. Basically it's Google Earth, for Mars. Read More >>

Old Spice Provides Stress Relief With Browser-Based Explosions

Thanks Old Spice. You've provided countless thirty second chunks of entertainment with your recent commercials. And now a website dedicated to blowing things the hell up just to give us hard working web surfers a little bit of stress relief. Read More >>

If You’re Buying a New Camera, You Must Use This Website

Buying a new gadget is hard. We try to help as much as we can! But there are little things you need to know, like the exact size of a camera compared to another camera, before you buy. CameraSize does exactly that. Read More >>