11 Incredibly Useful Websites You Might Not Know About

The internet is a big place, and there’s no shame in not having explored every last corner of it – but just in case you’ve missed out on some of the very best sites the web has to offer, we’re going to pick out a few lesser-known highlights from our travels that are well worth adding to your bookmarks. Read More >>

This Cassette Tape Simulator Makes Your MP3s Sound Like You’re Listening to a Retro Walkman

Released in 1979, the original Sony Walkman completely changed how people listened to music. Your tunes were free to go anywhere—and sound like complete garbage. The quality of music on cassette tapes can’t compete to today’s digital formats, but if people still like the sound of crackly records, surely there are people who miss the acoustic aesthetics of cassette tape. Read More >>

Ashley Madison Is Messing Up Again

Ashley Madison is perhaps most famous for two things—infidelity and god awful security. In 2015, the website for cheaters was hacked, leaking almost 10 gigabytes of data on the dark web, which included account details, email addresses, and payment information for about 32 million users. And now security researchers have found that the dating site is still exposing user data, only now it’s not because of hackers. The site just has shit security settings. Read More >>

‘Land of Legends’ Will Make You See Wales In A Whole New Light

Tourism websites are usually a pretty cringey affair, with slogans straight from the 80s and stock photos of people enjoying themselves on generic beaches. The new one for Wales, though, doesn't have any of that – it's got a distinctly neckbeardy flavour. And we love it. Read More >>

North Korea’s Internet Only Has 28 Websites But Aren’t They Cute?

North Korea is something of a locked box to the rest of the world, and even one of the handiest apparatuses through which you can glimpse cultural habits — the internet — is largely inaccessible to anyone outside the country. Thanks to what appears to be an accidental reveal, however, we can now peek inside North Korea’s internet tubes. Read More >>

Make Donald Trump Speak Sense For Once On This Excellent Site

A few months ago some geniuses cooked up a website that makes Obama say anything you want, spliced together word-by-word from endless online clips. There’s now an alternate version that does the same thing with Donald Trump, except that you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with anything more ludicrous than what he’s already said. Read More >>

The HTML Chain Reaction Simulator is a Vortex You Can’t Escape

Every web developer take note: Sebastian Ly Serena has come up with a brilliant way to make your website more entertaining and captivating—without clogging it up with boring content. Just turn it into a HTML-based Rube Goldberg machine and watch the clicks roll in. Read More >>

Use This Website to Make Obama Say Anything You Want

Have you ever wondered how those clever YouTubers get Obama to sing and rap entire songs? They usually spend countless hours carefully splicing together individual words taken from footage of the president, but you can now do the same thing in just seconds with a new website called Talk Obama To Me. Read More >>

This Website Can Teach You to Count Cards Like an MIT Maths Genius

It turns out you don’t need to be an idiot savant like Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man, or an MIT mathematics prodigy in order to count cards. There’s a relatively simple approach that can give you a slight advantage over the dealer when playing Blackjack, and this site can help you master it. Read More >>

Hipster White Noise Generator Simulates Working in a Crowded Coffee Shop

Do you find it easier to work with the din of a bustling coffee shop all around you, but would rather not deal with the guilt of not actually buying coffee for hours on end? A new website called Hipster Noise can simulate the sounds of a busy Starbucks, but from the lazy comfort of your home office. Read More >>

Sweet Web App Redraws Any Image You Upload Using Only Straight Lines

A Reddit user who goes by the handle Jungsosh has created a surprisingly captivating site called that redraws any image or photo you upload using nothing but criss-crossing straight lines. The results are impressive, and watching an image slowly built up line-by-line is unexpectedly relaxing. Read More >>

This is the Best Web Guide to Marvel Comics’ History

We've all seen a couple of the Spider-Man films and, if you go by box office takings alone, it seems that pretty much every person in the western world with a pair of eyes saw the first Avengers film. But how many people have picked up the comics behind the silver screen adaptations? Read More >>

Sped Up YouTube Videos + the Benny Hill Theme = One Amazing Website

If you’re doing anything slightly important, or hope to get any more work done today at all, you’ll want to close this tab immediately. The rest of us, however, will spend the next few hours watching our favourite YouTube videos with the Benny Hill chase music as the soundtrack. Read More >>